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This is a research paper. The thesis statement/outline is included. I need the paper to focus on General Petraeus on mission command on Lead Direct and Assess.

The research paper is 3 to 5 pages and is in APA 6th ed. Format (no abstract), 12 pt. Times New Roman font and include at least three additional references to the base document/article.

I have attached a sample of the outline for the thesis statement. This is the paper that was done for me before but it has no mention of General Petraeus or his tactics in there.

I also included some research questions in the Mission Command- Lead, Direct, Assess area that can be answered in the paper.

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Running Head: THESIS STATEMENT 1 Thesis Statement Name Course Date 2 THESIS STATEMENT General Petraeus thesis Research topic Mission command: lead, Direct and assess The accidental statesman: general Petraeus and the city of Mosul The establishment of security, among all, is one of the critical considerations that assist in ensuring that there is an improvement in the rate of performance. Using the right approach in leadership, the chances of errors as well as failed performance are well managed. In addition, there is an increased sense of ownership as well as positive leadership in the affected team. The mission of normalcy that was offered to the General aimed at rebuilding Mosus. The General given the mission relied on approaches offered in mission command’s direct, lead and assess in order to ensure the positive execution of the mission. Topic 1: V Corp commander’s goals • The establishment of the goals of the commander • Battle decisions against rebuilding directing • Winning the attention and affection of the affected area Topic 2 Mission command: Directing leading as well as assessing • Directing • Leading 3 THESIS STATEMENT • Assessing Topic 3 • Evaluation of alternatives • Effects of the leadership approach • Available alternatives • Effects of taking any alternative 4 THESIS STATEMENT References Lundberg, K. (2006). The Accidental Statesman: General Petraeus and the City of Mosul, Iraq. Kennedy School of Government, Case Program. Running Head: ACCIDENTAL STATESMAN Accidental Statesman Name Course Date 1 2 ACCIDENTAL STATESMAN Accidental statesman Abstract Each organization depends on the contributions that the leadership team may make. The assessment of the contribution that each stakeholder in the organization may have to make in most cases assists not only in the improvement of the chances of success but also in ensuring that there is a mutual relationship between the members of the firm regardless of the position that they hold. To ensure that there is mutual trust between the members of an organization, there are several measures that the members of the firm may need to make to ensure that the firm can improve the chances of success. Introduction Leadership in any organization is required to come up with measures that may lead towards the management of the operations of the organizational and the same time reducing the rate of challenges that may occur and make it hard for the organization to accomplish its objectives (Shanafelt & Noseworthy, 2017). The relationship between the management and the other members of the organization have a significant contribution towards the reduction of the possible issues that may make it hard for the firm to accomplish its goals within the speculated time. There are several considerations that the leaders in an organization need to put in place to ensure that the relationship that they have with the other members of the firm are well managed. In addition to this, the engagement of other people regardless the position that they hold in the organization in effective decision making is an appropriate leadership method that may assist in the reduction of some of the negative operation approaches that the organization is likely to face. Lead 3 ACCIDENTAL STATESMAN As a result of leadership in any team, the commanders at different posts can offer the primary purpose of engaging in a given task and at the same time proposing the approaches that are needed to ensure that the problems are well addressed (Ludenberg, 2006). Additionally, through the leadership, commanders can give the direction that is required to provide that the team can accomplish its objectives within the speculated time. In most cases, the motivation that each member of any organization may have is influential for ensuring that they may come up with a solution towards the several challenges that the firm may incur. For that reason, the commanders in any unit are required to ensure that they offer adequate motivation to the other members of the team to ensure that they can feel appreciated as a result of the contribution that they may make in the firm. In an instance where a commander may be able to quickly locate the area of operation that may need more attention, they are required to ensure that they analyze the measures that may assist in improving the leadership traits that may lead towards the practical improvement of the overall performance and at the same time increase the chances of success in the given point. Direct In the teams that may have the efforts of the commander, the commander can make decisions and at the same time direct the significant features of operations in the group (Salas et al., 2017). The above is most cases occur through the establishment of the substantial intention of the commander as well as the overall objectives of the team. There are several considerations that a commander may need to make when making any decision regarding the intentions as well as the necessary measures to show the primary purposes as well as the approaches required to attain the targets. A commander who can come up with attainable objectives is likely to ensure that the firm can have a stable relationship amongst the members of the team and at the same 4 ACCIDENTAL STATESMAN time reduce the chances of failure in the attainment of the main objective. For the primary operations in any group that may require the services and decisions of a commander, they can decide more through the application of the strategies that may show their will to commit the reserve as the organization may require from them. The other approach that a commander may consider to direct the operations is through the positioning of the units in areas that may lead to active combat of the challenges that the team may encounter. In other occasions, a leader may succeed through the creation of a situation where they may come up with a command system that may show maximum support to the relationships that exist between the stakeholders in the general team. Assessing Assessing is another well-known feature in any management approach that leads not only to the effective reduction of the possible challenges that an organization may face but at the same time allows the commanders to learn more regarding the effects that the decision that they may make may bring about to the team (Sayles, 2017). The assessment process entails the evolution of the most significant method that may lead to the practical improvement of the rate at which the organization manages its operations. When assessing the services of an organization as well as the effects linked with the decision that the management may make, the administration must consider the strategies that are likely to reduce the possibility of failure and at the same time allow the members of the organization to easily relate with one another to ensure that the choices that the firm makes are at a high position of bringing about organizational success and at the same time reduce the chances of errors that may affect its performance. Conclusion 5 ACCIDENTAL STATESMAN In conclusion, the mutual trust between the different stakeholders in any organization has a significant contribution towards the effective reduction of possible chances of failures in the firm. The application of strategies that are likely to ensure that there is a mutual trust between the stakeholders in the organization is an imperative method that is in most cases responsible for the reduction of the chances of failure and at the same time ensure that the management can learn about the measures needed to ensure that the firm attains the goals that the team may have. As a leader in any organization, the selection of an approach that may lead towards the effective management of the operations plays a significant role in the development of the measures that are able to bring people in the organization together to ensure that the problems are well managed. 6 ACCIDENTAL STATESMAN References Lundberg, K. (2006). The Accidental Statesman: General Petraeus and the City of Mosul, Iraq. Kennedy School of Government, Case Program. Salas, E., Cannon-Bowers, J. A., & Weaver, J. (2017). 12 Command and Control Teams: Principles for Training and Assessment. Incident command: tales from the hot seat. Sayles, L. R. (2017). Managing large systems: organizations for the future. Routledge. Shanafelt, T. D., & Noseworthy, J. H. (2017, January). Executive leadership and physician wellbeing: nine organizational strategies to promote engagement and reduce burnout. In Mayo Clinic Proceedings (Vol. 92, No. 1, pp. 129-146). Elsevier. ...
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