How Bidding works

What are bids?

Bids are the cornerstone of our community. In short, a bid is an offer to answer a question within a set time frame for a sum of money. It's through bids that we produce perfect matches between student requests and tutor offers.

Before a student chooses which tutor to work with, our team of moderators will review all incoming bids, and recommend the best suited one based on each tutor's statistics and the student's requirements.

How do recommendations work?

Ideally, a recommendation is made within 20 minutes of the question being posted. Tutors recommended by Studypool are selected by the student approximately 85% of the time.

Recommendations are based on:

Price & time limit

How close your bid's time limit and price is to what the student requested is key to determining if your bid will be recommended or not. If your bid is far out of the student's range, it will not be considered unless the student's request is an unreasonable one.

Satisfaction rate & tier

Satisfaction rate is the percentage of questions successfully answered versus questions withdrawn in the past. Based on this rate and how many questions you have answered overall, you are automatically placed in a tier.

If your tier matches or surpasses the tier requested by the student, your chances of being recommended vastly increases.

Overdue answers

Tutors should always strive to deliver quality work to their clients on time. The number of times you have delivered an answer after the time limit has expired, as well as the number of answers currently overdue greatly reduces the chance of your bid being recommended.

Student/Tutor history

Our ultimate goal is to build a community where everyone feels connected and receives support whenever they're in need and encourage long lasting friendships between our students and tutors. For that reason, we pay close attention to student-tutor pairs who have worked together previously

If we identify relationships like these that are developing agreeably, we will encourage their future connections through our recommendations.


Questions marked with "Automatch" are automatically assigned a tutor by Studypool's moderation team.

Automatch selection functions similarly to recommendations. However, bids that fall outside the requested time limit and/or budget range can't be automatched, but can still be manually selected by the student if no good bid for automatch is found.

What are tiers?

Tutors on Studypool fall into one of three different tiers based on their satisfaction rate for small questions (questions you've answered for less than $15).

To ensure all tutors have an equal opportunity, all tutors start at the same tier and remains unadjusted until a certain amount of questions have been answered.

Standard Tier

To become a standard tutor, at least 10 questions must have been answered.

The tutor must have a satisfaction rate below 90%.

If satisfaction rate falls below 85% after 20 questions or more have been answered, your account will be banned.


Every new tutor starts out as a premium tutor by default.

All tutors will stay in the Premium tier for their first 10 questions.

To remain in the Premium tier, the tutor must maintain a satisfaction rate of 90% or higher for both small questions and big questions*

Ivy League

To become an Ivy League tutor, the tutor must have answered 10 questions or more.

At least one answered question must be a big question.

The tutor must maintain a satisfaction rate of 93% or higher for both small and big questions.

Rules and Reminders

  • All questions answered for less than $15 are considered "Small Questions".
  • All questions answered for more than $15 are considered "Big Questions".
  • Satisfaction rate for Big Questions are tracked separately from the satisfaction rate for Small Questions.
  • * Satisfaction rate for Big Questions is only a requirement for Premium tier tutors if 10 or more "Big Questions" have been answered.



85% N/A


90% 90%

Ivy League

93% 93%