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An ideal post would be two solid paragraphs (that includes a thesis statement, a body of supporting evidence, and a conclusion that summarizes the main points). The post should be well constructed and free of grammatical errors, and be between 250 and 300 words. You do not need to undertake outside research in order to answer the question; although you may, if you like. It is a wise strategy to create your response as a Word document (that way, you have a copy for yourself). You must cite your sources both in your response and below it (Bibliography), using the Chicago Style citation format. Students who do not cite their work can expect to receive only a minimum grade of 60% for this assignment. It is expected that our textbook by Shi and Tindall will be a source and should likewise be accessed and cited. Late responses will be penalized at 5% per day. Choose one (1) question.1. Why and how did the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union develop after the Second World War?2. What was the impact of American efforts to contain the Soviet Union and the expansion of communism during President Harry S. Truman's presidency?3. How did Truman expand the New Deal? How effective was his own "Fair Deal" agenda?4. How did the Red Scare emerge after the Second World War? How did it impact American politics and society?5. What were President Dwight D. Eisenhower's political philosophy and priorities?6. What factors contributed to postwar prosperity? To what extent did all Americans benefit from it?7. What were the criticisms of postwar American society and culture? What were the various forms of dissent and anxiety?8, What were the goals and strategies of the civil rights movement that emerged in the 1950s? What was its impact?9. What were President Eisenhower's priorities in conducting the nation's foreign policy? What was his influence on global affairs?
by irene78

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five (5) evidences to prove that BIG BANG THEORY occurred. Briefly discuss the astronomers that impart in BIG BANG THEORY and their contributionsI already started with thisMany Astronomers designed a workable model of mathematical origin to describe the Universe’s early beginnings. Evidence 1 Einstein’s theory of relativity The theory had the conclusion that the universe is curved, that the existence of gravity is false and the one force dictating the movement of the universe in orbits is something called “Space Time Continuum”. This is said by Einstein as the “fabric of space and time” Within this theory Einstein stated that “the more mass an object has, the more space curves for that object”. So matter tells space how to curve and space tells matter how to move. Evidence 2 Newton’s law of universal gravitation the formula F=GMm/r^2 calculates the gravitational attraction between two objects F represents gravitational attraction, M and m are the masses of two objects, r^2 is the distance between the two objects squared, and G is the gravitational constant G=6.67408 × 10-11 m^3 kg^1 s^2. if the big bag theory is true, the gravitational pull from a single point in space is tremendous and a huge burst of energy must occur to push matter so far and fast to overcome gravitational attraction among all matter in the universe. Overtime this force should slowdown as it looses to inertia.And this is only the informations i found 1 einsteins theory of relativity 2 newton's law of universal gravitation 3 hubbles lawhttps://study.com/academy/lesson/evidence-for-the-big-bang-theory-background-radiation-red-shift-and-expansion.html https://science.nasa.gov/astrophysics/focus-areas/...https://study.com/academy/lesson/evidence-for-the-...https://gizmodo.com/astronomers-discover-first-dir...https://www.symmetrymagazine.org/article/five-fact...https://www.big-bang-theory.com/http://physicsnet.co.uk/gcse-physics/red-shift/https://www.space.com/25126-big-bang-theory.htmlhttps://www.space.com/25126-big-bang-theory.html
by Painj

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need to write two paragraphs about how middle east people view disability , what they believe about it
by jimmay

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Explain how you can live safely without fear of cancer and cite your work. also give references as to where you got your ideas from
by joseph@1

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Give reasons why human tissue are most affected today. give at least two references and cite your work where possible.
by joseph@1

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The UK won’t meet its targets on renewable energy if offshore wind farm costs continue to spiral, the government has been warned. Centrica said the chance of making any money from wind farms being set up around the British coast were now only slim. Rising prices for raw materials, particularly steel and copper, had pushed up the prices being demanded by the handful of companies who make the giant turbines for the offshore fields. Centrica said it would continue with its plans for three UK wind farms but warned that the outlook was bleak. Sarwjit Sambhi, director of Centrica’s power business unit, said: ‘The economics at the moment make the returns marginal.’ Source: May, 2008. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/earthnews/3341902... Requirement: Would a critic be justified in saying that management accounting is holding back progress with developing renewable energy? (5 Marks) CLO 2What are non-accounting benefits of a wind farm that could be set against the accounting costs? (5 Marks) CLO 2Are there non-accounting costs of setting up a wind farm? (5 Marks) CLO 2
by jamila

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There’s something satisfying about helping students solve problems you remember struggling with yourself in the past.

Kind of like running into someone you’ve not met in a long time, except you are doing so much better than them now.

—Michel B.

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Back in high school, I was the go-to person for homework help in my class. At my university I organized and lead study groups on a weekly basis.

I guess I’m just one of those people who really enjoy school, so tutoring at Studypool while finishing my Masters Program in Literature is an obvious choice. :)

—Jennifer M.

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I remember back in junior high, I had a really great math teacher.

He took a subject I hated and made it fun and engaging for me. I think that’s what inspired me to become a teacher.

My goal is to make an impact on my students not only academically but in other areas of their lives as well.

—Gavin M.

Brown University