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Psy 315 Characteristics of the comparison distribution




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Characteristics of the Comparison Distribution.
AS = Asperger spectrum. ASD = Autism spectrum disorder.
Researchers would determine the characteristics of the comparison distribution, which
would define the population included in the test method and significance level. The
significance level is typically between zero and one. The test may involve a mean, proportion,
difference between means or proportions, z-score, t-score, chi-square or other significant
measure. In this case, Researchers would test the parents in the 30 families for signs of ASD,
then test the children for AS through imagine testing, genetic testing along with having each
child observed by three specialists for two hours a day, twice a week for four weeks.
Observations shall be verbal interaction with each child, child-to-child verbal interaction,
along with observing playtime. Symptoms to note are abnormal eye contact, aloofness,
unresponsive when child’s name is called; child fails to use gestures when pointing, lack of
interactive play, and lack of interest in peers.
Through probability or comparison researchers would compare the number of boys
with AS and the number of girls with AS in their sample to determine the significance level
of the probability. A test statistic is then computed and is based on the number of boys in the
study with AS and the number of girls in the study with AS. This statistic is then compared
with the comparison distribution chosen (mean, proportion, difference, z-score, t-score, and

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Attwood, T. (2000). Asperger syndrome: Some common questions: Do girls have a
different expression of the syndrome? Retrieved May 07, 2011, from

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