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HRM 210: MEMO Assignment SPRING 2020 – Section A As you know human resources professionals are often required to write memos to express their views on how employees are treated to improve the effectiveness of their organizations. Attached you will find a brief description of a hypothetical company. You need to write a memo based upon this hypothetical company. See attached sample memo as a guide to memo format. Your response to this assignment will reflect how well you have gained command of the specialized knowledge a HRM major ought to have at this point in the academic program. Your response will also demonstrate the extent to which you are continuing to develop and apply liberal arts skills important to the HRM professional, specifically skills of critical thinking, effective writing and information literacy. To accomplish these objectives, I would like you to find a professional HR article from one these three reputable HR sources: HR Magazine, Workforce or Harvard Business Review. Your article must be dated from 2019 or 2020. All three of these sources are available to you through the King’s library database called: Business Source Complete. Please explicitly mention the article in your memo. Further, you must attach a copy of this article to this assignment. Highlight in your article the sentences you used in your memo. Your chosen article can deal with any aspect of this assignment (e.g., it may help you to clarify the causes of a problem, may help you come up with a solution, or it may help with the next step in the process). You will not find an article that pertains to the company on which your memo is based since the company does not exist. The article is supposed to help you in your analysis of a HR issue. Your memo should not exceed three word-processed, double-spaced* pages. Your memo will be worth 100 points toward your final grade. A 10-point per day penalty will be imposed on late papers. The evaluation form is attached to this assignment. Please staple this evaluation form to the front of your paper. The due date for this assignment is Wednesday, April 15th. * Please note that business memos are usually one page and single-spaced. However, for the purposes of providing more detailed feedback, please double-space the body of the memo. Follow the heading format of the sample memo closely. 1 Stone Tool Company The Stone Tool Company is a relatively small tool and machine manufacturing company that employs around 150 people. It was founded by Harold Stone over 40 years ago and started as a very small 5 or 6 person operation. Harold personally prepared new employees for their jobs in the early years, as the company’s growth was slow yet steady. His only requirement was that his workers be “honest, hard-working people,” and he hand-picked them based on these requirements. The employees who quickly learned their skills on the job were extremely loyal and thus turnover was very low. Over the years, the simple tool and machine manufacturing technology has changed to a more complex mechanical process. Mr. Stone saw these changes and slowly began adjusting his company’s production facilities. Because the change was relatively slow, it was accepted well by his now stable work force. They learned to operate the new, complex machinery effectively and even began to suggest and implement further improvements in production technique. As time and technology further progressed, so did the expertise of his work force. The business grew to a size that Mr. Stone no longer was intimately knowledgeable with each of the positions and duties within the firm, but this created no problems as the work force remained stable and competent. Several years later, however, problems began to surface that were new and unfamiliar to Harold Stone. His employee turnover began to increase rapidly, thus affecting the traditional smooth production of the firm. Mr. Stone could understand part of the problem, as many of his long-term employees were now retiring. He knew several years ago that his initial workforce would begin retiring and made certain that he personally picked the new crew of “honest, hardworking” younger employees to fill the various openings as they developed. Mr. Stone had always prided himself on his ability to identify people that made his company successful. The factor that Mr. Stone could not understand, however, was that this new younger group of employees had the highest turnover rate of all, thus compounding his turnover problem and adversely affecting production. Mr. Stone’s customers began to complain because his quality was declining, and delivery dates not kept. Mr. Stone clearly felt the need to correct the problems, and felt that they may have been due to younger employees’ attitudes toward work in general, so he began to look for an older group to hire in the that they might be more dedicated. He found that it was difficult to constrain his hiring to only older candidates and that they, too, began to leave the company. Further, Mr. Stone felt that to continue such a practice would lead to another round of retirements sooner than he would prefer. The shop foreman also began to complain about the problem, so Mr. Stone called a meeting to find a solution to the problems. At this meeting, Mr. Stone outlined the problem of turnover and the impact of the work force and how the high turnover rate appeared to 2 be affecting the quality and smooth flow of production which, in turn, was impacting on sales and customer satisfaction. Mr. Stone highlighted the following factors: 1. The new employees were not qualified to run the new machinery, and many did not even understand the basic information necessary to work in the plant. 2. There was not sufficient time to prepare those who did appear to be able to learn the jobs because they generally reported for work within a few days of the retiree’s departure. This problem was compounded when someone quit or was let go, as the position might remain open for 3 or 4 weeks before it was filled. 3. It appeared that the older employees would not socialize or help new employees, or that in many cases they didn’t know their names, having never met them. 4. The new employees felt alienated and uncomfortable with the older people and did not understand the production process. They consequently became dissatisfied and quit, or created problems and had to be let go. Assume you attended this meeting as the new HR assistant for Stone Tool. Write a memo to Mr. Stone (president) that offers realistic HR solutions to the problems at your company. 3 MEMO To: Person’s name you are sending this memo to Person’s official job title (note: don’t use co name, memos are internal documents) From: Your name goes here Your job title Re: Brief description of the purpose of the memo Date: place the date you wrote this here Opening paragraph setting up the purpose of the memo (note: don’t use person’s name or company name) Next paragraph: 1st problem – what makes you think it’s a problem based on the information provided Next paragraph: Your suggestion to address the problem above Next paragraph: 2nd problem – what makes you think it’s a problem based on the information provided Next paragraph: Your suggestion to address the problem above Next paragraph: 3rd problem – what makes you think it’s a problem based on the information provided Next paragraph: Your suggestion to address the problem above Closing paragraph 4 Evaluation Form: Memo Assignment HRM 210 Name ____________________________________________ Your memo will be evaluated on the following criteria and by using the following scale: 1 Poor 2 Marginal 3 Satisfactory 4 Good 5 Excellent 1) Proper memo format (heading, body & closing were correct) and appropriate tone. Memo was written as an internal correspondence to an employee’s direct superior. 2) Writing is well organized with a clear sentence structure and flow of ideas. __ 3) Student stayed with page limits and no typos or grammatical errors were present. 4) Student identified THREE key HR problems/issues related to this case. 5) Writing demonstrates that the student has internalized ideas important to HRM professionals. At least three relevant HR functions are clearly identified & emphasized in the memo. 6) Based upon the identified HR functions, the student correctly uses numerous course concepts in the context of analyzing the problems and devising solutions for this organization. 7) Student's HR solutions are interesting, relevant and well supported. 8) Student effectively capitalized on the HR literature. (good article selected, correct year & source were used, article was mentioned in some way and it was used well) TOTAL SCORE (maximum score = 40) 5 ...
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