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429 university ave pa pac presentation 3 6 2018 final

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PRESENTATION TO PALO ALTO PUBLIC ART COMMISSION March 15, 2018 429 University Avenue Palo Alto 429 University Avenue Palo Alto • The Project • Location of the Art • Artist Selection • Art Concept • Materials • Timeline • Renderings • Plaque • Sculpture attachment • Itemized budget PUBLIC ART COMMISSION – CITY OF PALO ALTO PUBLIC ART AT 429 UNIVERSITY AVENUE March 15, 2018 In support of and as required by the City of Palo Alto’s Public Art Requirement for Private Development, we are making this presentation for public art at 429 University Avenue in the downtown commercial district. THE PROJECT The development site is a parcel at the northwest corner of the intersection at University Avenue and Kipling Street. The location is an integral part of the busy and vibrant downtown scene, across University Avenue from the Varsity Theater, and across Kipling Street from the old Apple store. The site is 11,000 square feet. The new building is a modern, mixed‐use, 3‐story building with a partial fourth story, and two levels of underground parking. The building will have retail on the ground floor, offices on the second floor and three apartments on the third floor. The partial fourth floor will have an office and an open terrace. LOCATION FOR ART There are very few options for public art on University Ave as square footage is at a premium and the Avenue is dedicated to retail store fronts. We allocated a beautiful space at the corner of Kipling Street ...
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