its a FEA project using (matlab and abaqus)

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I'm working on a civil engineering report and need an explanation to help me study.

I have this project and it needs fi, the abaqus was designed and the matlab. the only thing that need to do is bringing your Abaqus mesh to the Matlab and show how this model deforms under the given boundary conditions.

And couple of things. I need one who understands this kind of work very good

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Finite Element Analysis I (ENME E4332) Fall 2020 Prof. H. Waisman Columbia University DEPT. OF CIVIL ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING MECHANICS Final Project (due 12/21/2020) Stress Analysis of a Gravity Dam on Soil Foundation Consider the concrete built gravity dam shown in the figure. The dam is assumed to be perfectly attached to the soil underneath. We will assume that the soil is fixed on the bottom left end and is free to deform in the x-direction (roller boundary condition) on the bottom right end. The dam holds back the river and hence hydrostatic pressure is developed at the left side of the dam as shown. For simplicity the weight of the dam will be modeled as a uniform pressure load, 𝒲, applied on its top edge. 𝒲 g Note: all units in the figure are in meters. In addition, the following parameters are given: Concrete Soil Water Young Modulus [𝒎𝟐 ] 30 × 109 1 × 109 - Poisson ratio 0.2 0.3 - 2200 1800 1000 𝑵 𝒌𝒈 Density [𝒎𝟑 ] 1 Finite Element Analysis I (ENME E4332) Fall 2020 Prof. H. Waisman Columbia University A 2D finite element analysis is required to make sure that the dam is well designed, assuming a plane strain constitutive law. Assignment: Modify the elasticity MATLAB code posted on courseworks (or write your own new code) to analyze this problem using 3-node CST triangular elements with exact integration. The analysis should include a coarse mesh consisting of 300-500 elements and a fine mesh with 1000-2000 elements. Use Abaqus to generate the mesh for the model, and extract the required element and nodal information needed to generate the same mesh in Matlab. Notes: 1) Abaqus will generate *.inp file that will be available in your working directory, and will include the required information needed for mesh generation. 2) When generating the mesh in Abaqus make sure you have sufficient number of nodes placed along the line ABC where plots are required. 3) Once you are ready to submit the project, zip your MATLAB code (call the file and upload it to Courseworks. Include a Readme file (Readme.txt file) with the name of your team member (if any), and brief instructions how to run the code. Your code will be tested, therefore be sure that the code can be executed without errors before you zip it, otherwise your project will be considered as incomplete. 4) Include with your zipped code a copy of your report in PDF or Word format. Make sure to use legends, labels, grids and titles in all plots required for the report. The final report (submitted as a hardcopy and also uploaded to courseworks) should include: 1. (10%) Theoretical (physics) Background: e.g. problem statement, governing equations, definition of plane strain and other assumptions used, anything other information you think is important. 2 Finite Element Analysis I (ENME E4332) Fall 2020 Prof. H. Waisman Columbia University 2. (10%) Numerical (FEM) Background: e.g. derivation of FEM weak forms, Galerkin's method, discretization by triangular elements, postprocessing, etc. 3. (10%) Plots of the two meshes, boundary conditions and loadings. Node numbers should only be added to the coarse mesh figure. 4. (20%) Plot the deformed shape for both meshes on two separate plots (include the scaling factor used for the plots – the deformation should be visible). 5. (10%) Plot the y-displacement along the line ABC for both meshes on the same figure for comparison. 6. (10%) Plot the Von-Misses stress on the deformed configuration, only for the fine mesh. Show the points of highest/lowest stresses. Why are these points important? 7. (10%) Compute and plot the two principal stresses for each element in the coarse mesh (plot them as a vector field using arrows plot). Make sure to normalize the arrows in this plot, and in addition paint (or mark) the elements with the maximum principle values. 8. (5%) The code should also output the average band width of the global stiffness matrix (for both meshes). Add it to your report. Is the mesh numbering/connectivity ideal or can one improve it? 9. (5%) Add a short discussion on physical and numerical implications and include some concluding remarks. 10. (10%) Appendix A: add a brief description of the code structure, code flow and its subroutines. The code itself should be uploaded as a zipped file to coarse works. Bonus Question (10%): Implement an isoparametric triangular element and use gauss quadrature for triangles to analyze the problem. Show that the results are in good agreement (should be identical) with the exact integration triangle implemented in the project. Final Remark: It is strongly recommended that you prepare a nice report that may serve you well beyond this course, for instance in job interviews. 3 ...
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