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Assignment: Supercontinent Investigation Continent Map Shapes of Coastlines © K12 Inc. AV011413 1. Use your world map to study the edges of Africa and South America. Describe the match between them. 2. Cut out the continents from the Continent Map. Try to arrange them on construction paper as one large landmass based on their shapes, but do not glue them yet. Your constructed supercontinent is a model that will change as new information becomes clear. Take a picture of your arrangement of the continents just based on their shapes. Add your picture to your assignment and write a caption for it. Mountain Ranges Many mountain ranges that today appear on one continent are similar in age and form to mountain ranges on another continent. Some of these mountain ranges are shown on your continent cutouts. They are numbered according to those ranges that are similar to one another. 3. Check the landmass you created to see if the common mountain ranges line up with one another. Make any changes in your model now that you know about the mountain ranges. After making your changes, take another picture of your supercontinent and add it to your assignment with a caption. Fossils Several fossils are found on certain landmasses but not on others. Look at each landmass. Using the key, observe which fossils were found on each landmass. 4. Which fossils were found in both Africa and South America? 5. Adjust your model based on the fossil information. Again, after making your changes, take a picture of your supercontinent, add it to your assignment, and give it a caption. © K12 Inc. AV011413 Glacier Evidence The map below shows where evidence of ice sheets 300 million years old has been found in the Southern Hemisphere. The dashed line on the map connects all the places where plowed rock and sediment have been found on the continents. The arrows show the direction of glacier movement. 6. Use a highlighter to draw the information about glaciers onto the landmasses you have been arranging on the construction paper. 7. Make any changes in your model now that you know about glacial evidence. When you are satisfied with the model you’ve created, glue your landmasses to the construction paper. Take a photo of your final model of the supercontinent, add it to your assignment, and give it a caption. Questions 8. What kinds of evidence can be used to show that a supercontinent once existed? © K12 Inc. AV011413 9. In your own words, explain the theory of continental drift. 10. Why do you think it took so long for scientists to accept the idea of continental drift? 11. What other evidence would you like to have to prove that Earth’s surface has moved and is moving? What other questions would you like answered and explained? © K12 Inc. AV011413 ...
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