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I'm working on a english project and need support to help me learn.

The culminating experience for this course will be a substantive paper in which you will conduct research related to one of the short stories, poems, novels, plays, etc. that we read over the course of the class. You are free to choose whatever work you would like, provided it is a work located on the syllabus. If you wish to write on something that we will discuss further in the course, you should read ahead.

To be as clear as possible, you can write on the following:

  • Agamemnon
  • Libation Bearers
  • Eumenides
  • The Poetry of Padraig Pearse
  • Utopia

It is my goal to assist you in completing this assignment to the best of my ability. I am not, however, able to tell you what you should write about. If you have questions about your specific topic in your work, I encourage you to read the material several times. In addition, I am always available to discuss your topic with you.

You have been taught how to conduct research and use sources in a meaningful way to develop and further your argument. This is something that will be a very rewarding experience. This is not something, however, that you want to put off until the last moment. You should begin to brainstorm and consider what topic you would like to discuss and begin to formulate tentative arguments now.

You will be asked to synthesize information. What this means is to use resources in a coherent way to further your argument. In addition, you may want to consider responding to the arguments and writings of others in your research paper. It is very important that you understand you are not simply retelling what scholarly sources have said. In contrast, you are using the rhetoric and the arguments of others in a meaningful, thought provoking way to further your own argument.

The research project will have several components. These components are meant to help guide you in the process and ensure you are on the correct path. There are four elements:

  1. Annotated Bibliography due 2/3/2021
  2. Research Rough Draft due 2/4/2021
  3. Research Final Draft due till the due time is over

All these assignments are due at specific times during the course. If you want to make sure you are on track, please refer back to the schedule of assignments in order to maintain a timely schedule.


  • The research paper should be between 6-7 full pages
  • You should incorporate anywhere between 7-8 scholarly sources; the primary source (play) does not count towards source the required 7-8 source requirement
  • Times New Roman Font; 12 pt.
  • Properly follow MLA format
  • Part of the research process is for you to construct a working bibliography. This serves many purposes. One purpose is for you to fully conceptualize how the resources you have consulted fit the larger scale of your paper. In order to accomplish this goal, you are asked to construct an annotated bibliography. This will take a very similar form to the final work’s cited page you will attach to the end of you research paper. What follows are some easy steps to construct an annotated bibliography:
  • Format

    1. Create an appropriate cited reference for your source. For further explanation on how to construct an appropriate reference for a source, please consult: (Links to an external site.).
    2. Write between 100-150 words per source in which you do the following: a) Identify the author(s)’ main point
      b) Provide a one sentence summary of the work; c) Discuss how that main point fits within the context of your own discussion
    3. Compile the sources in alphabetical order—this of course would be by author’s last name
    4. Paper should include appropriate heading (name, date, class, instructor’s name)
    5. Assignment should be in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
    6. You will construct a citation and annotation for every source you will use in the research writing project.
    7. Please review the instructions for the Research Project to ensure you are adding the correct number of sources.

      Here is an example of what an annotated source could look like:

    Burke, Kenneth. “Definition of Man.” The Hudson Review, vol. 16, no. 4, 1963-64, pp. 491-514, Accessed 03 Oct. 2015.Burke’s article offers a progressive and systematic definition of the human condition, and how that condition has evolved over time by use of language and symbolic action. To support his argument, he offers five constitutive elements to his definition which seek to discuss the use of symbols and the creation of those symbols, the role of the negative, our separation from nature, our desire for social hierarchy, and our desire for perfection. Burke’s article fits into the context of my argument because it allows me to offer various aspects into why mankind had relied so heavily on symbols. By synthesizing the five constitutive elements of Burke’s article, I will be able to further my argument that the use of symbols predates contemporary times.If you would like to see an example of what an annotated bibliography may look like, click hereActions. Please note, your final work’s cited page—which will be attached to the final research paper—should be identical to the annotated bibliography except you will not have the annotations attached. I recommend you try your best to construct the Work's Cited page as correctly as possible. It's only going to save you time down the line. To assist you in writing the annotated bibliography assignment, please click here Actionsto read a short chapter on the assignment. Please note, the instruction from your instructor supersede any instruction given in the chapter (i.e. 7-8 sources versus 15-20).

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