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Each student will complete a process recording with an individual client. This can be an intake session, supportive counseling, or any other individual activity you may do with a client. The process recording should be discussed in at least one of your supervision meetings with your field instructor. Total interaction time with the client should be at least 30 minutes to successfully complete the process recording assignment.

Process Recording sample attached below along with assignment template.

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PROCESS RECORDING-INTAKE Student’s Name: Sara R. Student Signature: _________________________________________________ Date of Interview: 3/15/12 Field Instructor Signature: __________________________________________ Identifying Information: Clients is a 23 year old Caucasian female. She has been admitted into a local community mental health center due to a recent suicide attempt. This is her first hospitalization, though she has suffered from depression for quite a while. She lives with her parents. C=Client; S= Student Interview Content: (Description of what happened – verbal exchange as well as any action or non-verbal activity.) Student’s Feelings: (Include unspoken emotional reactions of student that occurred during interview for each interaction between student and client.) S: Good Morning, My name is Sara and I am a social work intern Nervous. I am always nervous here at _________. My job is as when I begin with a client. an intake worker so I will be asking you some questions to help us decide how best to help you with your current concerns. If you feel uncomfortable at any time or Student’s Thoughts: (Analytical thoughts which occurred during the interview for each interaction between student and client. They can be thoughts about self or client.) She looks so sad, so worn-out. Field Instructor’s Comments (required) Nervous is ok. Maybe you are excited too. Fear and excitement are close relatives. Depression is in the body as well as the mind. do not want to answer a question, please let me know. Is that ok with you? C: Sure, I guess so. How long will this take? I have group at 2. More nervous S: I will make sure that you make group. Shall we begin? Scared I will make her mad. She doesn’t want to be here. I like this. Good for her selfdetermination. Maybe I don’t want to be here. Does she seem agitated or depressed? C: Yes. S: So I read from the night notes that you have been feeling depressed and 3 nights ago you took a whole lot of Tylenol pm pills. C: Yeah. It was a big bottle and a little bottle, but I got sick and my mother found me and so here I am. S: had you planned to take the pills or was it more of a spontaneous act? C: I just lost it, you know. My boyfriend said I was too much work and I lost my job and I just didn’t want to deal with it all. S: So you felt really sad? Angry? More in control. Glad that she admits it so freely. Am I moving too fast? She is not giving me much so far. You task is to get information about her reason for being here. Now she seems brave to me. Brave because she admits what she did? What is her affect like when she says this? Motivation is important in suicide lethality. Good Sad (for her I think) That was a mean thing for him to say. It is a sad story. Is this her feeling or your own feeling getting in the way? It is important to know the difference. Angry (at him I think) He is awful. Confident in my question You do not know him! What would you say were the feelings that you had just before you decided to take all those pills. Calmer C: Yeah. Both of those. Just mixed up and hopeless. I felt like I would never get better. S: You felt sad and angry about being depressed? Her story is not my story Good! Why am I so emotional right now? Good question. As she shares more you find yourself emotional. Confused a bit Worried Am I going too deep with her? Is she telling you to be careful with her or is she asking you to treat her like the adult she is? S: How long have you had a problem with depression? Calmer Good assessment question. Yes, but a rather abrupt transition it seems to me. C: It all kinda stated when I was 14 or 15, you know right around puberty- when I began my period. Curious I think I heard something about this type of depression. Yes. Could be hormonal trigger. C: Yes. Everyone treats me like I’m some sort of basket case. S: I see- so there was a change around that age when you noticed that you were not as happy as before? Calm C: Other’s noticed first maybe. Then I realized that I felt different. I feel close to client. I look at pictures of myself as a kid you know and I can see when the change happened. Fairly nice re-phrase. That is so amazing that she can see it like that. She just went a little deeper with you. Remember your purpose. S: You look different to yourself form that age on? C: Yes. It is like obvious! nervous surprised S: Ok. How often are you depressed? C: It starts a week before my period and lasts until a week after. S: So most of the month you feel depressed. Is it always at one level, or does it vary in that time? C: It kind of gets worse and then better slowly. The middle is the worst. S: I see. Ok. When it is really bad how intense is it. What is your functioning like? C: I usually cry a lot. I don’t want to leave the house. I don’t want to eat. S: And did you ever before have an urge to take pills or otherwise calmer I am thinking of pictures of myself at 14 or 15. You have slipped into your own interests. Whoa- she sounded angry. Is she angry at you or herself? That sounds like an awful burden! Take yourself out of the equation. Calm Sad for her Calmer Calm Curious I can’t imagine living like that. It just really sounds difficult. And yet she has survived. Find her strength… Back to assessment. That sounds like depression alright. Looking for history to assess for lethality. You do not need to diagnose. Just gather information. Good. harm yourself? C: No. This was the first time. I know it was stupid. I just wanted to turn off the pain. Happy She knows it was a mistake- good. S: So things were even worse this last time? C: Yeah, I guess. S: Ok so I think I have a good idea Calm of the nature of your concern now I want to ask you about coping and support, Ok? She must have some coping skills to make it this far. That is how she feels right now. Depression always brings with it a risk for self-harm. It sounds like you are hoping for this. C: Sure. S: So how do you cope with your depression symptoms? What do you do to feel better? Curious C: Well I try to focus on other things. I was in school for a while but I dropped out last year. I like to write stuff-poetry and stories. I wanted to be a writer but I don’t know if I can now. Doubtful S: Have you ever tried medication? Has it ever been prescribed for you? Curious I wonder why her coping failed this time. She talked about losing her job which you seem to have missed. This doesn’t sound like enough. How could you “reach” for more strengths? Maybe she never has tried any. Stay focused. C: My doctor had me try Prozac about four years ago but I did not like it. It made me feel funny in my head and I had these horrible dreams-nightmares you know. Nervous that she won’t want to try any because of this. S: So Prozac did not seem to Still nervous work. I will make note of that. Any other medications? C: No. I just gave up on that whole angle. S: I see. Well the doctors can talk to you about different types of medication and you can ask them questions about side effects so you can make an informed decision. C: It is OK I guess. When I stopped going to school, I moved back home and they are supportive and all, but I can’t help but feel like I am a burden. I should be on I knew it. I am trying to keep the door open. Tense Calmer Calm You did not ask her what kind of doctor. You did not ask her if she had a therapist or a psychiatrist. I am trying to sound casual. Worried C: OK. S: I see that you live with your parents. How is that working for you? That is not the only medication. You are getting over-involved again. The doctor and therapist will deal with this issue. Better, but watch how much responsibility you take on. She said ok Let it go. Social support question Good. Is living situation protective or stressful…? She could use some cognitive restructuring. Perhaps, unless they really feel that way… my own by now. S: That is a real good topic to talk to your therapist about. Have you met your therapist here yet? Calm and focused I do not need to go into this with her. Good! You did not get caught this time. She seems open to group and individual too. Really? Did she say that? C: No. That is today after group I think. S: Good. I will check on that for you and confirm it with you. Calm, happy C: Thanks. S: I am glad you have the support of your family. Do you have friends as well? Happy, hopeful C: Yeah, but it is hard you know. Nervous, worried They get tired of me not wanting to go out and stuff. My best friend from high school sees me when she is in town. She moved away and comes by to see her parents. We talk on the phone some. S: I see. So it sounds like your parents are your main support. Calmer, clearer I want this to be true. I don’t think I said it right. It doesn’t sound so good actually. You were expressing a wish. Keep “I statements” to a minimum and be especially careful about expressing “gladness” when you are not sure she is happy with the arrangement. Right. She is countering your wish statement with reality which actually shows some ego strength. Family counseling may be indicated. You are getting back in the “zone” now-good. C: Yes. S: OK. Now I want to ask about any strengths you have. Curious Maybe I can get more ideas about coping here. Maybe What are you good at or in what ways are you OK or even better than OK? C: Oh. Well I guess my writing is good sometimes, and I’m not messy or anything like that. I am a good friend when I am not depressed. Is that what you mean? S: Yes. That is good. Now how about your goals. What do you want to accomplish while you are here. What do you want to happen? C: Oh, well I want to find out to deal better with this depression and I think maybe I want to find out about a group or something of people like me. I want to feel like there is hope for me to be more normal. I would like to go back to school some day and finish my degree. S: Ok, so I hear you say that you want to deal with these depression symptoms, and you would like to find a support group Confused Not sure if this is the right way to ask. Curious She sounds confused too. Pressured? Happy and amazed Focused I want to get this finished. Not bad actually. She sounded more upbeat though. Good awareness. This has been an emotional interview for you. Wow! She really nailed this one. She certainly has some clear idea of what needs to happen to get better. I want to reinforce her goals. You missed one. for depression, and feel more hopeful about your life. Is that it? She didn’t correct you. C: Yeah. S: Great. I am going to give this report to your therapist so he or she will know where to start. Of course you can talk to them about anything while you are here including if you think you are being treated badly or if you feel your rights are being violated. Our first job is to keep you safe and our second job is to help you get better. Do you have any questions? Happy C: No, not really. S: Ok, thanks for talking with me and for being so honest and open. C: Sure. Happy It felt good to end on an upbeat note. Why do you think you missed the goal of going back to school? I am glad it is over. She seems to have withdrawn a bit at the end. Maybe she sensed your impatience. We will discuss how to keep our own inner responses in check. Summary (Student’s Assessment of Interview): Well there were good moments and moments where I lost focus or got mixed up with emotions. At times I felt so sad and hopeless and at other times I felt distant. There were some times though when it felt just right. Intervention Plan (Goals for further sessions): Client is referred for individual and group counseling. New assessment in 3 days. Florida Atlantic University School of Social Work PROCESS RECORDING Student’s Name: Field Instructor Signature: ___________________________________ Date of Interview: Student Signature: __________________________________________ Identifying Information: Interview Content (Description of what happened – any action or non-verbal activity) Student’s Feelings (Include unspoken emotional reactions that occurred during interview for each interaction between student and client.) Student’s Observation (Analytical thoughts which occurred during the interview for each interaction between student and client.) Field Instructor’s Comments (required) Summary (Worker’s Assessment of Interview): Intervention Plan (Goals for further sessions): Rev. 12-17-10 1 ...
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