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Hi! I'm, a professional online tutor and researcher with over 5 years experience. My focus is to help break down and communicate concepts in a detailed but precise manner that is easy to comprehend and aids towards the success of my students. Feel free to reach out whenever you need professional help. Your success is my satisfaction.

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"Lab report general bio Late (- 3 if not turned in at the beginning of your lab, -5 points/day including weekends). You will print off your report, staple the pages and give it to your lab instructor. Format: Font 12 pt Times New Roman (TNR), one-inch margins, 1 double spaced, name and section number 12 pt TNR at the top of the first page, 1 left hand justified, page numbers bottom center, all section titles of 1 report bolded, section title must not be floating- must be with narrative, no cover page, no clip art, no printing flaws such as lack of toner Title: Descriptive title, bolded 12 pt TNR, centered 1 Introduction Explanation of Osmosis 1 Describe a least one previous study with one primary literature source as it relates 2 to osmosis What is purpose of experiment, describe and explain the experiment, 1 The four hypotheses and four predictions defined 2 (0.5 pts each for each hypotheses and predictions) Methodology Use of past, passive tense 2 Include set up of pseudo cells, solutions used, determination of mass over time, 2 generation of graph and table Results Begins with a one paragraph narrative explaining purpose and design 2 Clear text description of results that proceeds table/figure 2 Table 1 with change in mass over time values 2 Figure 1- four-line graph, best bit line. Legend 2 References to figure and legend in text 1 Literature Cited/References (minimum 2 required, 1 primary source) 2 Inclusion of citations/APA format Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation (0.25 off for every error) 10-point limit Comments:"

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