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Attached please find the quizzes ,just select or highlight the right answer among the multiple choices.

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1) Improvements in policies, procedures or processes that can solve gaps in control strategies is an example of: A. Long term goals B. Short term goals C. Medium term goals D. None on the listed choices are correct 2) This is the process where an organization issues a tender or bid to anyone to purchase a product or service. A. Procurement Authority B. Formal bidding C. Informal bidding D. Bid requirements 3) Significant changes or upgrades in IS program framework or architecture is an example of: A. Long term goals B. None of the listed choices are correct C. Short term goals D. Medium term goals 4) Purchases of long-term operational assets are known as: A. Capital investments B. Operational expenses C. None of the listed choices are correct D. Liabilities 5) When developing an information security program a _____ is someone who can essentially make or break the program, they benefit directly and typical authorize or fun the program. A. User B. Stakeholder C. Sponsor D. Influencer 6) This is a situation where the organization does not require multiple companies to bid. A. Formal bidding B. Procurement Authority C. Informal bidding D. Sole Source 7) When developing an informal security program a ____ is anyone who has an interest in the outcome of the information security program. A. Sponsors B. Stakeholders C. Influencers D. User 8) This is the process where a select group of companies are invited to bid for products or services. A. Procurement authority B. Formal bidding C. Informal bidding D. Bid requirements 9) This document is beneficial because it facilitates a bidding process that may drive down prices or increase value as vendors compete to win the bid. A. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) B. Service Level Agreement (SLA) C. Request for Proposal (RFP) D. Request for Information (RFI) 10) The CISO’s primary goal is alignment of the information security strategy with the organization’s _____. A. Security policy B. Budget C. Security framework D. Business strategy 11) Each financial metric conveys a unique message about a body of economic data. What two financial metrics define the successfulness of a security program? A. Revenue and expenses B. Revenue and cost savings C. Budget and cost savings D. Budget and expenses 12) A scorecard is part of an information security strategic plan. It is divided into the following areas: A. All listed choices are correct B. Key risk indictors (KRIs) C. Financial accounting of the IS program’s budget D. Key performance indicators (KPIs) 13) Which of the following is not considered a key element of vendor contract negotiations? A. Security B. Audit C. Indemnity D. Contract closure 14) To be a successful CISO within an organization and work with senior management you must have considerable understanding in information security and _____? A. People skills B. Accounting C. Operations management D. Financial management 15) Earnings per share (EPS) are reported on which financial statement? A. Statements of shareholders’ equity B. Balance sheet C. Income statement D. Cash flow statement 16) Which financial statement would include the value of patent and trademarks? A. Income statement B. Cash flow statement C. Statement of shareholders’ equity D. Balance sheet 17) What is the most difficult aspect of getting additional funding for an information security program? A. Senior management concern with pulling funds from the organizational operating budget B. Explaining the risk to senior management. C. Time to mitigations D. Justifying the cost savings 18) Which financial statements would tell you how much money a company received from selling additional units of its own stock? A. Income statement B. Balance sheet C. Cash flow statements\ D. Statements of shareholders’ equity ...
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