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Eee part ii electrical machines ii

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GOVERNMENT OF TAMILNADU DIRECTORATE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION CHENNAI – 600 025 STATE PROJECT COORDINATION UNIT Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Course Code: 1030 M – Scheme e-TEXTBOOK on ELECTRICAL MACHINES –II for IV Semester DEEE Convener for EEE Discipline: Er.R.Anbukarasi ME., Principal, Tamilnadu Polytechnic College, Madurai, 625011. Team Members for ELECTRICAL MACHINES -II TMT. V.THENMOZHI M.E LECTURER (SL.Gr)/ELECTRICAL GOVT POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE, MELUR THIRU R.VICTOR GERMON, B.E., LECTURER /EEE PACR POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE, RAJAPALAYAM THIRU M.SARAVANAKUMAR, B.E., PTLECT/ELECTRICAL TAMILNADU POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE, MADURAI Validated by: Dr. V.SARAVANAN., Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai. 1 DIPLOMA IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING M - SCHEME Course Name: Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Subject Code: 1030 Semester: Subject Title: ELECTRICAL MACHINES -II Rationale: • This subject is classified under core technology group intended to teach students facts, concepts, Principles of electrical machines such as induction motor, alternator and synchronous motor. • Student will be able to analyze the characteristics and qualitative parameters of these machines. • These machines are widely used in industries and for generation of electricity. • The knowledge gained by the student is useful in the study of technological subjects such as Util ...
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