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Skills, Goals and accomplishments , three pages .WRK100055VA016-1204-001: Preparing for Future of Work

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Assignment 2 Template: Reflecting on Your Skills, Goals, and Accomplishments PART 1: ABOUT ME Answer the following questions to capture how you see yourself, in terms of values, aspirations, key qualities, goals, strengths, and areas of growth: 1) Find a quote or saying that captures your values, motivations, and aspirations and share it here. “We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” – Max Depree 2) Describe some of your main personal, academic, and professional goals. My goas are: Personally – to become a little bit better than I was the day before. I want to treat others with kindness and be the type of person who makes those around them want to be the best they can be. Academically – I want to graduate with a 4.0. I had a 4.0 a couple quarters in High School, and I think it would be really neat to be able to maintain that at Strayer too! Professionally – I want to excel in whatever role I take on. I want to be known for my knowledge and resourcefulness. I want to be the first person people think of when promotional opportunities are presented and want my supervisors to always have confidence in my ability to outperform their expectations. 3) What are some of your strength areas? Think about the top 2–3 skills you would advertise about yourself, or consider what others come to you for advice about. I am a very hard worker and take a lot of pride in my work. I always strive to exceed expectations and to be trusted to handle even the most difficult tasks. I take a lot of pride in my work and want to be known as someone who will give each project their all. I am also very efficient. I have an unmatchable ability to focus on the task at hand. When I begin a project, I do my best to complete it quickly and correctly. I don’t like to have a list of tasks I need to complete, so I’m very good at working efficiently through all tasks assigned, in the order of importance. 4) What are some areas you would like to grow and improve in? I could always improve on my presentation skills. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been nervous to speak in front of groups. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 people or 300, I have an almost paralyzing anxiety that I’m going to say something dumb or that I’m not going to be able to find the right words to accurately demonstrate my thoughts. PART 2: ACCOMPLISHMENT STATEMENTS Accomplishments don’t have to be as large as climbing the top of Mount Everest or starting your own company. We accomplish many things in our lives every day that have meaning. For example, perhaps you organized volunteers for your school’s food drive, or made an extremely profitable sale. Or, if you’re more advanced in your career, perhaps you’ve received a promotion or special recognition. In this part of the assignment, you’ll identify two accomplishments from work, school, volunteering, or other activities. You’ll then practice communicating these in ways appropriate for a CV or résumé. To begin, brainstorm accomplishments from your work, school, volunteering, or other activities. Click Accomplishment Categories for a list. After you’ve identified two accomplishments, write their story using the information below: 1) Think about each of your accomplishments in these terms: Challenge Situation, problem, or requirement. Action Specific actions you took to resolve or meet the challenge. Result The benefit created in specific and measurable terms. Be sure to tie results to the organization’s goals when possible. Details Clarifying details, such as numbers or percentages, to provide context (consider answering how many, how much, how long, or how often). Consider the example below of someone with experience as a retail manager: Challenge An increase in customer complaints about the helpfulness of staff. Action Developed a new training program for staff, got approval from district manager, and once approved implemented it with a regular review process. Result After 3 months, customer complaints decreased. Details Previously, customer complaints averaged 4 per week. After 3 months, complaints averaged 1 or less per week. 2) Write two stories to practice using this format: Challenge Customer were disconnecting their calls after waiting on hold for too long. Action I put emphasis on this in team meeting, and reminded staff throughout the day of the importance of being available for our customers. I closely monitored the call volume and the availability of staff members to take calls to make sure anyone who was available to take calls was in the queue to receive them. Result Once extra attention was put on this metric, the number of calls being abandoned decreased. Details After increasing emphasis on answering customer phone calls, our abandoned calls went from 37% to only 8%. Challenge When completing inventory, we had less french fries than projected. Action Emphasized the importance of not overfilling orders of french fries and doing a random weight check every 20 orders to ensure staff was reminded often what the appropriate amount of fries was depending on the size ordered. Result Immediately, the inventory of french fries improved and the employees are able to accurately identify whether an order is overfilled. Details Inventory of french fries went from being off by 59%, to only 15%. An appropriate amount of overage is 10%, which I anticipate we’ll be able to achieve within a month. 3) Now, try writing your two accomplishment stories concisely for a résumé or CV: Formula 1: Result + action + brief description including clarifying details. Example: Decreased customer complaints from 3 per week to 1 or less per week by training staff and implementing a regular review process. Formula 2: Action + brief description with clarifying details + results. Example: Trained retail staff in customer-service techniques and implemented a regular review process, decreasing customer complaints from 3 per week to 1 or less per week. Accomplishment 1 Story The number of abandoned calls went from 37% to only 8% by putting an increased emphasis on promptly answering customer calls. Accomplishment 2 Story The amount of french fry wastage decreased from 59% to just 15% in two weeks’ time after completing a refresher training with staff and completing random weight checks of french fry orders. PART 3: REFLECT ON YOUR EXPERIENCES 1) How has reflecting on your goals, strengths, areas of growth, and accomplishments been valuable for you? In order to grow, you have to be very self-aware and reflective. Without reflecting on your past performance and capitalizing on your strengths, it’s very difficult to improve. It’s also important to acknowledge your accomplishments because it keeps you pushing for bigger and better things! 2) What are ways you can build in a regular practice of reflection? I’m always involved with personal development and seek guidance and suggestions from my supervisors. Continuing these practices will help me to maintain a growth mindset and a upward trajectory. 3) In your current understanding of the 10 Skills, identify 1–2 skills that you believe have helped you reach the accomplishments listed in Part 2. Briefly explain how. Communication is the most helpful skill for me. I have used my communication skills to build trusting relationships with my staff, and that helped get them on board when I suggest ways we can improve. It’s also very helpful to be able to effectively communicate that we need to improve without making anyone feel like I’m personally attacking them for doing something wrong. 4) After practicing writing your accomplishments in a CV or résumé-appropriate style, do you feel more confident in expressing your accomplishments to an employer? Briefly explain. Yes, I feel more confident in my ability to be concise and detailed in explaining my accomplishments. ...
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