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the company that you work for was recently awarded with a software development project. this project handles sensitive customer data . A new network will need to implement to host this project. However the budget can only allow either firewalls or intrusion detection prevention software to be purchased insta

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Google’s Project Oxygen and Management MGMT 303 Prof. Stanghi 06/26/2020 The article we settled shows us ten points about how to be a good manager. From our point of view, several of them can direct link to the acknowledge that we learned so far during the term. Point 1: Be a good coach can be linked to chapter 11 Managing individual differences & behavior. Based on that the article states, you will cost your energy and time to help your employees to become better. Which imply that as a manager, you need to learn about every employee’s characteristics, values and attitudes and so on. As a manager, you better know your employees’ personalities so that you can give them works that can fit them. As an example, there are big five personality dimensions made up of extroversion (how outgoing, talkative, sociable, and assertive a person is), agreeableness (how trusting, good-natured, cooperative, and softhearted one is), conscientiousness (how dependable, responsible, achievement-oriented, and persistent one is), emotional stability (how relaxed, secured, and unworried one is) and openness to experience: how intellectual, imaginative, curious, and broad-minded one is. Based on these five dimensions, you can associate more suitable work to your employees and make your team more effectiveness and earn more profits. Point 3: Create an inclusive team environment, showing concern for success and well-being and point 7: Support career development and discuss performance can be linked to chapter 12 motivation. If we combine the two points together, we can include that if you want to be a good manager, you should show your concern about your employees’ success, well-being and career development. Therefore, as a manager you need to know how to motivate them to achieve their goal. There are four major perspectives on motivation, the first one being content perspective, which is known as need-based perspective, which use need of your employee to stimulate them. The next one is process perspective, which are concerned with a though processes by which people how to act. The third one is job design which concluding the division of an organization’s work amount its employees and usage of these motivational theories in works to increase the satisfaction and performance. While, the last one is reinforcement, which is a theory try to explain that one’s behavior with a positive feedback has the tend to be repeated whereas one’s behavior with negative consequences tend not to be repeated. Point 6: Have a clear vision/strategy for the team and point 10 Be a strong decision maker can have a connection to chapter 5 planning. As a manager, you have the duty to set a plan or make a decision to lead your team or group do their job quality and effectively. To be a best manager, you need to have and follow a mission statement (expressing the goals of an organization), vision statement (expressing what kind of an organization should be and where an organization should go strategically), value statement (telling us that what an organization stand for and what it’s production or service can contribute to the world), strategic planning (done by top managers for the next 1-5 years), tactical planning (done by middle managers for the next 6-24 months) and operational planning (done by the first line managers for the next 1-52 weeks). Point 9: Collaborate can have a connection to chapter 4 global management. Based on the huge background of globalization, it is a tendency that a team or organization work in other country or work together with a foreign team. As a manager, you would better know some knowledge that how to lead your people collaborate with foreign country. As a good leader or manager, in order your organization or team can follow the flow of globalization, you should have a global mind-set. A global mind-set means you should combine two things together. The first one is the openness to and awareness of different culture and market. The second one is the ability to see the common patterns in different country or market. -Eugene Business Insider is a reputable news source with credible authors. The writer for this article itself Scott Mautz is a successful business news writer, university business professor and CEO of successful businesses. With Mautz having vast educational and business success as proof of his capability, he gives quite an impression and assurance that he can summarize as well as explain key components that he saw should be the topic of discussion. The article was based around Project Oxygen, an experiment carried out by Google. While it is always possible for a company to make mistakes while conducting an experiment, it seems unlikely for Google to carry it out wrong. It is one of the top companies globally with a wide array of resources and experts that other organizations cannot access, making errors a very small possibility. This makes the project a reliable and truthful source of observation and analysis. This article left a positive impression when it comes to the possibility of approaching and applying efficient management in a self-reflective manner. We felt that the method approach in this manner is much needed if those in management wish to be as successful as they could be, but that it is lacking. Many of us as young adults and college students, experienced negative work experience in different environments from when we were able to work and continue to see issues today. We thought that if those with management responsibilities or positions of leadership worked to have the traits and plans of action gone over in the article applied in the workplace, it would stay an immensely productive and positive environments. However, if this type of action was to be carried out, it must be maintained consistently to continue successfully. -Carlos We decided to research Google because it is a cutting-edge technology company that focuses on internet related services and products. The company was started in 1998 and it has grown to be one of the biggest technology companies alongside Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. The products and services Google provides include online advertising technologies, search engine, and cloud computing. Google provide a variety of software and hardware as well. Although Google is a company that focuses on internet related services, it is also a company that helps to build the career of its employees while creating new ideas on how managers can become the best leaders. Google manages several internal projects to better understand the behavior of their employees, clients, and managers. Last year, Google wanted to prove that managers of a company do not matter. “The hypothesis was that the quality of a manager doesn't matter and that managers are at best a necessary evil, and at worst a useless layer of bureaucracy” (Mautz). However, they ended up terminating the project because they found that their employees were left without direction or guidance. This project helped Google realized the important role managers play in a company. Although the project was terminated, Google wanted to find why managers important and what kind of characteristic they must have to be considered good managers. Nevertheless, Google’s project informs us that managers are not an unnecessary evil as some employees see them, but rather a crucial part of any organization that helps provide guidance and support to any member of their company. They seek to provide their employees with the right knowledge to better prepare them to complete their tasks and build the career, so they achieve a higher position in within the organization. -Randy In the article about Google, it talks about how managers can be become a better manager in a company. Google also explains how they train their employee to be very successful. ln the article it is explained why managers should take time into aids such as coaching classes, attending seminars, watching a lot of videos and also reading more management books written by top business scholars. For a person to become very good manager they must be willing to handle responsibilities. To become a successful manager this includes first having a mission statement. A mission statement is the basic important factor that represent a business. It defines the company objectives as well as aims in an organization. As a manager to your mission statement for the business is to provide good customer services. One must be able to understand employees and how they can be more successful and improve. For example, let’s say your employees are not doing their job very well. You must give them the resources by providing them with training material to help (ex. watching training videos etc.). Another important factor he or she must have is a vision idea by considering how the company's state is going to be in the next to 5 years’ time and therefore he or she must work towards to achieve goals. Second would be communication skills. In order to be a good manager, you must have proficient communication skills to be successful. Good communication skills are the key factors to manager by a positive mindset respect and must be willing to learn. For example, you must be able to understand employee needs and wants. Having opportunities to meet (such as after work times) to discuss and address problems. This would allow management to understand issues workers have or facing, and what can be done so they can be resolved. Finally, we must think of SWOT analysis, made up of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. An example of strength is an organization supporting employee innovation; an example of a weakness could be lack of cultural appreciation. Positive attitudes towards work, when one wants to become a good manager he or she must be punctual at work and also he or she must lead by example having a positive mindset. ...
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