What was the primary duty of women in Athenian society

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  1. What was the primary duty of women in Athenian society?


    To maintain their husbands' businesses in the agora

    To arrange and preside over their husbands' social activities

    To produce male offspring for their husbands' households

    To educate their children in reading and writing

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Question 2


    According to our class text, why were the Athenian citizens endowed with so much leisure time?


    They imported their food, so they did not have to work the fields

    Revenue from the Delian League supported the Athenian citizens

    Their humble living circumstances required minimal upkeep

    Slaves and metics were numerous and did moet of the manual labor

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Question 3

    Why did fifth-century Greeks not see themselves as at the mercy of the gods?


    They viewed their gods as benevolent, incapable of harming humans

    They believed natural forces were knowable, not punishment from a god

    They considered their fates to be of little interest to the gods

    They ceased to believe in the gods following the Persian War

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Question 4

    Why were the Greeks faced with rebuilding Athens after 479 BCE?


    An earthquake had leveled it

    The Spartans had burned it

    A flood had devastated it

    The Persians had destroyed it

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Question 5

    Why in part did Sparta form its own Peloponnesian League?


    Spartan dislike of Athens' democratic government

    Athens' use of Delian Fund leagues to rebuild its acropolis

    Athens's great geographical distance from Sparta

    Sparta's objection to Pericles' relationship with Aspasia

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Question 6

    Why were Heinrich Schliemann's discoveries at Hissarlik so astonishing?


    He proved that Troy had existed

    He uncovered the original Iliad manuscript

    He discovered the Mycenaean Warrior Vase

    He decoded the Linear B tablets found there

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Question 7

    Why in 508 BCE did Athens turn to a democratic form of government?


    In response to the threat of Persian invasion

    To launch a campaign against the Spartans

    In reaction to the tyranny of Hippias

    To appease the revolting peasants

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Question 8


    Why is “The Death of Sarpedon,” painted on a krater, so praised as a work of art?


    It was a unique joint effort by Euphronius and Kleisthenes.

    The wings seem to move on the angels.

    It transforms death into a scene of dignity and order.

    It is a black-figure vase.

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Question 9


    The large Lion Gate leading into Mycenae is connected to walls around the citadel made with cyclopean masonry, which means


    the builders kept one eye closed.

    that figures of the mythical Cyclops monster were engraved on the walls.

    the walls were built in later classical times.

    the huge rough hewn stones seemed to require monstrous builders.

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Question 10


    The Iliad is an epic poem


    telling of the adventures of Odysseus on his return home.

    telling the story of Penelope dealing with suitors.

    telling a story about each Greek god and its divine function

    telling about one part of the Trojan War

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