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Assignment 3.1: Letter to a Legislator about a Current Health Problem/Quality

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It is vital to understand how to communicate your viewpoint about a current issue. In this assignment, you will develop a letter to your legislator about a current health problem. Once you have completed this assignment, save the letter to use as a template for future health issues which need to be presented to your legislator.

Step 1: Select a current health problem that is being debated at the national and/or state level (e.g., the proliferation of “pill mills” and pain clinics), and state why it is of interest.

Step 2: Identify a legislator (state or federal) and state why that person is the appropriate one to contact.

Step 3: Draft a one-page letter to the legislator including the proper salutation and the components below:

  • Introduce yourself and your reason for writing.
  • State concisely what you understand to be the current socioeconomic, political, and ethical issues surrounding the problem.
  • Discuss the implications of the problem for nursing or nursing practice.
  • Make a clear request for action. Request a response.
  • You will not need a title page or a reference page for this assignment, just a 1-page letter – do not exceed 1 page.
  • Use the following YouTube for basic formal letter formatting:

Cite any sources in 7th ed. APA format.

Assignment 6.1: Action Campaign

This assignment addresses the role the nurse plays using political strategies to help influence policy decisions.

Step 1: Read the following situation carefully.

A hospital is planning to purchase new telemetry heart monitors for the intensive care unit (ICU), emergency department (ED), and intermediate care unit (IMCU). To make the capital purchase productive, hospital administration forms a committee consisting of the unit managers, nursing representatives from each unit, a bio-med individual, and the financial officer. Each unit is allowed representation based on the number of nurses employed on the units. This results in three ICU nurses, three IMCU nurses, and one ED nurse.

Management is concerned about the costs of replacing the telemetry monitors; therefore, the financial officer pushes for the cheapest product, insisting that budget constraints and decreased revenue require the purchase of a less expensive system. However, the ICU, IMCU, and ED representatives gather after the meeting to discuss their support for the most expensive system. They devise a proposal that outlines the uninterrupted flow of patients with the system, explains how the telemetry units meet each area’s needs, and demonstrates how the system will save money in the long term.

They create a chart that compares the two models, demonstrating how the more expensive system could enhance patient outcomes. They convince the bio-med representative to side with them based on their knowledge that his mother is in the ICU and could benefit from the outcome. The nurses also gain support from several local cardiologists for their desired system.

Step 2: Develop a 2-3 page paper by responding to each of the posed questions, not including title or ref. page. Label each step in your paper using professional paragraph headers.

  1. Describe how the nurses used political strategies to influence the decision.
  2. How does this case reflect the political power of nurses?
  3. How did the nurses demonstrate the political skills described in the text?
  4. What were the purposes behind the nurses forming a coalition?

Step 3: Submit using this assignment box.

Cite any sources in 7th ed. APA format.

Assignment 8.1: Tracing a Piece of Legislation

In order to influence policy, you have to understand how a bill is started, moves through the legislative system, and final enacted. In this assignment, you will trace a piece of legislation from introduction to how it impacts health care or nursing practice. Develop the assignment as if it will be used during a presentation at a conference or poster presentation.

Step 1: Identify a bill that relates to health care, a social issue, or nursing practice.

Step 2: Develop a poster presentation, infographic, FAQ document, or pamphlet which outlines how a bill is introduced and passed by including answers the following questions:

    • State the legislation.
    • Who introduced/sponsored the bill?
    • Why did the person introduce it?
    • Where was it introduced?
    • Who helped to draft the legislation?
    • Was nursing involved?
    • Which committees were involved?
    • Was it authorized?
    • Was it appropriated?
    • Did it make it out of committee?
    • Was it enacted?
    • What is the impact on health care or nursing practice?

Step 3: Submit the written assignment using this assignment box.

Cite any sources in 7th ed. APA format.

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