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Accounting University of Phoenix

Ashford University Infectious and Chronic Disease Practice Quiz

Nursing Test Prep

Proofread my paper on the Renaissance

Art History Writing

Economy Efficiency Question

Econ Quiz

MGT400 Ashford Transport and Warehousing of Goods Logistics Plan Paper

Business Management

BBA4751 Columbia Southern Business Ethics Leadership Culture Reflection Paper

Proofreading Business

SAT Math The recommended daily calcium intake for a 20-year-old is 1,000 milligrams (mg).

SATs math

Human Impact on Climate Change Environment PPT

Premed Columbia Southern

Pls help me with a presentation on Madrid

Spanish PPT

Financing an Expansion Into a New Global Marketplace

Finance Business

I need a professional resume for a job application

Jobs Resume

bonds, stocks, business and finance

Finance Bonds

Worksheet homework help

Math Statistics

Why is Hitchcock considered one of the most influential filmmakers?

Film Studies Hitchcock

UCSB1005 Nursing metacarpal bone

UCSB medical nursing


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I have experience as a tutor, especially in the sciences and medicine, for over 4 years. My other fields of knowledge include history, excel, essays writing and psychology. I always help students in a timely manner. Studypool really differentiates itself from other sites because keeps me engaged with their bidding system and with their responsive team.
My first experiences online includes several years of tutoring with the School Tutoring Academy platform. At School Tutoring Academy, I helped English students in grades 7 through grades 12. I also tutor the SAT, the ACT, and English as a second language. Now, I mainly help students out who are on a time crunch with difficult but short concepts on Studypool!
I am a 24-year-old student from Mumbai, India; I love learning new things and teaching everybody what I learn. I initially did not have a lot of experience as an official tutor but I have always been the kid that teaches everybody in schools the difficult subjects. Studypool has given a steady source of income for this niche skill and hobby that I have, and being able to connect and help so many students on a global basis motivates me.
I am a retired teacher. I was already teaching and tutoring peers when I was in High School. When I graduated I started teaching at the same College where I studied. Later I worked over ten years teaching in High Schools of my city. The remote option that Studypool offers has helped me supplement my savings in retirement and the platform feels like home.


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