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Shell electronic write the valence the atom of the 야 (A) valence configuration o Tolowing elements shell electronic configuration of phosphorus 382 and mm (P) is 3p3 야 (113) Valence sueu electronic con giguralio configuration of arygen co) is 352 and 3p4 013 imagine Ang Sub shell atomie particles present inside the nucleus ) OF Neon 20 - are Number of Preton - 10 Nember of neutron z A-2 20 - 10 10 ano aos particles prent outside the metrus ol 1. Caleane > Electonicowy guatlon be 15 spas super C1-35 is by citte conigmton ) Pepe's ck 37 is 153 21 spec 37 yos Vyutelj intits clo 37 itº in gabely jesmos el is is a ...
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