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1. A measurand is A. a special type of measurement. B. a special type of test equipment. C. the result of a test. D. the quality being sensed or measured. 2. A carbon button in a carbon microphone works like A. a variable capacitor. C. a variable resistor. B. a variable inductor. D. an amplifying transistor. 3. Which of the following is an electromagnetic transducer? A. A speaker C. A thermistor B. A piezoelectric crystal D. A thermocouple 4. Which of the following would likely be found in a meter designed to measure rms current? A. A Hall-effect device C. A magnetostrictive device B. A thermocouple D. A piezoelectric device 5. A _______ has a specific polarity; one lead is always positive and one lead is always negative. A. photovoltaic cell C. capacitor B. photoresistor D. resistor 6. A _______ is a device used to measure the intensity of electromagnetic waves, such as light waves and radio waves. A. thermocouple C. strain gage B. thermistor D. bolometer 7. A thermistor A. is not a transducer. B. must have a negative temperature coefficient. C. can change resistance in response to changes in temperature. D. is an example of a nonlinear resistor. 8. A VDR is A. controlled by heat. C. used to sense light. B. a varistor. D. a linear resistor. 9. One example of a device that changes a varying electromagnetic field into sound energy is A. a barretter. C. a speaker. B. a PTC thermistor. D. an NTC thermistor. 10. With any combination of voltage and current in the circuit, you can use Ohm’s law to find the fixed resistance of A. a diode. C. a linear resistor. B. an anode. D. a varistor. 11. A resistor can be used as a A. strain gage. C. pressure transducer. B. laser. D. noise generator . 12. A VDR converts changes in voltage to changes in A. pressure. C. resistance. B. current. D. power. 13. The characteristic curve for a VDR shown on an oscilloscope is similar to the characteristic curve for a A. barretter. C. damped wave. B. zener diode. D. transistor. 14. What would the resistance of a VDR be when the voltage is at 0.5 kilovolts and the current is at 100 microamperes? A. 500,000 ohms C. 5,000 ohms B. 50,000 ohms D. 5 megohms 15. Which of the following devices would most likely use a piezoelectric transducer? A. A carbon microphone C. A ribbon microphone B. A condenser microphone D. A crystal microphone 16. The rms value of the current or voltage for a sine wave is equal to A. 1.111 times the average value. B. 0.637 times the maximum value. C. 0.707 times the average value. D. 1.111 times the peak-to-peak value. 17. Which of the following waveforms is forbidden in electronic communications by international law? A. A high-frequency sawtooth modulation B. A VHF radio wave modulation C. A damped wave D. A low-frequency audio wave 18. Which of the following components is used to reduce the amplitude of a waveform that may be produced by a lightening strike? A. A thermistor C. A varistor B. A strain gage D. A thermocouple 19. A varistor can be used for protection against A. both positive and negative transient voltages. B. positive transient voltages only. C. negative transient voltages only. D. only naturally occurring damped waves. 20. Examples of thermoelectric effects include the Seebeck effect, the Thompson effect, and the _______ effect. A. Young C. Wheatstone B. Peltier D. Hall

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