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Psy 315 Wk 4 DQ 1




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Week 4 DQ 1
Why do we use nonparametric tests? Describe a psychological research situation or scenario
that would use a nonparametric test. Why would the nonparametric test be used?
Nonparametric procedures are less powerful than tests designed for use with a specific
distribution. It is better to use a test that is powerful when we believe that our assumptions are
approximately satisfied than a less powerful test with fewer assumptions. Sometimes a right
skewed distribution can be transformed in a normal distribution by performing a logarithmic
transformation; this transformation tends to pull the right tail of a distribution.
We use non-parametric tests when we do not expect our data to conform to a parametric
distribution such as the normal distribution or the t distribution. They can also be used if
other assumptions about the data needed for certain tests are violated, such as equality of
standard deviations for the two-sample t test.
An example would be to look for a relationship between the ranking of Basketball players in
their high school teams, who had the best FG%, the second best, etc… and the ranking they
received in their college teams. Who had the highest FG%, the second, etc…
This non-parametric test would be used if you were only looking at the rankings of the
players, rather than the FG% percentage of the players during the 2 periods.

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