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Please see attached documents.

Express Book Shop final is what needs to be comleted.

Express Book Shop 1-3.docx is what has already been done, and needs to be used for the project



Part 1. Create a website for a online bookstore called Express Book Shop Based on the above scenario, complete the following tasks in a Microsoft Word document: •Create an outline of the web pages (and sub web pages if any) for your website. Answer: There will be following pages/subpages in the website: 1. Home 2. Book Categories a) Fiction b) Business c) Children d) Exam Preparation e) Biographies f) Popular Sciences g) Social Science h) Self Help i) Cookery j) Religion k) Politics 3. Shopping Cart 4. Order Status 5. Account info 6. Log in 7. New account 8. Administration •Create a class diagram demonstrating the tables you plan to create to support your website including the relationship between the tables (if any). Here are some of the classes with relationships among them. •Design and create a basic user interface that shows the following: ◦User interface: Navigation bar and first page ◦Administrator page: Navigation bar and the first page the administrator will see when logging in Note: Do not forget to include a space at the top of the page (for two labels and two text boxes) for the user to log in (using user ID and password) in order to determine the rights or role of the user (administrator or not) which you will work on in the upcoming weeks. Support your responses with examples. Part 2 Querying and Updating Databases by Using Commands Create the following four tables: •User table: The user table contains information about the user. For example, first name, last name, and address. •Role table: The role table contains information about the roles assigned to users. For example, regular user or administrator. •Item table: The item table contains information for each item in the store. For example, price, quantity, description, category type. •Category table: The category table contains information about the category type each item belongs to. For example, category name or description of the product. •SQL queries to create the four tables. CREATE TABLE USER (USERID NUMBER PRIMARY KEY, FIRSTNAME VARCHAR2(20), LASTNAME VARCHAR2(20), ADDRESS VARCHAR2(50), ROLEID NUMBER REFERENCES ROLE(ROLEID)); CREATE TABLE ROLE (ROLEID NUMBER PRIMARY KEY, ROLETYPE VARCHAR2(20)); CREATE TABLE CATEGORY (CATEGORYID NUMBER PRIMARY KEY, CATEGORYNAME VARCHAR2(20), DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(50)); CREATE TABLE ITEM (ITEMID NUMBER PRIMARY KEY, ITEMNAME VARCHAR2(20), PRICE NUMBER, QUANTITY NUMBER, DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(20), INSTOCK VARCHAR2(10), CATEGORYID NUMBER REFERENCES CATEGORY(CATEGORYID)); •The queries to return the following: ◦The list of products under a specific category, prices, in stock or not, etc. SELECT * FROM ITEM WHERE CATEGORYID = 2; ◦The users and their roles. SELECT U.USERID, U.FIRSTNAME, U.LASTNAME, R.ROLETYPE FROM USER U, ROLE R WHERE R.ROLEID=U.ROLEID; •Provide screenshots of the created tables showing the field names and types. •Provide screenshots of the data inside each table. Part 3 Creating the User Interface This is a continuation of Express Book Shop The focus of this week is PHP design and implementation. You will design a client-side application with the specified requirements. Review PHP code structures and provide basic instructions on object-oriented techniques. Work on the Express Book Shop assignment and submit the following by the end of the week: •Create the HTML web pages that you plan to use in the Express Book Shop assignment. Submit a screenshot for each web page. •Add the proper PHP code to retrieve information from the database (items) and display them on the page. Submit a screenshot of the items displayed on the screen. •Create a Login screen allowing users to log in to determine whether user is an admin or just a regular user (a return customer). Submit a screenshot of the admin or login page. •If user is administrator, and after logging in, display a new link on the main page for administrative users to click on which will direct them to a page allowing them to insert or delete new items from the table in the database. Submit a screenshot of the main page before and after admin logs in. Submit all screenshots, with PHP code in one zipped file to the Dropbox. Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format. Login page: User page: Admin page: PHP code is in index.php: index
Express Book Shop final This is a continuation of Express Book Shop project. Adding Administrative Rights we are going to create a page (or more) to allow administrators to modify the database content built in the previous weeks using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)/PHP interface. Build the following page or pages using PHP script: •Create an admin page that provides the following functionalities: ◦Add a new book to the appropriate table that you created in the previous Express Book Shop project. Item should have data for each of the fields in your table. ◦Delete an existing book from the appropriate table. ◦Modify the name of an item in the appropriate table. ◦If there is a field for price, modify the price of an item in the appropriate table. Submit screenshots for each operation together with your HTML and PHP code. Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format. Submit in a word document. Putting it All Together This is the final part of Express Book Shop project. Based on the designs in previous weeks' projects, this week, we are going to link the interface to the database. In this assignment, you are going to work on getting the website to interact with both the user as well as the database to display the data on the screen. Work on the following points and submit a screen shot for every element together with your HTML/PHP code: •Link the first page to display contents (items) from the database. Make sure every item has an "add item" button or link to add the item to the shopping cart. •Link the admin page that allows administrators (only administrator) to add or remove items from the database using an HTML interface. This page is accessed only through a link that shows up in the navigation bar after the user logs in and only if the user is an admin. •Create a shopping cart that displays the added contents in a tabular format together with the total amount of purchased items. •Create a Purchase.php page that takes user information (name, address, credit card, items purchased) and stores the information in the database. •Create a Contact Us page that users can use to contact the site owner, and the page needs to e-mail the comments to the site owner. Support your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA format.

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