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Choose between one of these 3 different options to discuss. Remember that there is not one “right” or “wrong” answer to these questions. I am most interested in your reasoning for why you think the way you do. Use at least 2 sources to support your opinion (you do not have to use APA format, but you should somehow refer to each article/website that you use, for example "on Wikipedia, it said..", or "A research article by Grubs and colleagues said...") You may refer to your own experience if it is relevant to your point, but you must also refer to outside sources (news articles, websites, videos, etc.)  If you thoughtfully address each of the questions asked in the prompt in 200 words and support your reasoning with several sources, then you will receive full credit. When writing comments on blog posts, try to talk about how your opinion or response differs from the original poster, and ask additional questions that further the debate.

  •  Option 1: Forced Medication

Jared Loughner is a 23-year-old Arizona resident who allegedly shot and killed 6 people on January 8, 2011 in Tucson, wounding 13 others, including AZ Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Mr. Loughner has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and is awaiting trial in federal prison. He is currently being forcibly medicated for his Schizophrenia symptoms in order to improve his ability to stand trial. (see article in the Arizona Republic: Mr. Loughner has tried to refuse medication, stating that he feels it gives him "flat affect". His legal team has requested that he be put on less strong medication, however at this point there has been no change. 

Do you believe criminals who have mental illness be forcibly medicated? Why or why not? You may discuss Jared Loughner specifically, or talk about other criminals. Support your opinion with several sources.

  • Option 2: Polyamory

Polyamory is the practice of having an intimate romantic relationship with more than one partner at a time, typically with the consent of all partners. The practice of marrying more than one partner (bigamy) is currently against the law in the United States and several other countries, however there is no law against having relationships with more than one person (and not marrying). This video, from the TV show “Our America”, talks about a polyamorous relationship among 5 people:

Do you think that polyamory should be considered a sexual disorder? Why or why not? Use DSM criteria for sexual disorders that you have learned about in this class when answering. Use several sources to support your opinion.

  • Option 3: Alcoholism

Alcoholism is considered by many to be a disease – something that a person is genetically predisposed to by their family history, and has only limited control over. Others consider it a choice, and believe that the person with alcoholism has made a series of decision that have led them to develop the disorder. This article talks about one expert’s take on whether or not alcoholism is a disease or a choice:

Do you believe alcoholism is a disease, or a choice? What is your reasoning? Use several sources to support your opinion.

The sample blog I provided for Blog 2 should also be used as a guide for how/what to write in this blog:

The following is a sample blog about a made-up controversy (should psychologists dress professionally while providing therapy) that would receive an "A":

I believe that therapists should be allowed to dress casually for work. Several websites and articles I read agree with this position. A research study discussed on says that clinicians feel comfortable in their clothing, which can lead them to feel more effective as therapists. That same study showed that when clinicians dress casually, clients report feeling like they can relate more easily to their therapist, because they are dressed similarly. In a blog written by a psychologist (, the clinician stated that he is better able to express his or her personality through clothing choices when he dresses casually, allowing the client to get to know him or her better and form a better relationship with the clinician. On, there was a debate between two psychologists about this topic. The person against dressing casually said that dressing comfortably implies that the therapist is not professional. But the clinician who supported dressing casually said that professionalism is shown not just through how a person dresses, but through how they act. If the clinician speaks and acts professionally, their clothes should not make a difference. I agree with this, and think that there is a strong case for clinicians dressing comfortably.

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