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Of the following clues, which puts the responder at the greatest risk?
A) Container Shapes
B) Markings
C) Senses
D) Monitoring & Detection Devices
_______ is a survey of a facility or location made before an emergency occurs in order to prepare for an appropriate response.
A) Pre incident survey
B) Pre check
C) Ready visit
D) Hazard plan
Bulk and non bulk refers to ______ as defined by the US Department of Transportation.
A) Weight
B) Load
C) Capacity
D) Cost
Terrorism is a problem isolated to smaller, less sophisticated countries in the Middle East.
A) True
B) False
Max Capacity is greater than ___ gallons as a receptacle for a liquidMax net mass is greater than ____ pounds or greater than 119 gallons as a receptacle for solidWater capacity is _____ gallons or more as a receptacle for gas
A) 882,119,1001
B) 119,882,1001
C) 1001,882,119
D) 119,1001,882
Above ground storage tanks are categorized as non pressure and pressure. Non pressure tanks may have small amounts of pressure (up to ___psi) inside.
A) 5
B) .5
C) 1
D) 10
Low Pressure AST's have pressures from .5 psi to ___ psi.
A) 10
B) 15
C) 20
D) 25
Which of the following is not one of the three main categories of bulk transportation containers?
A) Unit Load Devices
B) Tank Cars
C) Cargo Tank Trucks
D) Intermodal Containers
A _____ is a freight container designed and constructed to be used interchangeably in two or more modes of transport.
A) Bulk Container
B) Intermodal Container
C) Ton container
D) Cargo tank
Which of the following is not a main category of railroad tank cars?
A) Low pressure, General Service Tank Cars
B) Special Service
C) Pressure Tank Cars
D) Cryogenic Liquid Tank Cars
____ rail tank cars are cylindrical with rounded ends and at least one manway for access to the tank's interior. Fittings for loading / unloading, pressure/vacuum relief, gauging and other purposes are visible at the top and / or bottom of the car.

A) Pressure
B) Cryogenic
C) low pressure
D) Special Service
Pressure tank cars typically transport flammable, nonflammable and poisonous gases at pressures greater than ____ psi (rail)
A) 15
B) 20
C) 25
D) 30
Pressure tank cars have multiple compartments.
A) True
B) False
Which of the following wouldn't be found in an open top hopper car?
A) Coal
B) Cement
C) Gravel
D) Sand
A single Nonspec cargo tank may carry a variety of hazardous materials.
A) True
B) False
Typical non pressure Liquid Tank Trucks have a maximum capacity of_____ gallons
A) 5,000
B) 7,000
C) 9,000
D) 11,000
Low Pressure Chemical Tank Trucks have a pressure under ___ psi, typical max capacity of 7,000 gal, stiffening rings, Circumfrential rollover protection, fusible plugs, frangible disks or vents outside the flash box on top of the tank.
A) 40
B) 30
C) 20
D) 175
Which of the following usually has a bolted manway at the front or rear and might be carrying Propane, Butane, Anhydrous Ammonia or another pressurized liquiefied gas.
A) Cryogenic Liquid Tank
B) High Pressure tank
C) Low Pressure Tank
D) Special Service tank
Cryogenic Liquid Tank Trucks usually have a pressure less than ___ psi
A) 30
B) 22
C) 15
D) 12
Excluding Intermodal Tube modules, which Intermodal containers carry contents under the greatest pressures?
A) IM 101
B) IM 102
C) IMO Type 5
D) IMO Type 7
Which Intermodal Container carries cryogens?
A) IMO type 5
B) IMO type 7
C) IM 101
D) IM 102
What is the minimum capacity of an Intermediate Bulk Container?
A) 119 gal / 882 lbs
B) 150 gal / 1000 lbs
C) 75 gal / 500 lbs
D) There is no minimum
In which type of packaging would you find radiopharmaceuticals shipped?
A) Excepted
B) Type A
C) Type B
D) Type C
What type of hazardous material are those in UN Hazard Class 2?
A) Flammable Solids
B) Flammable Liquids
C) Gases
D) Radioactive
In which hazard class would you find Oxidizers?
A) 3
B) 5
C) 7
D) 9
In which Hazard class would you find radioactive materials?
A) 1
B) 5
C) 7
D) 9
Hazard class 8 represents _____.
A) Oxidizers
B) Gases
C) Falmmable Solids
D) Corrosives
If you saw a rectangular panel with a four digit UN ID number and a second orange panel above with X33, what woud the top placard be indicating?
A) Extremely flammabile liquids and water reactive
B) Toxicity and water reactive
C) Miscelaneous
D) High Flammability
Which of the following classes of materials requires placarding regardless of the quantity.
A) 2.2
B) 4.2
C) 5.2
D) 6.2
DOT labels closely resemble placards but they are used on _____ packaging
A) non bulk
B) bulk
C) split

D) composite 

31 A _______ is a descriptive name, identification number, a weight, or a specification and includes instructions, cautions, or required UN marks A) Labels
B) Markings
C) Code
D) Placard

32 On a rail car, the ____ shows the volume of the tank car tank. A) Reporting Marks
B) Specification Marking
C) Capacity Stencil
D) Initials 


Which of the following can be used to get information about the car's contents from the railroad's computer or the shipper?
A) Specification marking
B) Capacity Stencil
C) Reporting Mark
Which of the following is a proper use of the NFPA 704?
A) Personal use
B) Non emergency exposures
C) Biological Agents
D) Fixed storage facility indication of hazmat presence
On the NFPA 704, what is indicated by the yellow field?
A) Health
B) Flammability
C) Instability
D) Special Hazards
Which field on the NFPA indicates a health hazard?
A) Red
B) Blue
C) Yellow
D) White
What is indicated at the six o'clock position of the NFPA 704?
A) Health Hazards
B) Fire Hazard
C) Special Hazards
D) Instability
Which of the following is not an example of a mandated Government Signal Word?
A) Caution
B) Watch
C) Caution
D) Danger
Which signal word is required in addition to POISON on the labels of highly toxic materials such as pesticides?
A) Caution
B) Danger
C) Warning
D) No accompanying words are required
Which color code indicates safety equipment such as first aid stations and eye washes?
A) Red
B) Yellow
C) Green
D) Blue
Where would you find a Dangerous Cargo Manifest?
A) Bridge or pilot house
B) Engine / Caboose
C) Vehicle Cab
D) Cockpit
Shipping papers are of a standard format
A) True
B) False
_____ is / are the best source(s) of detailed information about a particular material to which firefighters have access.
A) Safety Data Sheets
B) Emergency Response Guidebook
C) NIOSH Pocket Guide
D) Shipping Papers
Which of the following is a chemical action indicating a reaction is taking place?
A) Rainbow sheens on water
B) Frost or Ice buildup near a leak
C) Peeling or discoloration of a containers finish
D) Pinging or popping of heat exposed vessels
In the Emergency Response Guidebook, which section will you find the guides?
A) Blue
B) Yellow
C) Green
D) Orange
Which section of the ERG should you go to if the material is indicated as a Toxic Inhalation Hazard?
A) Blue
B) Yellow
C) Green 
D) Orange


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