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BUSI 620-D06
Austin Rogers
Liberty University
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DB Forum 3 Thread
5. Comment on the following statement: “A company should produce and sell any product
as long as there is a market for it.”
An organization’s marketing division and sales force are some of the most important
aspects of a company’s profitability and future success. Research conducted by Kumar and
Gunawardana suggests that while results driven sales goals are important, “a focus also on social
elements of the job of sales may be warranted” (2014). Depending on the organization, and the
type of sales department they are able to employ, the company could theoretically successfully
sell any product. Though it could be possible, the competition companies face within their own
domain is often incredibly great and would make accomplishing such a feat very difficult.
3. What is meant by the closed and open innovation models? Provide examples in your
An organization’s ability to successfully innovate is one of the most important aspects
that any business can have. Innovation can take place within any facet of a company’s
organizational structure, and eventually companies also feel the need to innovate the methods
used to implement the organization’s innovative changes. The closed innovation model is used
by companies to only develop and process ideas and innovations that specifically originated from
within that company, such as a certain marketing strategy uniquely employed by that
organization. On the other hand, a more modern method has come about called the open
innovation model. This model still involves developing ideas from within the company, but also
incorporates innovations from other organizations. Organizations who are able to utilize ideas
and procedures from outside of their company, or even their industry, may see a greater result in
efficiency and profitability and streamline the way business processes are conducted.
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DB Forum 3 Thread
Kumar, S. & Gunawardana, H. (2014). Succeeding at sales by avoiding failure: social
achievement goals in a collectivist cultural context. South Asian Journal of Human
Resources Management, 1, 135-151. Retrieved from

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