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Problem Solving
Problem Solving
A problem is a situation or matter that requires proper attention to
be resolved. People solve different problems every day. Every
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Problem Solving
problem is different in its nature. Some problems are more complex
and require more attention to identify the solution.
Problem solving
Problem solving is a process of identifying a problem and finding
the best solution for it. Problem solving is a thinking process. It is a
skill that can be developed by following a well-organized approach.
Different solution of a problem can be identified and the best solution
is selected.
Steps in Problem Solving
It is important to follow a systematic approach to solve a problem.
There are different steps that can be followed to solve a problem
systematically. There steps are as follows;
1.Defining the Problem
The first step of problem solving is to define the problem. A clearly
defined problem helps the user to find the solution. A problem cannot
be solved if it is not defined correctly.
2.Problem Analysis / Understanding a Problem
Problem analysis is a process of understanding the giving problem. It
is very important to understand a problem before trying to solve it. A
clear understand of a problem helps the user to solve it correctly and
easily. For example, a riddle or puzzle can be solved easily after
understanding it properly.
3.Planning the Solution of a Problem
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