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Nursing Education
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Response #1
I love your extensive exposition on the subject of nursing education. Nursing education
is a purposefully and consistently designed and executed occupational training for nurses
involving discipline and instruction (BrainKart, 2019). I agree with that nursing education at
all levels should emphasize a better awareness of and expertise with patient care, performance
improvement methodologies, system-level change strategic planning, and nurses' redefined
responsibilities in a restructured health sector. Indeed, the goal of educating patients is to
develop patients' self-management knowledge and competence. It is true that with the rapid
changes in the healthcare sector, nurses should not be left behind but they should also align
with these changes. They should remain professionally relevant to their expertise so that they
can be in a position to offer any service that any patient would need. Every nurse should be
acquainted with the necessary education not majoring on one area of their profession. I like
your agreement o the importance of nursing education because it will help nurses in attending
to every patient regardless of the medical need.
Response #2
I am impressed with your great exposition on nursing and patients education, which is
critical in administering quality care to patients. Indeed, when nurses lack the necessary
knowledge and skills required of them in educating patients on their healthcare, it will be
disastrous to the patients. Lack of right education to patients on their care plan can lead to high
costs of care. I agree that due to the rapid increase in population globally, patients with different
conditions visit heathcare facilities everyday. Therefore, it is of essence that nurses offer the
best and quality services and education to the patients. It is true that nurses have the sole
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responsibility of educating clients on the need for self-care management. I like how you make
it clear that every nurse has the capacity to offer self-care education regardless of tehir levelmof
education. Every nurse needs to only have work experience and b interested in the work they
do, to effectively educate patients.
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BrainKart. (2019). Nursing education and management - introduction, definitions. BrainKart.
Retrieved November 29, 2021, from

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