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The goal of the assignment is to represent the use of probability and statistics in my field of study. My field is Electrical And Computer Engineering. More information is in the PDF document.

I am attaching all the instruction in a PDF document.

Please follow all the instruction in the document. Please provide 100 percent original work free of plagiarism.

two pages submission. Please read the details in the PDF.

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Assignment ** if some links for the references don’t work. They will be fixed upon working on this assignment. Required Reading/Viewing • Audience and Purpose Audience Ch. Markel & Selber.pdf pages 86 - 96, 106 -110, and 112 - 113) by Markel & Selber, from Technical Communication 12th ed. This reading is assigned for you to get a foundation on writing for a specific audience with a specific purpose, it will provide input on how to think about this to focus your writing appropriately. • How to make a visually awesome handout. (Links to an external site.) by Chris Clark. Part of connecting with an audience is creating something they will want to look at. This resource does two things, 1) it provides brief recommendations for how to make a document appealing and, 2) it links to a brief YouTube video on how to complete an attractive handout Three-Minute Handout Makeover. (Links to an external site.) • Everyday Statistics, with Eddie Davila: Storytelling with Data (Links to an external site.)(2:41) This short video is helpful for thinking about how you will present the data you are given to work with for this handout. It can be accessed through the same dropdown menu as Canvas and the library on my.usf by clicking on LinkedIn Learning and searching on the title. Description For this assignment, you will be creating a two-page handout that can be given to freshmen in your field to persuade them that developing skills to interpret and use probability and statistics will be an important part of their professional future. The document will have two elements, first, what are probability and statistics used for in your field, and second, a review of provided data to use as evidence that this knowledge is more important than they think for getting started in their profession. This document will use a minimum of 6 sources, some of which may be taken from the Electrical Engineering references below, however, at least two much be credible sources you find on your own. As part of this assignment, you will be expected to present this in a way that is visually appealing to fellow college students, tells a story, is appropriately formal for a college document, and is grammatically correct. Electrical Engineering references An Application of Physics-Based Statistics in Electrical Engineering by W. Perry Wheles Jr. & T. H. Lehman Why Software and Electrical Engineers Can Benefit from Studying Applied Statistics (Links to an external site.) this webpage on the MIchigan Tech website describes applied statistics within the fields of software design and electrical engineering. Computer Engineering References The Role of Statistics In Computer Science (Links to an external site.). This Michigan Tech webpage discusses what computer scientists do with statistics and applications of statistics in computer science The Role of Statistical Methods in Computer Science and Bioinformatics. by Irina Arhipova. While this paper is about education it does a nice job of explaining the interconnection computer science statistics and bioinformatics. (Links to an external site.) How Much Of Machine Learning Is Computer Science Vs. Statistics? (Links to an external site.) by Michael Hochster (Links to an external site.), PhD in Statistics from Stanford; Director of Research at Pandora from Forbes online. This brief answer to a question does a nice job of explaining the different approach computer scientists and statisticians have toward statistics. The Role of Statistics in Business and Industry by Gerald J. Hahn, and Necip Doganaksoy. In this ebook available through the USF library Chapter 13.5 addresses security and statistics and 13.6 and 13.7 address issues involving computers and information science. Remember to access this type of material you MUST enter the USF library through my.usf.edu and you may need to use the USF VPN if you are off campus. The Roles of Statistics and Planning Tools in IT Project Management by Hanan Potash 10 Statistical Concepts You Should Know for Data Science Interviews (Links to an external site.) by Terence Shin on Medium, Towards Data Science. DO NOT use this as a required source BUT I recommend that you look at this brief article written by a young professional. It really indicates how important probability and statistics are in your field and helps you prepare to get a job. The Role of Statistics in Business and Industry by Gerald J. Hahn, and Necip Doganaksoy. This ebook available through the USF library in Chapter 13.3 addresses statistics in the semiconductor industry, and in 13.4 addresses the communication industry. Remember to access this type of material you MUST enter the USF library through my.usf.edu and you may need to use the USF VPN if you are off campus. Deliverable: A two-page handout (it may be 8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 14") for freshmen in your field to present the role of probability and statistics in your field and its importance in them being careerready. Completing the Assignment Complete Research. Complete research on the use of probability and statistics in your field. I have provided some resources to get you started in the probability and statistics in your field page, you may use as many of these sources as you wish but must find two additional sources of your own. ********* My field for this assignment is Electrical and computer Engineering. above is some of the references listed on the reference page. Connecting to the USF Library from off-campus. (Links to an external site.) Connecting to the library from off-campus requires a few specific steps that allow the library to see you as a student and allow you full access to USF library resources. If you do not complete these steps you may not be able to access the material you should have access to. Please review the hyperlinked library skills guide. Review Input Information. You will have input information for two elements of the hand out you are developing. The Use of Statistics in Your Field. Be sure that you have enough information to complete this section. Each field will vary in the use of statistics but some of the things that can be addressed include phases of the work were statistics are used, the purpose of using statistics in your field, what type of input into the work of your field statistics provides, and ways the applications of statistical methods of findings are changing because of technology developments. Where it is possible includes references to probability and statistics terms from your textbook's first two chapters in italics. Consider if any of the graphics from your source documents will help your explanation. Evidence of the Value of Probability and Statistics in Starting your Career. Review the data provided in the two articles linked below and determine first, what the data suggests, and second, how this can be used as part of persuading freshman in your field that probability and statistics will be important as they start their career. Determine what aspects of the data support the "story you are telling" in your handout and how to best present it so the freshman look at it and understand how the data supports what you are saying. The Four Career Competencies Employers Value Most (Links to an external site.)by NACE Staff Are College Graduates "Career Ready"? (Links to an external site.) by NACE Staff Use this article - Career Readiness Defined (Links to an external site.)- to be clear on what the data represents and which competency/competencies this class addresses Compose Content. You will complete a two-page document to introduce incoming freshmen in your field to the importance of probability and statistics to your field. For this, you will complete research which may start with sources identified on the page the importance of probability and statistics to your field, a page that contains sources for each department in the College of Engineering. You must identify a minimum of additional two sources not already on the list. Your content will include 5 APA cited sources at a minimum. When creating engaging material having relevant graphics makes your document easier to look at, include at least two relevant images. Your images must be labeled and cited. APA in-text citation formatting (Links to an external site.) APA reference list formatting (Links to an external site.)This section provides a description of each element of a reference list item after which are examples of different types of sources reference list formats. Create a Document. After working out the content you will create a handout that will fit on two sides of one 8.5" x 11" page. This document must be appealing to fellow undergraduates, something they would like to pick up and read, which is best done through the introduction of color (limited) and relevant visuals (visuals should not be more than 30% of your document). It must also be easy to digest, which is best done through a strong organization with clearly identified sections and section titles. Proofreading, revising, and editing. Professional documents must be readable, clear, well organized, and concise. They must also be free of errors. Two approaches will help you with this. First, read your work out loud to yourself after having stepped away from it for some time. This will help you catch wording errors or omissions and poorly constructed sentences. Second, use advanced grammar software to check for grammar, punctuation, or other writing errors. I recommend the base paid platform of Grammarly, however, there are others available as well. Plagiarism and inappropriate paraphrasing are not permitted on any work completed at USF and will have professional consequences after you leave USF. In this course, the first instance of either of these will result in a zero on the assignment AND completion of a required assignment on the definition, consequences, and avoidance of plagiarism and inappropriate paraphrasing. Any discovered second instance of plagiarism or inappropriate paraphrasing (even if caught at the same time as the first) will result in failure of the course. If you are unclear on what either of these is review the content on the plagiarism page. Assignment Submittal and Grading Assignment Submittal. This assignment is uploaded to Canvas as a pdf. Why a pdf? While not perfect, pdf is the best format for transferring material that is formatted to others in a way that retains your formatting. (Additionally, some other formats may not be readable at all by your grader and would result in a zero on the assignment.) Check your work once it is uploaded to make sure 1) it was uploaded to Canvas; 2) you uploaded the correct material. Assignment Grading. There are three areas of concern on the grading 1. You have completed sufficient research to present the required material. 2. You have written the document in a way that is appealing and understandable to your assigned audience, professional in tone, concise, and correct. 3. Your document is well organized and visually appealing. Several other elements of your work if poorly done will result in points loss. (No points are awarded for these elements as you are expected to be able to accomplish these) • Your document is incomplete • Your document demonstrated that the proofreading, revision, and editing step was not completed. • Excessive use of quotes. ...
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