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Along with an address, a phone number, and an e-mail address, a résumé should include all of the following except for A. education. B. family background. C. experience. D. computer skills. An RFP is a A. promotional letter. B. response to a complaint letter. C. cover letter. D. request for information A good memo includes all of the following characteristics except for A. information based on facts. B. a clear focus on no more than two issues. C. a clear statement of purpose. D. language appropriate to the intended audience. In a letter written from Wisconsin to either Alaska or Hawaii, the inside address will be A. flush-right and follow the U.S. Postal Service format. B. flush-left and follow the U.S. Postal Service format. C. flush-right and follow the International Postal Service format. D. flush-right and follow the International Postal Service format. For business letters, the most conservative and commonly used font is A. Helvetica. B. Times New Roman. C. Arial. D. Geneva. Regarding the date line of a business letter, all the following are correct except for which one? A. The month is spelled out. B. The letter date is always centered. C. The specific date is followed by a comma before the year. D. The date of the letter should be the date the letter is sent Ideally, the subject line of an e-mail A. should provide the subject of the e-mail in all caps. B. should provide the name of the sender and his or her title. C. includes the sender’s name in lowercase, followed by a salutation. D. provides the sender’s name and the subject of the e-mail. Every so often, Corey Schell, CEO of Schell Enterprises, sends out letters of appreciation to suppliers who have a long history with his company. Which kind of letter will he be sending to his suppliers? A. Informational B. Executive C. Promotional D. Diplomatic 5.0 Points Regarding e-mail messages, which statement is true? A. If you don’t know a recipient, send only short attached files. B. Respond to all e-mail business messages within 24 hours. C. Transmit passwords and usernames only to people you know well. D. Don’t send attachments to a recipient you don’t know. The complaint response letter in Figure 5, from Greenleaf Lawn service, would be classified as A. passive-evasive. B. cordial-positive. C. active negative. D. active-positive. In a business letter, reference initials that designate the typist are written A. two lines down from the signature, flush-left, in lowercase. B. four lines down from the signature, flush-left, in all caps. C. two lines down from the signature, flush-right, in lowercase. D. four lines down from the signature, flush-right, in all caps. How is a semi-block format different from a modified block format? A. Body paragraphs are separated by two lines. B. Paragraphs are indented. C. The date line is centered, but the signature block is flush-left. D. The date line is flush-left, but the signature block is centered Susan Squire of the customer service department receives a complaint letter from a customer. Ms. Squire waits a week before responding with a letter that fails to directly address the specifics of the complaint and, instead, promises that the complaint will be investigated at some point in the near future. Ms. Squire’s letter illustrates a _______ complaint response letter. A. passive-evasive B. active-denial C. passive-aggressive D. hostile-evasive Which closing is correct and appropriate in a modern-day business letter? A. Truly yours, B. Most sincerely, C. Sincerely yours, D. Most Sincerely: The salutation of a business letter A. should be followed by a comma. B. must not specify an unknown recipient. C. should be followed by a colon. D. must always avoid using the first name of a known recipient. In a _______ format, the date line and the signature block are centered. A. standard block B. irregular block C. modified block D. semi-block Which of the following is not an honorific? A. MS B. Jr. C. MD D. Rev. Regarding business letters, which statement is true? A. Most business letters are written on blank stationery. B. A business letter written on blank stationery must begin with the sender’s address, followed by the date. C. When a business letter is written on letterhead stationery, the sender’s organizational position will appear in the signature block. D. A business letter written on blank stationery must begin with the recipient’s address, followed by the date. The best choice in writing the salutation to a female recipient is A. To whom it may concern B. Dear Miss C. Dear Ms. D. Dear Mrs. What is the primary reason you would write “United States” in capital letters at the bottom of a business letter’s inside address? A. To specify the country of origin in a letter to a foreign country B. To clarify the source of the sender’s letter when addressing domestic recipients who don’t speak English C. To indicate the sender’s patriotism regardless of the location of the recipient D. To indicate to a domestic or foreign recipient that the letter is official and of great

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