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Diagnostic Skill Application II

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Running head: DIAGNOSTIC SKILL APPLICATION II JUDD 1 Diagnostic Skill Application II Judd Name Institution DIAGNOSTIC SKILL APPLICATION II JUDD 2 Diagnostic Skill Application II Judd The first thing that a physician does with a patient is to figure out the most critical factors which must be addressed and come up with a build-up plan to manage them. Therefore they use various theories and models when attending to a patient and apply a systemic process in the treatment process. Client assistance can be included to decide the objectives of the treatment plan and allow a physician to use various structures to organize the best approach for addressing issues. In this paper the aim is to describe a diagnosis for three clients who have come for counseling. The goal is to evaluate the issues presented by each client, considerations, and contributing factors. In addition the paper provides a comprehensive discussion on the usage of various assessments that will b used while attending to each client. It will discuss differential diagnosis and DSM-5 which will be used to establish the disorder from the client symptoms. Lastly the discussion will also elaborate on the best therapies for each client and their families. Presenting Concerns: Case of Kimi Kimi is a 48 years old woman who has recently separated from her husband Robert after being married for 16 years. It seems like their marriage ended because the husband wanted to have a family and Kimi did not have any interest in hav ...
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