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Rhetoric and Persuasion Principles of Composition and the Writing Process CCT 110 Rhetoric and Media Class 3 Professor Lisa Peden lisa.peden@utoronto.ca The Rhetorical Situation • “Each time you sit down to write, you have to consider the rhetorical situation, including the type of text you’re writing, the purpose of the piece, the audience you’re writing for, and the voice you adopt for the situation. You can write about the same subject in different rhetorical situations. For example, you could write an editorial about cyberbullying, or you could write a story dealing with the subject. While each piece will express your thoughts and ideas on the subject, the rhetorical situations are very different.” • The circumstances in which you communicate (Blau and Burak, p. 3) Every rhetorical situation includes choices about: • Genre: what type of text you are writing • Purpose: what are you trying to accomplish • Audience: whom you are writing for • Voice: how you want to sound • Media and Design: how you want your writing to look The Rhetorical Situation Writing to persuade • To think something • To buy something • To feel something • To do something • To click something • To “like” something • "Thank you for using our country's two official languages, but since we're in Quebec I'll respond in French”. 2. The purpose Rhetorical appeals • Aristotle, 350 BCE • What makes speech persuasive, memorable? • 3 strategies: • Logos (rational appeal) • Pathos (emotional appeal) • Ethos (credibility) Logos • Strategies of logic • Appeal to reason • Ex: facts, statistics, arguments, concrete evidence Pathos • Emotional appeal • Persuasion by moving audience to feel something • Attempt to appeal to an audience’s sense of identity, self-interest, and emotions • Ex: interviews, imagery, individual stories Ethos • Ethical appeal • Appeal to a source’s credibility • “What does this person know about this topic?” and “Why should I trust this person?” • Convey trustworthiness in style and tone • Establish credentials Essay Writing & Ethos: establishing credibility • • • • • • • Use only credible, reliable sources Cite those sources properly State the opposing position accurately Establish common ground with your audience State your interest (if appropriate) Organize your argument in a logical, easy to follow manner Proofread/edit • Remember: not whether you perceive the writer as credible, but will an audience be convinced? "I have to tell you that if you don't stop smoking, you're going to die," said the doctor to her patient. How does this incorporate all three? THE WRITING PROCESS Be brief, cut clutter • Clear and concise • Cluttered writing hides good ideas • Every word should tell Limit jargon, euphemism, cliché Avoid clichés like the plague o o o o at the end of the day nowadays back on track the fact of the matter o o o o few and far between a level playing field in this day and age to all intents and purposes o when all’s said and done o in the final analysis o come full circle Be active • Use the active vs. the passive voice • Passive: • the ball was fielded by the baseball player • Active: • The baseball player fielded the ball Writing an Argument: The BIG Idea • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9j_FxhjRbw • Intro • 8:30, 11:50 and 12:56 • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRNaqntsLPI • What might “The Big Idea” be for the bridal episode of Marketplace? (keep in mind that the big idea is not always obvious fact) The Big Idea • While the Marketplace episode “Wedding Showdown: Are you Charged More When You’re Getting Married appears to help and protect the consumer when planning a wedding, it is really an episode that targets women as silly and frivolous consumers when planning a wedding. • Do you believe this is a strong thesis, yes or no? Why/why not? ...
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