Homeschooling lets your children receive a secular education under your guidance in a safe, secured environment. Whether you’re looking for resources and curriculums, or an online program with virtual classrooms and certified teachers, here is a list of 100+ national homeschooling services. 

Calvert Education is a Maryland-based accredited homeschool program offering curriculums for every grade level including pre-K. Teacher-approved lesson plans and online educational resources encourage a positive learning experience. Learn more about courses and enrollment at

Alpha Omega Academy is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a Christian-based homeschool program. Students receive support from qualified teachers and personalized curriculums. Go to for additional information on this accredited program.

Royal Academy tailors instructions to meet your child's individual needs. The curriculum includes projects, independent research and field trips to ensure children receive a complete educational experience. Located in Maine and Vermont, visit to enroll your child.

Time 4 Learning’s comprehensive homeschooling curriculum is convenient, flexible and student-focused. The program’s website features a wealth of resources to help parents give their children a premier homeschool education. Go to for information on this Florida-based program.

Accelerate Online Academy allows students to enroll on a full-time basis or sign up for individual courses. This tuition-based accredited program offers curriculums for grades K-12 and students are guided by qualified teachers. Access the site at

A Beka Book in Florida lets you take charge of your child's education. You'll receive easy-to-follow lesson plans and gain access to online resources designed to help your child thrive. Curriculums are available for preschool, kindergarten, elementary and secondary students. Check out the site at

ACE Advantage is an accredited service in Tennessee. This faith-based program offers individualized programs and courses to help students succeed academically and spiritually. Visit to start your child's homeschool adventure.

Oak Christian Online School in California is a fully accredited Christian-based online school offering more than 70 college-prep courses, such as science, visual arts and performing arts. Students can enroll on a full-time or part-time basis. Go for program information.

Connections Academy in Maryland is a tuition-free, fully accredited homeschool program. Students receive personalized attention from dedicated teachers, plus an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and field trips with other students. Learn more about this flexible, user-friendly program at

Global Student Network gives the option of a Christian-based or secular homeschool program. Curriculums are available for grades K-12. This program offers more than 400 courses— including Honors and AP courses for rising college students. Go to to learn everything you need to know about this program.

The Keystone School in Pennsylvania is fully accredited and offers online education for full-time students, as well as students who only need individual classes. This program has more than 170 courses. Access the site at

K12 lets children receive a public education under their parent’s supervision. This flexible, tuition-free program based in Virginia ensures a high-quality education. Learn more at

Laurel Springs School in Pennsylvania offers a private online learning experience to help children achieve academic success. The curriculums prepare students for college, and flexible programs are conducive to various learning styles. Go to to learn more about this accredited school.

International Virtual Learning Academy is a fully accredited online private school with year-round enrollment and a broad range of programs. Located in Nevada, experienced teachers and mentors monitor your child's progress and provide the support you need. Enroll today at

NFC Academy in Florida has high-quality curriculums for elementary, middle and high school students. Students receive a biblical education along with instruction in core subjects. Visit for additional information on this accredited program.

Oak Meadow in Vermont is a homeschooling program that encourages independent learning. This accredited distant learning school provides teacher support and a wide selection of curriculum for grades K-12. Access the site at and learn how this program differs from others homeschool programs.

Readorium is a web-based program designed to improve the reading and comprehension skills of students in grades 3-8. Children enrolled in this New Jersey-based program also receive access to a personal mentor. To enroll your child, visit

Innovations in Online Education is ideal for students who need one-on-one instruction while learning in a virtual setting. Access to a certified teacher can help your child progress academically. To learn more about this accredited New Jersey program, visit

Well-Train Mind Academy in Virginia offers courses in math, science, fine art and foreign language. This online program offers live instruction classes, plus students can meet with their teacher outside the classroom. Learn more about this program and preview classes at

CK12 is a California-based homeschooling program offering a multimedia learning experience to stimulate a child's hunger for knowledge. Choose from a variety of math, science and English lesson plans. The site also has resources for engineering, technology and health. Explore the program at

Homeschool Buyers Co-op is an online resource for home school curriculums. Browse the curriculum and choose the most appropriate program for your children. The sites also features resources for homeschooling field trips, homeschooling conferences and summer reading programs. To learn more, visit

American School in Illinois is an accredited online school providing middle school and high school courses. Students can choose between a general high school program, a college preparatory program and an independent study program. Learn about the curriculum and tuition at

Enlightium Academy offers students an online Christian-based education. Located in Washington, this program fosters independent learning and allows year-round enrollment. Available to students in grades pre-K-12, complete an online application at

North Point Virtual Academy has more than 100 courses for students in grades 6-12. Individualized programs let students complete studies at their own pace. Although the program encourages independent learning, it offers opportunities for students to participate in mission trips, youth retreats and summer programs. Learn more about this accredited Indiana-based program at

K12 International Academy in Switzerland is an accredited program for grades K-12. The online school’s award-winning curriculum provides an outstanding learning experience with games, demonstrations, videos and animation. Visit to request a virtual tour.

James Madison High School in Georgia is affordable, flexible and accredited. This program lets students complete their high school education at their own pace and schedule. Enrollees can choose between a general high school diploma or a college-prep diploma. Go to to read about tuition and curriculums.

Citizens High School is an accredited online distant learning school in Florida offering independent study programs. Student can enroll in a high school diploma program, independent courses or a summer program. This school is for students who need one or two years of high school credit to graduate. For more information, visit

Humanities and Science High School offers courses in literature, math, social sciences, language arts and world languages. Located in Illinois, this accredited online education program is for adults and high school students between 16 and 21. Visit for more information.

Middleton Academy in Virginia provides interactive distant learning and 24/7 access to courses. Students receive support and instruction from certified teachers, yet the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Go to to enroll in this accredited online program. 

New Learning Resource is flexible, convenient, and lets students complete their formal education from anywhere in the world. This program is state, regionally and nationally accredited, and allows year-round enrollment. Visit to take advantages of this Missouri-based program.

Penn Foster High School in Pennsylvania allows students to earn their high school diploma from an affordable accredited online school. Students receive encouragement and support from academic coaches, and they can enjoy the flexibility of attending classes from any location. Go to to sign up.

Heritage Homeschool Academy provides students a high-quality education so they can flourish academically and spiritually. This accredited Christian homeschool program in Kansas is a safe alternative to public education. Request information from

Logos Online School is an accredited program in Idaho offering a Christ-centered affordable online education. Check out to learn about the school’s resources, diploma options and available courses.

Impact Learning Academy is an Arizona-based private online high school offering straightforward and affordable education. Programs are specifically tailored to individual needs. Students can transfer credits and receive on-the-job credit. Go to to learn about this accredited program. 

CMA School of Arts and Sciences gives students the option of designing their own educational program, which they can complete at their own pace. Students can enroll full-time or sign up for individual courses. This accredited program is located in Oregon. Sign up today at

One Schoolhouse lets students choose between an Online Independent School, an Online School for Girls and an Online School for Boys. This accredited program offers AP and non-AP courses, as well as summer courses. Learn more about courses at

The Cambridge Academy located in Pennsylvania provides an accredited private online education for grades pre-K-12. Students can take advantage of interactive multimedia courses, full programs and single courses while learning at their own pace at home. Enroll today at

Central Christian Academy offers resources for homeschooling students in grades 1-12. Students can receive credit toward a high school diploma, and year-round enrolls lets children begin studies anytime of the year. To get started with this Florida-based accredited program, access the site at

Konos Inc. (Homeschool Mentor) offers a variety of online resources for new and veteran homeschooling parents. Receive weekly training to improve your teaching skills and build confidence as you take the lead in your child’s education. Learn more at

Amble Side Online gives access to free homeschool curriculums and offers a host of resources to help parents succeed as teachers while providing their children the best education. To learn about the curriculum, go to

Classical Conversations located in Georgia uses a Christian worldview to help students succeed in their homeschool journey. The curriculum is based on the Bible and the program accommodates each child's natural learning style. Learn more at

Global Village School in California is accredited and offers K-8 enrollment, plus high school enrollment. The program recognizes each child's individual needs and learning styles. To explore this homeschooling program and learn about curriculums, teacher support and other resources, visit

Continental Academy in Florida provides students with online high school instructions from dedicated teachers. Courses are affordable and encourage independent study. Enroll your child today at

Western Christian Academy is an accredited program in California with easy-to-use curriculums. This Bible-based educational program is available for grades pre-K-12. Learn more at

Southeast Academy in Virginia is an accredited Christian homeschool program with curriculums for grades pre-K-12. The program offers instructions in book and online format. Visit to learn more about the curriculums.

Acellus Academy in California customizes the online program to each student’s unique needs. Courses are available for elementary, middle school and high school students. Enrollees can take advantage of helpful videos, digital books and interactive practice problems. Contact to learn more about this program.

Northstar Academy’s accredited online learning program is designed for grades 4-12. This program offers year-round enrollment and lets student receive a Christian education from anywhere in the world. Enroll now to learn more about this Missouri-based program. Go to

Forest Trail Academy in Florida is committed to providing students with a top-notch homeschool education. This accredited program offers K-12 online education, and provides the flexibility and support parents need to help their children thrive. Students can attend classes from anywhere. Request information at

Christian Educators Academy is an accredited online high school and middle school in Florida. Customized programs and personalized service prepare students for their college years and beyond. To learn more about flexible course schedules, visit

Mother of Divine Grace School in California is an accredited Catholic distance education program. The program offers a broad range of courses, one-on-one teacher services, parental support and year-round enrollment. Access the site at

Sevenstar Academy in Texas takes pride in offering a biblical worldview and secular online education with curriculums for grades 6-12. With over 300 online courses, this accredited program successful preps your student for college. Go to to take advantage of this program. 

Whitmore School in West Virginia is an online high school offering a unique student learning experience. Personalized curriculums allow students to succeed at their own pace. This fully accredited program lets students choose a curriculum based on their plans upon graduating. To learn more, visit

Orange Lutheran High School is an accredited college preparatory high school in California with online courses for grades 9-12. Students receive personalized education as they become strong Christian leaders. To get started with this program, visit

Advantage School is a private school in Nevada offering 100% online instructions with curriculums to meet the needs of its students. Enrollees complete coursework at their own pace and they can choose from more than 300 courses for grades K-12. Join this accredited school at

Greenways Academy in Missouri is a fully accredited middle school and high school offering a wide selection of courses in art, computer science, foreign language and career planning. This program is designed to accommodate the unique strengths, weaknesses and personalities of its students. Learn more at

Conlara School in Michigan offers flexible and self-paced online courses for grades 5-12. Options include full-time enrollment, individual course enrollment and single semester enrollment. Learn more about accreditation at

Smart Horizons Online is a career online high school in Florida with flexible programs and user-friendly curriculums. Students can work one-on-one with an academic coach as they complete their diploma program. Request information from

Florida Virtual School is fully accredited and students work with dedicated, certified teachers and receive one-on-one instruction. The program offers over 150 courses for elementary, middle and high school students. Enroll full-time or sign up for a single course at

Stanford Online School in California in an accredited online school for grades 7-12. The program offers more than 70 courses including English, humanities, history, mathematics and computer science. Begin your journey as a homeschooler at

University of Miami Online Middle School and High School offers curriculums for grades 9-12, and features AP courses, foreign language courses and Honors courses. Visit for information on live video instructions and accreditation.

University of Nebraska High School is a university-based online high school program that prepares students for college. The program offers more than 100 courses including core subjects, electives and AP courses. Students receive a high-quality education and the support of certified teachers. Get started at

Brightways Global Academy is an accredited private academy in Montana offering home-based education for grades K-12. Flexible curriculums and individualized instruction provide students with the education they deserve. Choose a curriculum at

Academica International Studies in Florida provides students with a flexible, virtual learning experience. Enrollment is for grades 6-12. Accredited curriculums are customized to the needs of students. Learn more at

Advanced Academics in Oklahoma features courses for grades 6-12. This accredited online educational program enables students to communicate and consult with state-certified teachers who can help them reach their full potential. Learn about courses and curriculums at

Aesa Prep International is a private accredited online school in Texas with first-rate educational programs for grades 9-12. This college-prep program offers flexibility and convenience. Visit for homeschool information. 

AIOU in Utah is an accredited program that lets students learn at their own pace from any location in the world. This convenient and flexible program has curriculums for grades K-12. Explore your options at

Alexanders Smith Academy is an accredited program in Texas that offers the best of both worlds. Students can enroll in online classes and enjoy face-to-face interactions with a certified teacher. Enroll today to personalize your child’s learning experience, go to

Alta Independent Academy is a fully accredited online high school in Utah. The program is fashioned to teach independence and prepare children for university. Curriculums and coursework is available for grades 6-12. Sign up today at

American High School is a virtual high school in Florida for grades 6-12. This accredited homeschool program has over 300 online courses, including general courses, AP courses and Honors courses. Learn more about this premier high school at

American School of Leadership is a regionally accredited online high school in Florida offering courses in mathematics, science, English arts and social studies. Students in grades 9-12 can enroll on a part-time or full-time basis. Get information at

Apex Learning delivers a virtual learning experience and quality instruction from certified teachers . Accredited digital curriculums support students as they aim for academic success and prepare for college. Learn more at

Virtual Academy is a tuition-free online school for Michigan students in grades 5-12. Curriculums are personalized to accommodate the unique strengths and weaknesses of each enrollee. Student can achieve their academic goals at

Baker Web Academy has free online and textbook-based classes to Oregon students in grades K-12. This program offers students personalized education and teacher support. Enroll today at

Bay Virtual School recruits highly qualified educators and offers a curriculum that’s tailored to fit all learning styles. This accredited online school is available for grades K-12. For a reputable program, visit

Beacon Academy of Nevada gives at-risk students an opportunity to complete their high school career in a virtual setting. The program offers flexibility, personalized instruction and a broad curriculum. Learn more at

Blueprint Education is an accredited distant learning program offering students a private online education. This self-paced program has curriculums for grades 7-12. Go to for additional information.

BYU Independent Study offered by Brigham Young University in Utah is a fully accredited independent online study program for high school students. Enrollees can choose between a standard program, an advanced program or an adult diploma program. Learn more at

CalCampus’ accredited distant learning institution in New Hampshire offers online courses in various subjects for high schoolers. Students receive instruction and support from qualified online teachers. Get started at

Central Texas Online High School’s flexible curriculums allow students to receive a high school diploma at their own pace. Students who enroll receive ongoing support and mentoring from certified teachers. To learn about accreditation and open enrollment, visit

cFitness Academy offers online health and physical education courses for students who need credit for graduation. There are over 75 accredited courses for students of all grades levels. Go to for more information.

Chandler Online Academy has full-time online programs for junior high and high school students. The program is free for Arizona residents between the ages of 12 and 22. Request information at

Christian Academy of America is an accredited and affordable homeschool program in Texas offering students a Christian-based education. Curriculums are available for grades K-12. Students can learn at their own pace in a stress-free environment. Choose a curriculum for your child at

Clakamus Web Academy provides online education for elementary, middle and high school students in Oregon. This free, public charter school offers online curriculums and onsite classes. Sign up for this accredited program at

Columbia Virtual Academy has online courses for grades K-12. This fully accredited school lets your child receive a quality education in a safe environment. Students in Washington State can enroll at no cost. Learn more at

East Shore High School Students who enroll in at least six classes at an Alpine School District institution in Utah can also enroll in the school’s online program to supplement their education. This accredited digital program includes courses in language arts, science, math, social studies and fine art. Learn more at

Hope High School Online’s virtual program is available to high school students in Arizona who are unable to complete their education in a traditional setting. This tuition-free public online school is for students in grades 7-12. Request information from

Idaho Connect Online School is a free public online school in Idaho. Flexible curriculums let students receive a quality education outside a traditional classroom setting. To learn more about programs for grades 6-12, visit

Indiana Online Academy has over 50 courses. This online high school allows students to earn high school credits at home. Students can enroll anytime at

Indiana University High School is an accredited distant learning program where students can sign up for individual courses or complete their high school diploma online. Students can enjoy a flexible schedule and choose from a range of subjects. Enroll today at

Internet Academy provides students in grades K-12 a free public online learning experience from a fully accredited educational program. The program is free for Washington State students. Get started at

Internet Home School is an accredited online institution in Arizona offering curriculums for grades K-12. This private online school has certified teachers, personalized instructions and live online meetings with teachers. Sign up at

iSuccess Virtual High School is an Idaho state-approved accredited program that lets students complete their high school education online. This program accommodates the diverse needs of students. Visit to learn about the program’s courses and curriculums.

Keystone National High School is a Florida-based accredited school providing distant learning for grades 9-12. This private high school lets students complete their education in a safe, secure environment. To learn how this program can help your child thrive, visit

Lawrence Academy has online programs for students who need credit for middle school or high school. Flexible schedules allow students to enroll in courses anytime. Go to to learn more about this Florida-based accredited program.

Liahona Prepatory Academy is an accredited online program that incorporates secular education with LDS truth and values. Students can receive their education at home in a safe environment. For information on programs for grades K-12, visit

Liberty University Online Academy is available to students in grades K-12. This accredited online private academy based in Virginia offers flexible curriculums and a Christian-based education. Sign up at

Lincoln Learning Center in Pennsylvania is an accredited virtual learning program with more than 170 standard-based courses. Curriculums are available for grades  pre-K-12. Request additional information at

Mater Virtual Academy’s offers online curriculums for grades 6-12. Located in Florida, this accredited school provides a team of qualified teachers, and students are allowed to customized their own learning experience. Learn more at

MGRM Pinnacle Charter School offers free enrollment to middle school and high school students between the ages of 14 and 21. Students can enroll in this accredited online program full-time and receive instruction from qualified teachers. Access the site at

Minnesota Online High School is an accredited program offering small virtual classrooms, which maximizes the time students can connect with instructors. The curriculum is developed by teachers and the program offers several courses, including Honors courses and physical education. Learn more at

Mountain Heights Academy is a tuition-free public charter school for Utah students in grades 7-12. Students receive personalized instruction through an accredited program, along wth teacher support and extracurricular opportunities. Check out the curriculums at

National High School is an affordable private school in Georgia where students can receive an accredited high school diploma online. Enrollees can choose between a high school diploma program, a credit recovery program, an enrichment program or an individual course program. Sign up at

National University High School is a California-based virtual high school. Students can sign up for individual courses, or sign up full-time and complete their high school career at their own pace. The curriculum includes AP classes and electives. Request information at

Nelson Academy for Agriculture Sciences Online is an online program for middle and high school students seeking low-cost agriculture courses. Courses include Introduction to Agriculture, Introduction to Animal Science and Plant Science. Students enrolled in this accredited program receive support and instruction from qualified teachers. Learn more at

Nevada Learning Academy offers full-time and part-time independent study online courses giving students the flexibility to learn from any location. This accredited program has curriculums for grades 6-12. Start your homeschool journey at

North Dakota Center for Distant Education offers online high school, middle school and elementary school courses for grades 6-12. This accredited, non-profit distance education program features over 300 courses. Preview courses and curriculums at

OBridge Academy is an accredited online program for middle school and high school students. Located in Florida, this program encourages independent study and offers more than 100 courses. Learn more about this exciting program at

Ontrack School offers online and virtual education for students in grades K-12. Students can receive instruction from quality educators and learning coaches. To discover how this accredited California-based school can help your child succeed, visit