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PSY315 Proof of grade




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PSY/315 - BSDH0X6YE2
Grades through Week 5
Cumulative Score:
98.2/100 (98.2%)
Grade : A
Week 5
ch. 7, 8, 9, 11 problems 10.0 10.0
Comment: This was one heck of a challenging week and I so appreciate you putting in the
DQ 1& 2 + 6 Responses 4.0 4.0
Comment: It has truly been a pleasure having you be part of this class. Each week you
added valuable information to the discussions and it was much appreciated!
Week five is no exception! I wish you luck in your future classes.
Week 5 Subtotal : 14 14
Cumulative Week 5 Subtotal : 100 98.2
Week 5
Feedback:Thank you for putting in this work considering the challenges that it posed for
so many - it was a toughie! Due in part to the hard work inherent in the course
itself some may see my grading as a tad lenient this week - but it is
intentional I assure you. I'll put up a coaching document for week 5 for folks
to see the process work from my point of view. Many thanks again!
Week 4
Ch. 4, Practice Problems: 11, 14, and 18 10.0 9.75
Comment: Very nice work here - don't forget those graphical displays of data next time.
Team Paper and Power Point 20.0 19.0
Comment: Forgive the lack of commentary - the gradebook system keeps timing me out of th
system so I'm grading for the 3rd time on this in a rapid fashion to get grades
into the system - Please keep grades confidential as I typically grade
individually based on my observation of the team forum process and individual
work uploaded, as well as the final products. Any grade of 19 or higher is
reason to smile as I rarely give '20's out for this assignment. Thank you for
your work!
DQ 1 & 2 + 6 Responses 4.0 4.0
Comment: Reminder: week 5 only has main forum for participation points.
Week 4 Subtotal : 34 32.75
Cumulative Week 4 Subtotal : 86 84.2
Week 4 Feedback: Here we go toward the last push for the course - we are going to make it!
Week 3
Chapter 2 & 3 10.0 10.0
Comment: Impressive work here - thank you for submitting!
DQ 1 & 2 + 6 Responses 4.0 4.0
Comment: Week three proves to be another strong week for you! From the DQ's to responses
to classmates, you always add something interesting to the class. Great work!

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Week 3 Subtotal : 14 14
Cumulative Week 3 Subtotal : 52 51.45
Week 3
Feedback:Thanks for your patience in the delay in posting grades - I had to go to Austin
to do it to ensure that the internet would not be cut off (thus losing grade /
comment entries in the process if internet was interrupted).
Week 2
Chapter 1 problems 10.0 9.95
Comment: Very nice work here! Do incorporate percentages in your frequency tables as that
will convey the meaning of the data points in relation to the whole of the
Team Paper 10.0 9.5
Comment: Team projects are among the most challenging tasks in this course and I am happy
to report that if anyone gets a '9' or higher in this week 2 project, they can
breathe easy - I tend to be more focused on the team process than anything
because this is where the 'work' is in my opinion. This team forged through
some challenging tasks and I am happy to report that I see reasons for good
marks on many accounts. Do note that I grade individually for team work and I
ask that grades be kept confidential. I pay a LOT of attention to the actual
work being done / posted in the team forums and a good amount of my grading
comes from that direct observation as well as the final product. I will likely
be very involved in the week 4 processes and at that time I will coach the team
collectively and individually on issues that I saw worthy of note in relation
to this product. I want to help that week 4 product shine to its potential.
Thank you for your work!
DQ 1 & 2 + 6 Responses 4.0 4.0
Comment: Well done here - -thank you.
Week 2 Subtotal : 24 23.45
Cumulative Week 2 Subtotal : 38 37.45
Week 2
Feedback:Rev your statistical reasoning engines.....Vrooooom Vroooooom....Here we Go!
Onward to both group and personal success!
Week 1
Individual Paper 10.0 10.0
Comment: I like to think of this first individual paper as our 'jump off / warm-up' point
for the upcoming team tasks and with that said, I have posted key issues in a
main forum post pointing out common issues found in many of the individual
papers for week 1. Give that post a look to familiarize yourself and your team
of what will need attention as the team writing projects move along. Thank you
for your dedication, in advance.
DQ 1 & 2 + 6 Responses 4.0 4.0
Comment: Point increase due to syllabus incorrect-wording. Note that the main forum post
DQ Deadlines specified the following. Please post a minimum of 8 substantive
posts in the main forum weeks 3 and 5 to garner full points (a half point each
for a possible total of 4). Week 4 allows for extra participation point
potential from team forum participation at the discretion of the instructor for
this course.
Week 1 Subtotal : 14 14
Cumulative Week 1 Subtotal : 14 14
Week 1 Feedback: We are off to a running start - I look forward to being of help as we move
along. Onward to victory!

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