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Hi there! I'm puritymaruga and I've been tutoring on Studypool for more than 5 years now with 12 years of experience in online writing. As a tutor, I focus on helping communicate and solve difficult concepts for my students to understand their course material. I excel in the Science, Writing, Editing, Film Analysis, TED Talks and Answers, Literature, Summaries, Questions and Answers, Answers to Videos, Case Study solutions, Sociology, PARAPHRASING, History, AMERICAN HISTORY, Art & Design, Nursing, BUSINESS, Finance, Accounting, ARTICLE REVIEW, probability, STATISTICS, Algebra, and Computer Science. I love helping others develop personal confidence and the zeal to learn. Student Satisfaction based on quality is my number one priority, and I'm looking forward to working with you! Feel free to reach me via the messaging feature to answer questions you are unsure of. I also understand special needs of NEW STUDENTS here at Studypool. You are a NEW STUDENT here, do not worry choosing me as your tutor. Just a moment, I never disappoint on short deadline assignments!

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"Awesome Work!!!"

Jul 28th, 2020