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Hi! I'm Jose and I am a chemistry graduate currently doing a PhD. As a tutor, my focus is to help communicate and break down difficult concepts, in a way that allows students greater accessibility and comprehension to their course material. My strong suit is in sciences, particularly in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. I speak English and Spanish. I love helping others develop curiosity and interest in their assignments. I'm really looking forward to working with you! Please don't hesitate to reach out by contacting me using the messaging feature and let's get to work!

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"This guy is awesome! Not only is he fast he is accurate! Got an A and only one wrong which he told me may happen due to the test being of the wrong dialect. But I am so pleased! He is so quick to help!"

Feb 11th, 2020


"Great Work"

Feb 7th, 2020


"Thank you so much for the great work!!!! would definitely work with again! "

Feb 1st, 2020