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Below 20% Similarity,a Topic Related To Computer Science Or Big Data Management Is Desired.

finish the essay literature review in 2000 words

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4/6/2020 7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm Faculty of Engineering and Computing. Coventry University LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. IDENTIFY SUITABLE TOPICS OF RESEARCH RELEVANT TO CHOSEN SPECIALISM. 2. APPRAISE CURRENT INFORMATION RESOURCES RELEVANT TO A PARTICULAR PROBLEM AND JUSTIFY APPROPRIATE PROBLEM-SOLVING STRATEGIES WITH RESPECT TO RESOURCES, TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES. 3. APPLY PROJECT PLANNING SKILLS FOR THE UNDERTAKING OF A SIGNIFICANT PIECE OF INDIVIDUAL WORK. 4. ASSESS PROFESSIONAL, LEGAL, SOCIAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES RELATING TO RESEARCH AND PROJECT WORK. 5. COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY IN FORMAL AND INFORMAL SITUATIONS BOTH VERBALLY AND OTHERWISE WITH INTERESTED PARTIES RELATING TO THE PROJECT WORK. BLOCK TEACHING SESSIONS MARCH/APRIL 2020 Teaching will take place daily between 30th March and 03rd April. Due to building lockdown the sessions will take place online. To find each day’s session navigate to Moodle > 7000CEM > “Day” section (i.e. ‘Monday’, ‘Tuesday’, etc) and click on the Virtual Class link. Monday What is a research question, what is a problem-based project? How to choose or propose a project How to refine a research question Tuesday How to read Academic Papers Literature reviews How to obtain up to date research using the library Wednesday Primary Research Methods Data Gathering @ Statistical Significance Surveys and – and why you should be wary of them Thursday Legal, Social and Ethical issues in Computing The (Compulsory) Coventry Ethics system file:///C:/Users/ADMINI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/lu110243g4hp8.tmp/lu110243g4hpo.tmp/7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm 4/12 4/6/2020 7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm Friday Evidencing project management Writing up your project BIBLIOGRAPHY Essential reading Sarah Mount, Peter Every. 2014 Awesome Projects in Computing. (Will be supplied) Recommended reading Christian Dawson. 2015 Projects in Computing and Information Systems: A Student's Guide. Pearson. Useful Web Sites file:///C:/Users/ADMINI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/lu110243g4hp8.tmp/lu110243g4hpo.tmp/7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm 5/12 4/6/2020 7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm Module Title Individual Project Prepara on Individual Assignment Coursework Title Research Proposal Module Code 7000CEM Hand out date: 25/03/20 Due date: 08/05/20 Estimated Time (hours): 50 Coursework type: research proposal % of Module Mark 100% Word Limit*: N/A Completing it should give you a ‘head start’ when it comes to undertaking the project. However, you are not obliged to take this proposal forward if you find something else you want to work on in the project module. The suggested word length for the whole assignment is 2500 words (1000 for proposal elements 1500 words for literature review). Please try and remain within +/- 20% of this word length Please review the marking criteria before commencing work. A word about plagiarism. Your reports will be submitted through Turnitin which is similarity checking software. To avoid a high similarity score, remember to enclose any direct quotations used in your work in inverted commas “…”, remember to include with any quote or paraphrase of an idea an in-text citation as to where it is from e.g. (Every, P. 2020) and finally remember to expand that citation, properly, in the bibliography, e.g.: Every, P. 2020 ‘How not to be accused of plagiarism’ in the Journal of Academic Advice Vol 3 Issue 2. Elsevier Publications, London. file:///C:/Users/ADMINI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/lu110243g4hp8.tmp/lu110243g4hpo.tmp/7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm 6/12 4/6/2020 7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm Assignment Task – develop a project proposal for an MSc project. This may be a project you intend to carry forward and conduct when you come to undertaking your actual MSc project or it could be a hypothetical project that you do not intend to take further. Formatting: Your proposal should contain the six headings described on the next page. file:///C:/Users/ADMINI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/lu110243g4hp8.tmp/lu110243g4hpo.tmp/7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm 7/12 4/6/2020 7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm 1 Project Title & Abstract Help: The project title is a statement based on your detailed research question. For example, the research question 'to what extent does a mobile application reduce the number of errors made in class registers at Coventry University in comparison to current paper-based registers' may be stated in the project title: "A Wi-Fi driven mobile application for large group registers". An abstract is a short summary of a research project that enables other researchers to know if your report or research paper is relevant to them without reading the whole report. It is usually written retrospectively so that it can include findings and results. It is fully expected that you will rewrite your abstract when you come to write your final paper. For now, you should write an abstract of about 250 words that refines the project topic described in 1.2 into a specific research question that you will develop a primary data collection method for. Before writing your abstract, you MUST read some abstracts from conference or journal papers on Google Scholar or from (to understand their style) 2 Project Topic Help text: Describe a topic area in computing that you are personally interested in and that relates to the subject of your course. Try to be specific and identify a topic that is not so broad that you would have difficulty covering it in a one semester project module. Example 1: As a topic ‘E-Commerce’ is too broad – a more specific topic might be ‘Utilising a novel Neural Network Algorithm to improve product recommendations’. Example 2: As a topic ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is too broad – a more specific topic might be ‘detecting plagiarism in student reports utilizing data mining’. 3 Initial Literature Review Help text: Using the University Library e-journal database, the ACM portal database or Google Scholar, identify and select between three and five research papers relating to your topic. Try and identify papers that are relatively current (within the last three years). A literature review is a select analysis of existing research which is relevant to your topic. It explains and justifies how your investigation may help answer some of the questions or gaps in this area of research. A literature review is not a straightforward summary of everything you have read on the topic and it is not a chronological description of what was discovered in your field. Use your literature review to: Show how your study will relate to previous studies. Compare and contrast different authors' views on an issue - note areas in which authors are in disagreement. Highlight current exemplary studies Highlight any gaps in research that may provide you with a starting point for your project Highlight any good approaches that may allow you to develop a project idea further The key to the mini-literature review is your critical and evaluative perspective on the literature reviewed. Use the review to make a case/argument as to why your own research project is necessary/important. 4 Client, Audience and Motivation: Help: Why is this project important? To whom is this project important? A research project must address a research question that generates a small piece of new knowledge. This new knowledge must be important to a named group or specific client to make it worthwhile carrying out. This is the motivation for your project. In this section you should address who will benefit from your findings and how they will benefit. (note: ‘greater knowledge about’ is defined as a benefit – even if your audience is mainly other academic researchers, new data, if collected using scientific principles, adds to the body of knowledge about the topic). 5 Primary Research Plan Help: This is the plan as to how you will go about answering your detailed research question - It must include a primary research method (an extended literature review is not an acceptable primary method). Think and plan logically. Primary methods may include experiments, applications or software demonstrators, process models, surveys, analysis of generated data … you may wish to suggest a timeline/Gantt Chart (covering 13 weeks) or simply a sequence of tasks. Where you intend to collect data think about how much data you need and how long the collection process will take. Make reasonable assumptions about the amount of work you can do and try not to ‘over-promise’ on results – most scientific research is small scale and time limited, this is even more the case with student projects where you also have competing modules. file:///C:/Users/ADMINI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/lu110243g4hp8.tmp/lu110243g4hpo.tmp/7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm 8/12 4/6/2020 7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm 6 Bibliography (key texts from your literature review) Help: Please provide references, in correct Harvard style, for the research papers that have informed your literature review. The references should be recent and sufficiently technical or academic. Your markers will be looking for you to identify technical reports, conference papers, journal papers, and recent text books. Avoid Wikipedia entries, newspaper reports that do not cite sources, and general or introductory texts. file:///C:/Users/ADMINI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/lu110243g4hp8.tmp/lu110243g4hpo.tmp/7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm 9/12 4/6/2020 7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm Student’s Name Quality and completeness of the proposal That the research question is well formed and achievable That the research question is specific and free from untestable generalisations That the proposed project represents an appropriate level of challenge to a Masters student That the primary method(s) proposed are appropriate and achievable and demonstrate application of a sound methodology /50 That the student has thought through the potential impact and audience for the project That the primary method is described and critiqued in sufficient detail That, taken as a whole, the proposal is clear and complete. Quality of the Literature Review Criteria/Measure <40 TOPIC LITERATURE REVIEW Currency Not very well 40-49 Good 50- 59 Very good 60-69 Excellent 70+ Vague description of the topic. May not A summary of the project topic that enables the A good summary of the project topic that Clear outline of the problem addressed, methods used and expected outcomes. Summarises the project concisely. contextualise the project very well. reader to contextualise the research area and approach. may lack contextualises the research area and appropriately relates to the students’ some detail course of study. Lacks current Some current Demonstrates currency. information about the issues information but mostly dated Demonstrates currency and shows the state of the art of the literature LITERATURE file:///C:/Users/ADMINI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/lu110243g4hp8.tmp/lu110243g4hpo.tmp/7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm 10/12 4/6/2020 7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm REVIEW Analysis No information Information identifying Some understanding provided that assesses the issues some of the issues is present but goes nowhere with it of the complexities is shown and explores some of the issues, but not in Demonstrates a complex understanding of the various issues involved in the subject detail LITERATURE REVIEW Critical evaluation of main literature LITERATURE REVIEW Unfocused, disorganised Some a empt to Fair review of up-to-date and/or irrelevant evaluate relevant literature relevant literature No link to research ques ons Leads to possible research ques ons but does not define them Leads to focused research ques ons. Demonstrates understanding well. of relevant theory or concepts Mix of current and less relevant literature. Some mistakes in Mix of relevant, mostly current, material. Properly cited cita on. using Harvard protocol. Link to research questions BIBLIOGRAPHY General, lacking currency, poorly referenced. Iden fies gaps or opportuni es that lead to a welldefined project Leads to a focused research ques on, Considerable understanding of relevant theory or concepts Excellent choice of current, academic, peer reviewed literature. Correctly cited using Harvard protocol. /50 Comments Total Grade file:///C:/Users/ADMINI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/lu110243g4hp8.tmp/lu110243g4hpo.tmp/7000CEMModDoc1920 (1).htm /100 11/12 ...
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