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I'm working on a statistics project and need an explanation to help me learn.

I do not know how to do the rest of the project. Especially for the graph, I have no idea how to generate it, I need the help ASAP.

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Name: Ruichen Zhang DATA Set: Indicate one: Automobiles Homes Apartments Directions: Fill in the answer to the questions posed below. Attach the specified printouts where indicated and upload the project in Canvas on or before February 2nd at midnight. Please give specific interpretations as generic answers will not receive full credit. 1. Identify your experimental unit for this project: _A person who lived in an apartment 2. Identify the three variables that you collected data for your project and give the type of variable (Quantitative or Qualitative) for each. Variable 1: ___Rent____________ Type: _____Quantitative______________ Variable 2: ___ Size_________ Variable 3: ___Location___________ Type: _____Quantitative______________ Type: ___Qualitative________________ 3. While I didn’t require you to select your data randomly, I do want you to understand how you would sample in that manner. Give a brief description of how you would take a random sample from level 3 of your Model/Location variable using the physical mixing technique. I will choose the Hillsborough County as my level 3 location variable. The way that I take a random sample is selecting people from different range, such as suburb, downtown area, and places that around the university. Depends on various preferences, randomly selection will show an explicit data. Give me an assessment of the shape of the prices that you entered in your data set. What shape do you think the data possess? Attach both the stem-and-leaf display and the histrogram for the price variable for all 75 observations below your assessment of the shape. Assessment of the shape: Paste your stem-and-leaf display here using a courier new font. Resize to fit. Paste your histogram here 4. Copy and paste the descriptive statistics for the sizes/mileages variable for all 75 observations in the box to the right. Make sure the output contains the N, mean, median, standard deviation, min/max, and the quartiles of the variable specified. Interpret in the words of the problems the following statistics that you generated: Paste your descriptive statistics here using a courier new 10-point font! Median: Standard Deviation: Identify the minimum and maximum size/mileage values for your 75 in the data set shown in the printout. Calculate (please show your math) the z-score for both these prices. Use these z-scores to tell me whether you believe these two values are outliers and why/why not. Zminimum = 𝑧 = = Outlier: Yes or No (Select one) Why or Why not? Zmaximum = 𝑧 = = Outlier: Yes or No (Select one) Why or Why not? 5. I want you to use the boxplot method to identify outliers in your data set for the price variable. I want you to consider the three locations/models separately, however. Use a single boxplot to identify both outliers and suspect outliers that are present in each of the three locations/models sampled. Attach the boxplots of the prices for each of the three locations/models below. (You should have one printout that contains three boxplots). Identify how many outliers and suspect outliers you have for each Location/Model that you sampled. Make sure you check for both types of outliers (even if you tell me you don’t have any of one, or both, types) for each Location/Model! Location/Model 1: Location/Model 2: Location/Model 3: Paste your boxplot here ...
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