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hello i have two assignments that is due in petroleum Geology class. PLEASE let me know if you are able to help.

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Exercise 5 Name_________________________ GEOL 407 Petroleum Geology, Spring 2020 Constructing a Reference Section: The first step in evaluating an area with regard to petroleum production is to assess the current status of a field or region. In this exercise we will be looking at production from the Plaza-Wabek fields. Find the file that has the well data for the Wabek Field and import it into your Petra project. You could at this point make a structure contour map of the Mississippian Frobisher-Alida interval (M-FA) and get a sense as to the trapping mechanism. However, this would not tell us anything about the stratigraphic interval that contains the oil. Obviously there are a lot of producing wells in this field so it would make sense to find out where in these producing wells the oil is present. The easiest way of doing this would be to pick a well from near the center of the field, pull the logs and plot the interval that was perforated and put into production. I selected the following well for this purpose. Print page 3 and do the following: A) Use the log tops listed on the scout ticket to mark the position of any listed formation tops. B) Use the information on the scout ticket below to plot on the log the depth interval that was perforated (Perfs:), the interval that was drill stem tested (DST) and the interval that was cored. C) Look at the logs and subdivide the section in terms of lithology. D) Provide an interpretation of the lithology from the logs and from the core description the depths that are most likely the source of oil that this well produced. Use the lithology symbols shown below (not all of these symbols are needed). E) Examine the core report and determine whether or not there is a oil-water interface. F) Fill in the central depth track with your interpreted lithology using the the attached Graphic Lithology Key G) Assign informal names (your choice) to these different rock types. 1 H) Look at the perforated interval and the corresponding lithology. Describe the pay interval in terms of rock type and porosity. This should be saved and included in the final report for the semester. Remember that neatness, completeness and accuracy count. When done scan and submit your completed log to the Assignments section of Blackboard. As we work into the final project you can use this log as the key for how you define the stratigraphic component of oil production in this field. 2 NDIC File No: 12654 CND Log 3 Scout Ticket NDIC File No: 12654 API No: 33-061-00384-00-00 County: MOUNTRAIL CTB No: 412625 Well Type: OG Well Status: IA Status Date: 8/15/2019 Wellbore type: VERTICAL Location: SWNE 16-152-88 Footages: 1991 FNL 2035 FEL Latitude: 47.986887 Longitude: -101.944861 Current Operator: FOUNDATION ENERGY MANAGEMENT, LLC Original Operator: HOME PETROLEUM CORP. Current Well Name: STATE 32-16 Original Well Name: STATE #32-16 Elevation(s): 2060 KB Total Depth: 7590 Field: PLAZA Spud Date(s): 6/3/1989 Digital or Image Log(s) available: BCS 657KB, CBL 2.3MB, CND 1.1MB, CYB 225KB, DLL 2.3MB Formation Tops K-P 1530 K-GH 3714 K-M 4119 K-IK 4430 J-S 4796 J-R 5205 T-S 5754 PM-EBA 5995 PN-T 6251 M-EBS 6368 M-KL 6630 M-MD 6795 M-MDR 7082 M-MDLS 7140 M-MDFA 7404 Casing String(s): 9.625" 803' 5.5" 7588' Completion Data Pool: MADISON Perfs: 7378-7396 Comp Dt: 6/25/1989 Status: AL Status Dt: 6/25/1989 Spacing: U Cumulative Production Data Pool: MADISON Cum Oil: 257531 Cum MCF Gas: 150176 Cum Water: 258327 [Interactive Performance Curve] [PDF Curve] Production Test Data IP Test Date: 6/25/1989 Pool: MADISON IP Oil: 321 IP MCF: 100 IP Water: 0 DST: 7404-7429 Recovery: 3050' MUD CUT WATER CUSHION & WATER SAMPLER: 0.75 SCF GAS, 40 CC OIL, 1980 CC WATER Cores and Samples Type: LS Top: 7381 Bottom: 7396 Formation: M-MD Type: LS Top: 7399 Bottom: 7418 Formation: M-MD Type: LS Top: 7421 Bottom: 7425 Formation: M-MD 4 Core Report 5 6 Code Definitions: Well Type Definitions Code Definition AGD Acid Gas Disposal AI Air Injection CBM Coal Bed Methane DF Dump Flood Injector DFP Dump Flood Injector/Producer GASC Gas Condensate GASD Dry Gas GASN Nitrogen Gas Well GI Gas Injection GS Gas Storage INJP Injector, Producer OG Oil & Gas ST Stratigraphic Test SWD Salt Water Disposal WI Water Injection WS Water Source Well Status 7 Code Definition A Active AB Abandoned (Shut-In > 12 Months) DRL Drilling DRY Dry Hole EXP Expired Permit IA Inactive (Shut-In >= 3 and <= 12 Months) IAW Inactive Well Waiver LOC Permitted Location to Drill LOCR Permitted Reentry of Plugged NC Not Completed (Drilled to TD, Awaiting Completion) NCW Not Completed Waiver PA Plugged and Abandoned PNC Permit Now Cancelled PNS Permit Now Suspended TA Temporarily Abandoned TAI Temp Abandoned, SoD (Intermediate Casing Set) TAO Temporarily Abandoned - Observation TASC Temp Abandoned, SoD (Surface Casing Set) TATD Temp Abandoned, Drilled to Total Depth Log Formation Tops 8 Code Definition TY-BCHR TERTIARY-BULLION CREEK-HARMON BED TY-BCHN TERTIARY-BULLION CREEK-HANSON BED K-P CRETACEOUS-PIERRE FM. K-PJRS CRETACEOUS-PIERRE FM.-JUDITH RIVER SAND K-PES CRETACEOUS-PIERRE FM.-EAGLE SAND K-NB CRETACEOUS-NIOBRARA FM. K-GH CRETACEOUS-GREENHORN FM. K-M CRETACEOUS-MOWRY FM. K-N CRETACEOUS-NEWCASTLE FM. K-IK CRETACEOUS-INYAN KARA FM. J-S JURASSIC-SWIFT FM. J-R JURASSIC-RIERDON FM. T-S TRIASSIC-SPEARFISH FM. PM-MK PERMIAN-MINNEKAHTA FM PM-OP PERMIAN-OPECHE FM. PM-EBA PERMIAN-ERODED BROOM CREEK-AMSDEN FM. PM-BC PERMIAN-BROOM CREEK FM. PN-T PENNSYLVANIAN-TYLER FM. M-EBS MISSISSIPPIAN-ERODED BIG SNOWY GROUP M-BS MISSISSIPPIAN-BIG SNOWY GROUP M-KL MISSISSIPPIAN-"KIBBEY LIME" M-MDUN MISSISSIPPIAN-MADISON GROUP UNCONFORMITY M-MD MISSISSIPPIAN-MADISON GROUP M-MDR MISSISSIPPIAN-RATCLIFFE INTERVAL M-MDLS MISSISSIPPIAN-BASE OF LAST SALT M-MDFA MISSISSIPPIAN-FROBISHER-ALIDA INTERVAL M-MDFY MISSISSIPPIAN-FRYBURG MARKER M-MDSA MISSISSIPPIAN-STATE "A" MARKER M-MDTI MISSISSIPPIAN-TILSTON INTERVAL 9 Code Definition M-MDLP MISSISSIPPIAN-LODGEPOLE FM. MD-B MISSISSIPPIAN/DEVONIAN-BAKKEN D-DV DEVONIAN-UNDIFFERENTIATED D-TF DEVONIAN-THREE FORKS FM. D-BB DEVONIAN-BIRDBEAR FM. D-DP DEVONIAN-DUPEROW FM. D-SR DEVONIAN-SOURIS RIVER FM. D-DB DEVONIAN-DAWSON BAY FM. D-PE DEVONIAN-PRAIRIE EVAPORITE D-W DEVONIAN-WINNIPEGOSIS FM. S-I SILURIAN-INTERLAKE FM. S-CL SILURIAN-CEDAR LAKE MEMBER O-G ORDOVICIAN-GUNTON MEMBER O-ST ORDOVICIAN-STOUGHTON MEMBER O-RR ORDOVICIAN-RED RIVER FM. O-WR ORDOVICIAN-WINNIPEG ROUGHLOCK FM. O-WI ORDOVICIAN-WINNIPEG ICEBOX FM. O-BI ORDOVICIAN-BLACK ISLAND FM. CO-D CAMBRO/ORDOVICIAN-DEADWOOD FM. PC PRECAMBRIAN Log Type Codes 10 Code Definition AA Array Acoustilog AC Acoustic AIG Array Induction Gamma BCS Borehole Compensated Sonic CAL Caliper CBL Cement Bond Log CD Compensated Density CGR Corelation Gamma Ray CN Compensated Neutron CND Compensated Neutron Density DGWD Directional Gamma While Drilling DIE Dual Induction Electric DIL Dual Induction - Laterolog DIP Dipmeter DIR Directional Deviation DLL Dual Laterolog DT Drill Time DTM Drll Time - Mud Log DTS Drill Time - Samples DTSM Drill Time - Samples - Mud Log EL Electric Log GR Gamma Ray GRA Gamma Ray Acoustic GRD Gamma Ray Density GRN Gamma Ray Neutron GRT Gamma Ray Temperature GWD Gamma While Drilling HCAL Horizontal Caliper IEL Induction Electric Log 11 Code Definition IPL Integrated Porosity Lithology LAT Laterolog LGR Laterolog Gamma Ray MRI Magnetic Resonance Imager MWD Measure While Drilling NEU Neutron SON Sonic SOS Sonic Scanner TEMP Temperature 12 Last name___1 Name: Fonda Mvono Edzang Getting started in Petra Start by opening IHS Petra program. In the Petra Main window select Start Petra in Private Mode. Select Make a NEW Project, click alright. Enter the task NAME and EXPLANATION, and afterward spare the venture in the ideal catalog. Petra Main window will open. Importing wells and well data from databases into Petra Petra doesn't contain any well information. To have the option to relate and outline tops, the well data should be imported from the databases like AccuMap, MJ Systems, and NDIC. Last name___2 Importing well lists into Petra In Petra Main window, select Undertaking in the highest tab menu. Under Task pick Import, at that point Accumap PETRA Well File. ▪ The Import PETRA AccuMap File will show up. Acknowledge the default settings by squeezing alright. Last name___3 ▪ The default organizer that Petra will open doesn't contain the well records. Rather go to: PC → Local Disk (C :) → AccuMap. In AccuMap organizer, find wanted well list that is in PXP File group. Select that well list. ▪ When the import is finished, the subsequent Petra Main window. Presently Petra contains precisely the same measure of wells as does your well list record in AccuMap. Last name___4 ▪ By tapping the guide symbol in the Petra Main window you can see wells in map window. Last name___5 ▪ From the Petra MAP window, the wells can be chosen, and cross-segments can be made for future formation tops connection. Importing well files from Spreadsheets containing well information, downloaded from either NDIC or MBOGC, can be imported into Petra by choosing Venture in the highest tab menu in Petra Main window. Under Undertaking pick Import, at that point Nonexclusive ASCII (Spreadsheet) When the Import Well Data From Tabular File Format window shows up, follow every tab to populate Petra with data from the spreadsheet Last name___6 Importing well logs into Petra The well list imported from AccuMap just contains the well header information, and fills in as an unfilled vessel intended to be loaded up with data from various sources. The well data that this task is centered around is well log raster's. Well log raster's can be gotten from NDIC for North Dakota and from Montana Board of Oil and Gas for Montana. Well log raster's can likewise be acquired for the two states from the MJ Systems. Importing well logs from MJ Systems: ▪ To import well log raster's from MJ Systems, select Venture in the highest tab menu in Petra Main window. Under Task pick Import, at that point Raster Logs From, lastly MJ Logs Exported From LoggSleuth. Last name___7 ▪ The Cluster Import MJ Systems Calibrated Raster Log window will show up and request that you select at least one .REG records to stack. Snap Select Files… button. ▪ When the Select MJ Logs to Import (REG Files) window shows up, explore to the organizer where you spared the fare record structure the Group Export in LoggSleugh. • After the .REG record is stacked, click Import. Note: just the well log raster's coordinating the wells in the task will be stacked. Importing well logs from NDIC • To import well log raster's from NDIC, select Task in the highest tab menu in Petra Main window. Under Task pick Import, at that point Raster Logs From, and Uncelebrated Toffies. Last name___8 • Note: Make sure that the API of the raster you wish to import from NDIC matches the API of the well in Petra venture. Correlating formation tops from well logs in Petra After the well logs have been imported into Petra, you can begin associating formation tops in Petra. • Select Wells tab on the highest tab menu. Pick Select on the highest priority on the rundown. Select Wells By Data Criteria. Last name___9 • After Select Wells By Data window shows up, click on the in addition to button by the Logs. When the Logs alternative extends, click on the in addition to button by Raster Logs, when it grows, pick Adjusted Rasters, and press Acknowledge on the correct upper corner. Last name___10 • Next, the Select Wells With Raster Log Images window will show up. Under Raster Logs tab in the Search Method, acknowledge the default alternative Discover Wells With ANY Rasters. Last name___11 ...
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