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Please put this pdf file into own words you can keep the programming the same and keep the photos of the programming the same because I want them included but I don’t know how to paraphrase don’t use word cube training just say powerlifting program

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THE CUBE METHOD 1 THE C U B E by BRANDON LILLY THE CUBE METHOD 2 Before you pursue any physical fitness program, especially one as intense as powerlifting please, consult a doctor. This book may not be reproduced, transmitted, or recorded in any form without permission from the author. Copyright 2012 by Brandon Lilly. All rights reserved. THE CUBE METHOD 3 I dedicate this book to my Dad. A man that says what he means, and means what he says. A man’s man. Our name means something, and I am trying to honor that in my own way. Thank you for teaching me the reward for hard work, high standards, and discipline. This book would never have been possible without the lessons you have given me, and I will gladly, publicly admit that as much as I bucked, you never gave me the wrong advice. SPECIA L T HANK YOU’S : Bunky Harkleroad, you pushed me every single day that you coached me. You believed in me more than anyone I had ever come across in my life. You saw something within me that I could not have extracted without your guidance and friendship. You lit a fire in me that has never gone out. I’ll never let my arm’s drop… Mark Bell, you have been a solid friend, and mentor to me. You will never know how much I respect your guidance. Chad Smith, you took a chance on me, gave me a voice, and a platform to speak. You helped me find a way to channel my ideas. All my past and present teammates, all of you had a hand in this book. Whether you built me up, or tore me down, I am who I am as a lifter because of you all. Thanks to Danny, Jimmy, Pat, Ryan, Mike, Frank, Pete, Grizz, Murph, Lynn, Bandy and all the rest of Lexen for taking a chance on me. THE CUBE METHOD 4 TABL E OF C O N T E N T S A BOUT TH E AUTHOR 6 W HY YOU NEED THI S B OOK 8 IF YOU WANNA B E A B OS S YOU G OTTA PAY T H E C O ST S 10 W HAT IS T HE CUB E ME THOD? 12 CUBE M ETHOD P HI LOS OP HY 15 CUBE PROGR AMMI NG 17 THE POW ER L I FTS B Y DES CR I P TI O N 22 UNDERSTANDI NG HOW I AM DI FFER EN T A ND HOW THAT MAKE S THI S M ETH O D D I FFER EN T 30 HOW DO WE DETE R MI NE A 1 R E P MA X ? 34 TRAIN LIKE AN ALP HA 36 K.I. S. S. (K EEP I T S I MP LE S TUP I D ) 39 TRAINING DAYS : WHAT I S E XP ECTED 40 W HAT A 3 WE EK WAVE L OOKS L I K E 47 SHIRTED B ENCH R OUTI NE 53 ONE BARBE LL: ONE GOAL 54 DIET 56 USING THE S L ED & P R OWL ER 58 M AN UP 60 BONUS PRODUCTS S P ECIAL E XER CIS ES 64 BUIL DING A BA DA SS B EN CH 68 DEA DL I FT TRA I NI NG VI D EO S 73 THE CUBE METHOD 5 AB O U T T H E AU T H O R Brandon Lilly is the creator of the Cube Method, and currently trains at Berea Barbell in Berea, KY. Brandon has trained at some of the world’s best powerlifting gyms including Westside Barbell, Lexen Xtreme, and Guerrilla Squad Barbell. As of this publishing, Brandon holds the number one ranking in both the 308s, and Super Heavy Weight Raw, with Knee Wraps, divisions with 2105 lbs. (308), and 2204 lbs. (SHW, which is also tied for 16th All-Time THE CUBE METHOD Brandon Lilly has quickly become an icon in powerlifting through his no BS attitude and 6 raw and crossover success in geared lifting. regardless of weight class), and also has the number six ranking amongst MultiPly Lifters with 2530 lbs., making him one of the most successful crossover powerlifters ever. Brandon’s best raw lifts are 826 lbs. in the squat, 573 lbs. in the bench, and 804 lbs. in the deadlift. His best Multi-Ply Lifts are 1005 lbs. squat, and 820 lbs. bench. Surprisingly Brandon’s background in athletics began with basketball and soccer, earning honors on the Soccer pitch. It was his quest for a soccer scholarship that led him to the weight room, where he began his strength journey. After high school he took his talents to Berea College in Berea, KY and was a successful Track and Field athlete in both the Shot Put, and the Hammer. Coached by Hall of Famer Mike Johnson, he was further encouraged to pursue his weight training, and this is how he found powerlifting. Since creating the Cube Method and watching it evolve with his own training, his teammates, and his trainees, Brandon has become an icon of sorts within powerlifting as he is not reserved with his beliefs, and his dedication to results. THE CUBE METHOD 7 WHY YO U N E E D T H IS BO O K This book is call to action. A declaration of war on the state of powerlifting in America. What the hell is wrong with us? It’s no surprise to me that we have let powerlifting become what it has. We hold nothing sacred anymore. Nothing. Look around you, and there are a million examples of how our world has gone wrong. Well I for one and not going to stand for it any longer. At least in the powerlifting world. I feel I can elicit some positive change .I’m sick of people being told there is only one way to get strong, that it is damaging to “just be strong” we only need to train the muscles that we might use, that you need a myriad of miracle machines, and special potions that you do in a combination at exactly 3:32 PM, standing on one foot, or the results aren’t guaranteed. I’m sick of watching people thinking that we are getting smarter when we are the lowest level of intelligence this world has known since we started walking upright. Watch a Multi-Ply powerlifting meet, you tell me what you see is wrong. You don’t see it? I sure do, because I lived it. I hid behind layers of canvas, and polyester material that allowed me to showcase my “talents”. What were those talents? Getting fat, and getting weak, getting my gear altered so that I would get more “pop” rather than getting strong enough to move weights. If you say to yourself that somehow this is ok then read no further. Maybe you think it’s “ok”, and if you do, I am talking to you. I was drinking the Kool-Aid hard too, but you’re allowed to open your eyes and open your mind. I don’t give a damn if I bomb every meet because of what I say, somewhere a kid will read this and benefit from it. Look me in the face and tell me you can hold a candle to Bill Kazmaier, Doug Young, Pacifico, Reinhoudt, Kuc, Coan, Karwoski, Mike Bridges, Gant, Crain, Franz and I will tell you that unless you are one of a handful of lifters that you are full of shit. THE CUBE METHOD 8 You think I’m a gear basher? Not at all. I love the excitement gear can bring to the sport. I love the possibilities that gear brings. I just hate that in a day and age with limitless knowledge at our fingertips via the internet we have meets where guys can’t squat 315 without briefs on, end up squatting 800 lbs. in a suit. This is ok? I’m wrong for not celebrating their ability to succeed in the gear? All I want is credibility. It is no wonder the Europeans look at our lifting as a joke. What is even more saddening than that is the fact “The American Way” is actually trickling slowly into Europe. I keep seeing meets over there where the lifts are getting higher and higher. Why is it that in raw divisions and single ply that across the board most of the judging looks really good? If anything you see guys getting robbed of squats. Maybe it’s the layers of material that skew the judging so badly, but every competition weekend you can bet by Monday there will be a load of videos from a Multi-Ply meet of lifters squatting a mile high— AND YES YOU CAN JUDGE A SQUAT FROM THE FRONT. We have the ability to fix this. We are the lifters, if we demand more of ourselves, and then demand more from our teammates, and then more from our competitors, at some point the promoters, and the federations will hear us. As long as we give away World Records as quick as you can load the bar, and when the figure heads that say they stand “for what is right” support records that are obviously bogus then the sport loses credibility. We as lifters lose credibility. It’s time to take back our sport. And the time is right now. THE CUBE METHOD 9 I F YO U WA N N A B E A B O S S YO U G OT TA PAY TH E C OS T S I am gonna tell most of you reading this a “secret”. How do I know it’s a “secret”? Because everyone I have trained has told me they cannot believe how difficult this training is. You ready for it? You don’t train hard. How do I know? Because it’s a sad reality for all of us. I used Stop looking for a magic program or pill, the only path to true success is hard work and time. to train hard. Before I got so smart and I had a plan that was so complicated I didn’t understand. I remember going to the gym as a kid and having one bent barbell, and a bunch of shitty weight plates and I was able to get stronger. I had no rhyme or reason, I just trained because I liked it, I loved the pain it induced. I loved the battle that waged in my head, one side begging me to drop the weight, the other screaming “don’t be a pussy”. You know who is training hard? Strongmen! Those guys are killing powerlifters in so many ways. We all know that 800 lbs. in the deadlift is one of those lifts that kind of “separates the good from the great”, but in the strongman world 800 lbs. is a deadlift that is done for multiple reps. Strongmen view 900 lbs. much like we view the 800 lbs. They commonly squat weights we consider THE CUBE METHOD 10 good for numerous reps in just a weight belt. Proof? My good friend Chad Smith was fairly well known as a shot putter, and all around strength specialist, in his first meet he squatted 865 lbs. raw with knee wraps, and in his second he squatted 905 lbs. for an American Raw w/Knee wraps record. Did he train powerlifting specific? No, he was well rounded, and had a high expectation for strength in multiple disciplines. There is nothing wrong with training in Strongman, my old training partner Jake Anderson and I met when we were competing in strongman, and man were we strong, agile, and fast. We used to kill each other in the gym, and in competition, Jake has totaled 2730 lbs., with an 860 lbs. deadlift at 308 lbs. You don’t achieve those numbers without having a huge base, and rep training does that. Training like that netted me 20 lbs. of muscle gain within 15 months. I did a million reps for a million sets it seemed, and it worked very well. Then I started reading the magazines that were selling me on the idea that “less is more”, that there was a recipe for success. Well that recipe spelled ten years of chasing my tail never knowing how strong I truly was, guessing at weights on meet day, being so burned out I was dying to quit but I had so much time invested I couldn’t let myself. What was I going to do? THE CUBE METHOD 11 WHAT IS T H E C U BE MET H O D ? The Cube Method grew out of my absolute frustration with my training, myself, and the sport of powerlifting. I was extremely tired of spending hours upon hours in the gym, hours that compromised friendships and personal relationships, and not seeing the results I expected, or witnessed around me. I had trained the same way for 11 years, and while I had some success it was a roller coaster, and I can never really remember a time where I would say I loved any of my training cycles. Sure, I would have some great days, and hit PR’s along the way, but I hated the gym most days. While I would be strong as a bull throughout my cycle, my full strength was never fully displayed at meets. What was the problem? To tell you the truth the answer was simple. I had stopped lifting how I wanted to. What I believed in and started following what others said or did just because they were stronger than me. I stopped thinking, or rather stopped listening to what I was thinking, and what my body was telling me, and stuck to a method that left me spinning my wheels. I wanted to quit the sport. That was until Danny Dague (owner of Lexen Xtreme in Grove City, OH) pulled me aside in the gym and said to “Lilly, you don’t look like you are having fun anymore. You look like you hate the gym. Just simplify. Go back to what got you to the gym in the first place.” Just like that he had awakened something inside of THE CUBE METHOD The Cube Method is built around the simple idea of hard work with a barbell and straight weight. It is this idea that can help 12 you reclaim true strength. me. He got my wheels turning, and I looked back over my training logs (I have kept a detailed training journal since my very first workout), and what I found was that I was actually much stronger raw before I ever moved to Columbus, OH than at any point ever since. My multi ply numbers had gone up, but my physique had become soft, and pudgy, and I was carrying around a lot of size, but none of it was actually new muscle for strength. It was fat for leverage. So, I decided to go back to my roots, like most of us I began with a bodybuilding routine, so that was where I began. I found four things that I needed. Piece one of the puzzle was muscle hypertrophy as a goal Piece two was rep work. My time in Ohio was spent chasing the ever important 1 Rep Max, and I seldom ever did reps over a triple. I had gotten damn strong doing sets of 6, 8, 10, and 15’s before, so I needed to get back to that. Piece three was heavy training. I had to come up with a systematic approach to training heavy without going backwards, and also find a way to lift the heaviest weight possible on meet day. The final piece was explosive power. I noticed that when I had trained with just a barbell I was damn strong, and very damn fast. I had used bands a lot, and chains even more, and I had slowed down. “JU ST SI M PL I FY. G O BACK TO WH AT GOT YOU TO TH E G Y M I N TH E FI RS T PL ACE .” That’s not to say those tools don’t work, I had just -Danny Dague The Cube Method is somewhat of a throwback and never utilized them properly, so I wanted to start over with just a bar, then add in the extra tools as I saw fit. I appreciate it every time I hear it referred to as “old school”. The reason the Cube will work is because it is very basic but can be applied to all THE CUBE METHOD 13 levels. The “secret” is the rotation of the lifts and the waves involved. On this method you will notice a variety of rep ranges, exercises, and an intense focus on realizing that a training cycle is supposed to build you up and prepare you for one day: Meet Day. On this method Meet Day will become something sacred to you. It should, that is the only place the lifts count. In a day and age of immediate social media networking anyone can become what I like to call a “YouTube Superhero”. These are guys that PR every workout and somehow never produce at meets. On my method you may be the guy that showcases solid training in your videos or logs, but nothing over the top, and then BOOM a meet full of PR’s. You decide where your biggest lifts matter, and if it isn’t on the platform, and you need an ego boost every time you walk in the gym, then I apologize… This method is not for you. This type of training will kick your ass, and humble you. But like an unpolished stone along the way you will see the reps and sets are getting easier and easier until you walk under the bar for your opening squat and destroy it… MEET DAY IS KING!! THE CUBE METHOD 14 C UB E M E TH O D PH IL OSO PH Y Every single powerlifter has one common goal in mind. That is to become the best that they can be. Some will strive to be the best in their gym, the best at a meet, state, country, or World, but all that means is we have a desire to improve. If you don’t want to get better then I don’t understand why you chose powerlifting, as it is incredibly difficult, and I’m not sure why you are reading this book. I believe that each powerlifter has a deeper connection with themselves than the average person. I believe if times were different we would be the ones waging wars on the battlefield. Why do I say this? Because this sport has cost me dearly, but I can’t turn it off. It is a refusal to be complacent, or average. If I didn’t have this sport I can almost guarantee you I would be in prison for beating the shit out of someone daily. Nothing fulfills me like heavy weight. On the platform we have to perform the three classic lifts: the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. On the Cube we will attack them intelligently, but we will also bring back into the fold a much over looked lift, the Military Press. Ideas I like to adhere to: 1. The only PR's that matter are those on the platform, and for those of you that don't compete the PR's at the end of the cycle is what we train for. You may not hit a PR for 9 weeks, but when you test them on week 10 you should blow your old PR's away. Now, for those of you freaking out right now you will have chances to PR before then, but you need to buy into the fact that a 5 lbs. PR today is ok, but I want a 20 lbs. PR later, so don't let your short term training diminish your long term results. 2. Stop one set early. We all know the feeling of defeat when you are in the gym, you hit a good lift, then the next jump is iffy, we take it anyway and miss. We WILL NO LONGER MISS WEIGHTS. Make a plan, stick to it, hurt feelings. I haven't missed a weight because of strength in over 15 months. I THE CUBE METHOD 15 might miss on a technical failure, but if that is the case I can reset and immediately do the weight. Check your ego at the door. 3. Your rep and speed day are just as important as your Max day because they are what lead to successful PR's, take them seriously, attack the weights each time you are in the gym. THE CUBE METHOD 16 C UB E PRO G RA MMIN G On the Cube you will train three or four days per week, I prefer four. It is a 10 week cycle. Upon completion of the cycle you should either do a meet, or a “mock meet” in your gym to establish new PR’s. Base your next 10 week cycle off of your new PR’s. My waves are 3 weeks for squat, bench, and deadlift and they are modeled below: W EEK 1 Heavy Work Day, Explosive Work Day, Rep Work Day, Body Day W EEK 2 Explosive Work Day, Rep Work Day, Heavy Work Day, Body Day W EEK 3 Rep Work Day, Heavy Work Day, Explosive Work Day, Body Day W EEK 4 Recycle the Wave I called it "Cube Training" as when it’s mapped out it looks like a “Cube”. I never lift heavy on two lifts within a week. If I deadlift heavy training, my bench is explosive training, and my squat is for repetitions, and as the weeks rotate the “Work Days” are rotated also. THE CUBE METHOD 17 HERE' S THE S ETUP : W EEK- 1 2 31 4 5 62 7 8 93 10 DEADS- 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 X BENCH- 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 X SQUAT- 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 X Key- 1=End of Wave 1, 2=End of Wave 2, 3=End of Wave 3, , x=Meet Week Sundays are always a bodybuilding day. Every Sunday I have three exercises that are never rotated. They are Military Press, Bicep Curls, and Calf Raises. From there I pick three weak bodyparts, and I choose one exercise for each. I vary my sets and reps depending on feel. If I am feeling beat up from the week I will do more sets (no more than 5 per bodypart, never less than 3 sets) with more reps (never more than 20, never less than 6 reps), if I feel fresh I do less sets with heavier weight for fewer reps. A T Y P ICA L S U N DAY: Military Press- 3 x 10 Bicep Curls w/EZ Curl Bar- 4 x 15 Calf Raises- 4 x 15 W E A K P O INT T R A I N I N G Leg Curls for Hamstrings- 5 x 20 Lat Pulldowns- 4 x 12 Pec Flyes w/Dumbbells- 3 x 12 Abs (Abs are done every training day) THE CUBE METHOD 18 HOW THE WAVES WOR K (Only Covering The Main Movement, Accessories Covered Later) Each lift in the cycle will have 3 Heavy Work Days, 3 Rep Work Days, and 3 Explosive Work Days. Base All Training Percentages Off of 95% of PR’s On Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. H E AV Y DAY 1 80% x 2 reps x 5 sets H E AV Y DAY 2 85% x 2 reps x 3 sets H E AV Y DAY 3 90% x 1 rep, 92.5% x 1 rep, 95% x 1 rep R E P DAY 1 70% x 8 reps x 1 set R E P DAY 2 80% x 6 reps x 1 set R E P DAY 3 85 ...
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