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  1. Which quotation from The Secret Garden bestdemonstrates the use of dialect?

    "Something is there--something!"

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  1. Which bestexplains why Mary spends her early life in India rather than England?

    It is too cold in England for Mary.

    At the time, India was a British colony.

    Because the cholera had not yet come to India.

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  1. Which sentence uses the italicized vocabulary word correctly?

    I chose to live in New York City for the bright lights, bustling streets, and desolate atmosphere.

    Our fun-filled day at the amusement park made us feel anguished.

    My favorite teacher, Mrs. Bloomsbury, is absolutely tyrannical.

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  1. Which is a characteristic of a novel?

    Novels have simple, straightforward themes (and few of them).

    Novels are filled with great and specific detail.

    Every word matters in a novel.

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  1. Which sentence uses the italicized vocabulary word correctly?

    Couplets are composed of four-line rhyming stanzas. 

    Latoya was told she earned 100% on her science test, and left the classroom feeling incredibly deceitful about her grade.

    You can kindle a fire by dousing it with water.

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  1. Read the passage:

    It was in that strange and sudden way that Mary found out that she had neither father nor mother left; that they had died and been carried away in the night, and that the few native servants who had not died also had left the house as quickly as they could get out of it, none of them even remembering that there was a Missie Sahib. That was why the place was so quiet. It was true that there was no one in the bungalow but herself and the little rustling snake.

    Whichbest analyzes how the underlined word helps to develop the mood of this passage?

    It appeals to the reader's fears to create a feeling of paranoia.

    It appeals to the reader's sense of sight to create a comfortable feeling.

    It appeals to the reader's sense of sound to create a lonely feeling.

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  1. Read the passage:

    "Everybody knows him. Dickon's wanderin' about everywhere. Th' very blackberries an' heatherbells knows him. I warrant th' foxes shows him where their cubs lies an' th' skylarks doesn't hide their nests from him."

    Which identifies and explains the type of language used in this passage?

    The language is literal; foxes do not have cubs.

    The language is figurative; foxes do not hide or protect their cubs.

    The language is figurative; the foxes do not actually lead Dickon to their nests.

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  1. Review the event.

    Colin first plants a rose in the garden.

    Which best identifies the symbolism of this event?

    Colin thinks of roses whenever he remembers his mother.

    Colin's mother loved roses; when he plants one, he makes a connection with her.

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  1. What heightens Mary's interest in finding the source of the mysterious crying?

    Martha's denial that there is any crying

    Mary's desire to comfort whoever is crying

    She thinks it is her uncle, Mr. Craven, but wants to know for sure.

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  1. Review the example.

    Friendship has the power to heal deep wounds.

    Which identifies the element of literature best represented by the example? 


    point of view


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  1. Which demonstrates use of third-person limited point of view?

    As Lucy watched the school bus pull up to the curb, she thought longingly of her cozy warm bed.

    The venue was stunningly decorated, the food was delicious, and the women were dripping with diamonds. Too bad everybody in the room was secretly bored to tears.

    Whenever I thought about heading off to college in the fall, my heart ached with premature homesickness.

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  1. Read the passage:

    She was playing by herself under a tree, just as she had been playing the day the cholera broke out. She was making heaps of earth and paths for a garden and Basil came and stood near to watch her. Presently he got rather interested and suddenly made a suggestion.

    Which future event does this passageforeshadow?

    Mary will learn to garden.

    Mary will yell at Basil.

    Basil will make a suggestion.

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  1. Which is an example of amajor character?

    Dickon Sowerby

    Colin Craven

    Mrs. Lennox

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  1. Read the passage:

    "She [Mrs. Craven] was a sweet, pretty thing, and he'd have walked the world over to get her a blade o' grass she wanted. Nobody thought she'd marry him, but she did, and people said she married him for his money. But she didn't—she didn't."

    Which bestidentifies figurative language and explains its effect? 

    "Sweet, pretty thing" helps the reader understand how surprising it was that Mrs. Craven would marry Mr. Craven.

    "But she didn't" helps the reader understand that Mrs. Craven was motivated to marry for money.

    "Sweet, pretty thing" helps the reader understand that Mrs. Craven was a kind and beautiful woman.

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  1. Read the passage.

    The most absorbing thing, however, was the preparations to be made before Colin could be transported with sufficient secrecy to the garden. . . . It was almost as serious and elaborately thought out as the plans of march made by great generals in time of war.
    Which best identifies an example of hyperbole from the passage?

    "the plans of march made by great generals in time of war"

    "the preparations to be made before Colin could be transported"

    "the most absorbing thing"

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  1. Review Colin's inner conflict.

    He believes that he is a sickly hunchback and is doomed to die an early death.

    Colin's journey into the garden helps develop plot by

    Giving Colin a reason to improve his own health.

    Compelling Colin to focus on happier days, when his mother was alive.

    Allowing him to share Dickon's and Mary's secret and thus strengthening their friendship.

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  1. Review the plot event.

    When Mary arrives at Misselthwaite, Martha is astounded that Mary is so dependent and spoiled that she cannot even dress herself.

    Which identifies the element of plot that this event represents?

    turning point


    falling action

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  1. Which sentence uses the italicized vocabulary word correctly?

    The boat sailed smoothly across the glittering terrain.

    The tour guide's dialect made him just a little bit difficult to understand.

    Some of my cat's negative qualities are her friendliness and playfulness.

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  1. Review the purpose.

    The author's purpose is to persuade the reader that child labor is wrong.

    Which passage best supports this purpose?

    He photographed children at work in seafood canneries, coal mines, textile mills, laundries, cotton fields, and glass and shoe factories.

    Hine’s pictures show the grimy faces of young coal miners, exhausted cotton pickers, and 4-year-old cannery workers.

    Lewis Hine was born in 1874 and grew up in Wisconsin.

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  1. Which bestdescribes the overall tone of the novel The Secret Garden?




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  1. Read the passage from "A Portrait of Courage and Vision":

    After 1918, Hine photographed people in better work situations. He wanted to show the value of human labor as machines were becoming more common. He also used photographs to show the step-by-step process of the building of the Empire State Building in New York City. In his later years, however, there was less demand for his work, and he died in poverty.

    Freedman puts together words and photographs to deliver a strong story. The main features of Hine’s life are presented briefly, but the focus of the book is on Hine’s work to end child labor. I was impressed by many of the little stories Freedman uses to tell about child labor. The pictures show what the words cannot. It’s hard to believe that children could be put into such dangerous situations! The book has a good bibliography for learning more about Hine and photography. It also has a clear index for finding information within the book.

    Which elements of a book review are in this passage, and in what order?

    summary, opinion, recommendation

    introduction, opinion, summary

    summary, recommendation

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  1. Which in-text citation is formatted correctly?

    Mary was described as a sour, hateful "little pig" 4.

    (Mary was described as a sour, hateful "little pig") 4.

    Mary was described as a sour, hateful "little pig." (Hodgson Burnett 4)

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  1. Which is not an objective summary of a fiction text?

    Dickon is only "a common moor boy," but Mary considers him an angel.

    Mary soon finds the key to the garden buried in the earth and unlocks the door.

    The only parent worse than Mary's mother, Mrs. Lennox, is her uncle, Mr. Craven.

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  1. Read the description.

    The first time Dickon leaves the secret garden, he leaves Mary a picture of a missel thrush.

    Which best explains Dickon's motivation in leaving Mary this picture?

    He wants to remind her to that he will be at work in the garden before the birds wake up in the morning.

    He wants to remind her that her secret is safe with him.

    He wants to remind her that she will be as cozy in the garden as a bird is in its nest.

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  1. Which quotation from The Secret Garden contains hyperbole?

    Out of a deep window she could see a great climbing stretch of land which seemed to have no trees on it.

     “My word! she’s a plain little piece of goods!”

    "Mary! Dickon! I shall get well! And I shall live for ever and ever and ever!"

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  1. Read the passage.

    She threw herself face downward on the pillows and burst into passionate sobbing. She sobbed so unrestrainedly that good-natured Yorkshire Martha was a little frightened and quite sorry for her. 

    The definition of unrestrainedly is "uncontrolled." Which identifies the context clue that is most helpful in determining this definition?

    Martha is good-natured.

    Martha's reaction is a little fearful.

    Mary's sobbing is unexpected.

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  1. Read the passage:

    A table in the center was set with a good, substantial breakfast. But she had always had a very small appetite, and she looked with something more than indifference at the first plate Martha set before her.

    The definition of substantial is "large in amount." Which identifies the context clue that is most helpful in determining this defintion?

    "A table in the center"


    "she looked with something more than indifference"

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  1. Which explains how Mary stops Colin's tantrum?

    She pleads with him to stop.

    She bursts into tears.

    She sings him a soft song.

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  1. Which explains how Martha differs from the servants Mary lived with in India?

    Martha loves Mary, while the servants in India hated her.

    Martha is timid and quiet, while the servants in India were loud and jolly.

    Martha is afraid of Mary, while the servants in India were not.

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  1. Which explains why Mr. Craven decides to see Mary?

    He has been worrying about her.

    Mrs. Sowerby tells him to see her.

    Mary begins crying at night.

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