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Sample page ones for PAPER FOUR 1. “Wallah, I am not asking him!” I frustratingly told Nadya as we left Mr. Johnsons’ class. “You can just ask him to explain the last limit equation,” Nadya responded. “Did you not hear what he said to me when I asked him to explain the one before?” I asked her. “Yeah, that was rude. He flat out asked if your dumb,” Nadya replied as we walked together to our next class. “The thing is, he knows I give him my undivided attention the second I walk into his classroom, so clearly, if something doesn’t make sense, it is not my fault, it is his!” I yelled. My voice had become the center of attention in the hallway. I looked down and speed-walked to avoid the stares of the students. “Nouran, wait,” Nadya said behind me. “What?” I aggressively questioned her. “I’ll come with you after school. We can ask Mr. Johnson to explain the equation again, for the sake of the test we are taking tomorrow,” Nadya told me. “No, I would rather fail than ask him to explain it,” I said. See the punctuation for this dialogue. And, new speaker, new paragraph Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson lacked one of the good qualities a great teacher should possess. Because Mr. Johnson was rude, students avoided him at all costs. Approaching him always seemed like a suicide mission. Therefore, for a teacher be considered ‘good’ they must See how the author starts this sentence with a singular teacher but then writes they. Need to make the two match: either singular/singular or plural/plural firstly be approachable, then be patient and last but not least strict. (see the roadmap here, announcing the three good teacher traits that will be discussed. We used the same format with our Paper Three. And, notice that this thesis paragraph is more formal than the showing. 2. "Come on Dana. I am sure you are going to solve this equation," said Miss Hanan, my high school math teacher, grade ten. "But Miss, I am afraid I cannot solve it," I replied. "No, you can. Let us do it together," she smilingly insisted. I walked trembling towards the board and whispered in her ear, "Miss, it will be very embarrassing if I fail in front of the other girls." "You will. You are only afraid of failing to do so,"reword…….. she replied hissingly. She assisted me with some hints. "You see! Never say I cannot" she said loudly after I solved the equation. "Clap your hands for your smart friend Dana," she encouragingly said, and gave me a wrapped chocolate from her handbag, which makes all the students laugh and raise their hands to solve the next equation. Good showing of a teacher who is supportive? Who is motivational? Who is caring? It was in grade ten when I regained my self-confidence with the help of the teacher I will never forget, Miss Hanan. This dialogue shows that omit Teachers can help their students gain self-confidence by encouraging and assisting them, which makes developing self-confidence in students, is there one word for this: developing self-confidence in a student???? encouragement and the moderate use of humour the most important traits of the successful teacher. Good mention of what good teacher traits you will be discussing. 3. After my physics exam, I tried to catch my teacher on his way to his office; when I finally stopped him, we had the following conversation. “Slow down Mr. Mahmod I need to talk to you, please” I asked while running through the hallway “Yes, Yousef what you want I'm in a hurry” He replied “Mr. Mahmod I feel bad about my exam today I studied but not in the way I wanted because I was overconfident and now I think my grade will be horrible” I said “Don't worry, Yousef I know you and I know your capabilities focus on your other exams and I will send you extra assignments and maybe at the end of the semester we will have a extra exam,” Mr. Mahmod replied “Thank you Mr. Mahmod for your kind words, it really means a lot to me, I promise you this will not happen again.” I said This is showing a teacher who is caring? Who is understanding? Who is flexible? This simple and straight forward conversation made me confident again. It shows that my teacher cares trait one about me and knows what my abilities (trait two) are, and most importantly it shows that my teacher wants to help me succeed. In fact, those three traits (what are the traits again???) are what make a good teacher. After this conversation I admired my teacher and in the all three years of high school I took physics classes with him. ...
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