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The international management is a restaurant owner in The US all the answers must be professional..

Written Assignment – International Management Interview

As part of the International Business course you will need to conduct an interview with a manager involved in international business. Please note that the interview may not be copied from assignments you may have done in other classes and you may not interview someone who conducts only domestic business. You do, however, have a choice between interviewing:

·  a manager working for an American company that conducts business abroad (that person must be directly involved in international business, i.e. involved in international decisions, etc., and not just be an employee of an international company) or;

·  a representative of a foreign company conducting business in the US (that person must be an expatriate delegated from their country to the US to conduct business here on behalf of their company – in this case you would emphasize the differences between their country of origin and the US and point out the adjustments in business practices that they had to adopt in order to be successful in the US).

Virtual Teams

This assignment is to be completed by teams of 4 students. The teams are “virtual” – this is supposed to give the students a preview of how team work is done virtually nowadays. Often, the team-members never meet each other in person, but coordinate their work on the phone, email, blogs, discussion boards, etc. You may meet with your team in person, if you prefer, but otherwise you can complete the project working together virtually.

Each team will have to find a manager to interview. The interview is then either conducted in person by all of the team members together or by one or more team members. It is up to the team to decide who to interview, which team member(s) will conduct the interview, who will be responsible for specific parts of the writing, etc. If the team determines that it needs a team-leader, it is up to the team to elect one. If the team decides that one team member finds the manager to interview and conducts the interview and then that team-member is excluded from the writing process – that would be fine, but it is up to the team to decide how to divide the work, so that each team-member contributes the same amount of effort. It is important that you divide the work adequately, so that there are no misunderstandings or grudges later in the process, when it may be too late to make adjustments. Remember – the grade you receive on the project is a group grade and you don’t want to allow slackers to get a good grade because you did all the work. It will take a lot of planning and coordination, but this is often how team projects are done nowadays.

Team membership is determined by you. I will create groups in Blackboard and it will be up to each student to register for a group. Groups will fill up to 4 members and then they will be closed, which means you will have to register for another group which still has room left. Once you are registered, please contact your group members and start working on the project immediately. In case of problems with specific team members (lack of involvement, free-riding, etc.), please contact the instructor as early as possible in the process, so that the issues can be resolved and the team’s performance is not affected. I need to be informed of the group problems at the latest one week before the project is due. After this date, no group complaints will be considered.

With your report, please include the business card or contact information of the interviewed manager so that the instructor can get in touch with them and confirm that the interview did indeed happen as it was supposed to (in person and not over email or phone, professionally, etc.).

In your written report, please follow the APA guidelines for citing any materials you use. ***This is very important – plagiarism in any form or failure to provide sources for the information used in the report will be subject to serious consequences.

During the interview, please be very well prepared. Have your notes and questions handy and make sure you will be able to take notes comfortably. I would not recommend typing the answers directly into a laptop during the interview, rather take hand-written notes (the typing is distracting and sometimes may be perceived as not respectful by the person interviewed). Please wear professional business attire to the interview. Remember, you are representing Towson University and you are representing yourselves.

Format of the Report

The format is very important as it represents your professionalism. Please treat this project as a business report that you are presenting to your boss, board of directors, upper management or the like – make it serious, professional and presentable.

Specifically, please include a title page with the team-members listed and the name and contact information of the interviewed person (including the company, title/position of the interviewed manager, phone, email, etc.).

The written report should be 5 single-spaced pages in length plus title page and any additional tables, figures and references that you may choose to include. Please use common sense in preparing your written report (make sure it is presentable, well-organized, well-written, properly formatted, etc.). I have seen too many carelessly produced reports and those will not be welcome. *Note: 5 pages is not a lot of space for this much information, so please make sure your reports are concise, well-organized and meaningful, just as any business report should be.

Please save the report as a pdf file and upload it to Blackboard by the submission deadline (the specific location where you will upload your files will be announced prior to the deadline). Please do not upload Word files, as they tend to distort the format depending on the version used. A pdf will ensure the proper formatting when the report is printed.

Content Guidelines

The interview must include (but is not limited to) the questions listed below. Please include all of the questions in your conversation with the manager. In your report, however, DO NOT include a direct transcript of the questions and answers. Rather, I would like to see a good concise report of the interview with a focus on the following five parts that need to be included:

1.  Summary of the responses in a short introductory paragraph (you do not have to transcribe the entire interview, just describe the highlights);

2.  Comparison of the manager’s responses to topics covered in class (please use textbook references to specific topic you want to include);

3.  Information that you found most interesting about the manager’s international duties;

4.  Information that you found most surprising about the manager’s international duties;

5.  Lessons pertaining to international business/management that you are most likely to keep in mind if (when) you occupy a managerial position in the future.

Each of the above points should take about the same amount of space in your 5-page report. In other words, spend about 1 page on each of the above sections. Also, it is much easier to read and evaluate the project if you divide it into sections based on the above 5 components – try not to write a 5 page solid text essay – divide it up into clear sections which address the points above, that way you can make sure that everything is addressed and no components is missing. This report is your group’s reflection and thoughts on what you learned from the interview. Please make sure to follow these guidelines. Reports which fail to address the above points will not receive a passing grade.

***The deadline for submitting your reports is Monday, July 14 2014 at 5:00pm EST.***

Questions to cover in the interview:

1.  Background information on the manager’s company and his/her management position:

·  In what industry is your company?

·  What products and services does your company offer?

·  What is the scale and scope of the international activity of your company?

·  What is your position in the company?

·  How many subordinates do you supervise?

·  How many years of management experience do you have and how has the experience affected your approach to international management?

·  What formal business education or training programs have you received?  How has this education and training helped you to manage more effectively?

2.  What are some of the typical international issues or problems that you must deal with?  How do you typically try to develop solutions to these problems?

3.  In your work, what does it mean for you to be efficient; to be effective?

4.  What legal or ethical challenges do you encounter on the international business arena?  How do you try to resolve such challenges?

5.  What planning processes are used at your organization and what is your role in the organization’s planning?  What do you see as strengths and weaknesses of this planning process?

6.  What developments in the international business environment are most important for you personally and for your organization?  How do you and your organization try to respond to these developments?

7.  Are international teams used in your organization and what is required for teams to be successful?

8.  What factors do you take into consideration when making international decisions? For example: when selecting a specific country or foreign market to enter; when facing a decision to withdraw from a certain market, etc.

9.  What does being a leader mean to you?

10.  What do you think are effective and ineffective approaches to international management?

11.  What do you believe are keys to effective communication on the international level?  What obstacles exist to effective cross-cultural communication and how do you try to overcome these obstacles?

12.  How has international involvement influenced innovation in your organization?

13.  Generally, how does a manager’s personality affect his/her ability to conduct international business?

14.  What advice would you give to a college graduate about how to perform well in international business/management?

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