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If the line passing through the points (2, a) and (5, - 3) is parallel to the line passing through the points (4, 8) and (- 5, a + 1) , what is the value of a? A) a = -8 B) a = 4 C) a = -4 D) a = 8 4. A survey of 900 subscribers to the Los Angeles Times revealed that 700 people subscribe to the daily morning edition and 400 subscribe to both the daily and the Sunday editions.How many subscribe to the Sunday edition? A) 500 people B) 700 people C) 600 people D) 300 people E) 900 people F) 100 people 13. Find the present value of $40,000 due in 4 years at the given rate of interest 8%/year compounded monthly. A) The present value is $28,948.67. B) The present value is $29,433.94. C) The present value is $29,076.82. D) The present value is $29,748.06. 16. What is the probability of arriving at a traffic light when it is red if the red signal is flashed for 30 sec, the yellow signal for 5 sec, and the green signal for 40 sec? A) The probability is 0.35 B) The probability is 0.40 C) The probability is 0.50 D) The probability is 0.45 21. A system composed of two linear equations must have at least one solution if the straight lines represented by these equations are nonparallel. A) false B) true 22. Find the simple interest on a $400 investment made for 5 years at an interest rate of 7%/year. What is the accumulated amount? A) The simple interest is $140, the accumulated amount is $540. B) The simple interest is $115, the accumulated amount is $515. C) The simple interest is $120, the accumulated amount is $520. D) The simple interest is $125, the accumulated amount is $555. 23. In a poll conducted among 180 active investors, it was found that 100 use discount brokers, 122 use full-service brokers, and 54 use both discount and full-service brokers. How many investors use only discount brokers? A) 68 B) 58 C) 46 D) 36 E) 56 24. Find the interest rate needed for an investment of $4,000 to grow to an amount of $5,000 in 4 yr if interest is compounded continuously. Please round the answer to the nearest hundredth of percent. A) 5.58 %/yr B) 5.70 %/yr C) 6.63 %/yr D) 5.01 %/yr E) 5.92 %/yr

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