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The modern version of safecracking is this type of burglary. A. Spin wheeling B. Bank C. ATM D. Free wheeling Entry points that show no signs of forced entry should be examined for: A. DNA. B. blood. C. fingerprints. D. cloth fibers. These persons are posted outside a location to watch for police or other persons responding to the crime. A. Spotters B. Wheelmen C. Lookout D. Front men These persons execute the break-in or theft of the goods. A. Spotters B. Wheelmen C. Lookout D. Front men This type of burglar attempts to make a living through committing burglaries. A. Professional B. Semiprofessional C. Young amateur D. Juvenile Those with mental instability issues tend to conduct this type of robbery. A. Insurance fraud B. Workplace robbers C. Revenge robbers D. Attention robbers Once an officer is at the location of a burglary, it should be treated as: A. cleared. B. completed. C. in progress. D. starting. This type of burglar is younger than 16 years old. A. Professional B. Addicted C. Young amateur D. Juvenile The fastest growing robberies in the United States over the last decade are: A. bank robberies. B. freight robberies. C. street robberies. D. drug robberies. How many identified burglar typologies exist? A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 An offender’s M.O. may: A. stay the same. B. always change. C. change when becoming more proficient. D. change with an accomplice. Aggressive entries, which are less frequent, are easily identified because they usually leave behind broken glass windows or kicked-in doors. These are called: A. smash and run. B. smash and grab. C. hit and grab. D. hit and run. Approximately 6 percent of all robberies are carried out against this type of store. A. Clothing B. Convenience C. Liquor D. Grocery Seventy percent of all burglaries are of this type. A. Business B. Residential C. Employer D. Suburban Burglary is and always has been a crime of: A. passion. B. prospect. C. chance. D. opportunity. The most dangerous workplace robbery where homicide is most likely to result takes place in: A. nightclubs. B. grocery stores. C. convenience stores. D. taxicabs. This burglar type seldom uses a ransacking technique. A. Professional B. Addicted C. Young amateur D. Juvenile When burglars sell stolen products directly without a fence or middleman, it is known as: A. fencing. B. freaking. C. hawking. D. flying. This type of focus can cause eyewitnesses of armed robbery to focus on the details of a weapon that the offender was holding and block out the details of the robbery itself. A. Tunnel B. Weapon C. Armament D. Defense This is the process by which a getaway vehicle is stolen before the robbery and may be equipped with stolen license plates from a similar appearing vehicle. A. Hot plated B. Carjacked C. Cold plated D. Grand theft This occurs when commercial burglars steal a large truck, later crashing it into the security doors of a warehouse. A. Ram raid B. Truck raid C. Theft ring D. Ram ring This type of theft is most common for breaking into newer and high-tech vehicles. A. Auto B. Key C. Lock D. Engine This occurs when offenders steal a victim’s personal information by observing, listening to, or recording cell phone calls of persons. A. Shoulder surfing B. Ankle surfing C. Shoulder travelling D. Eavesdropping Amateur shoplifters are also known as: A. bullies. B. snitches. C. squealers. D. stoolie. Over 10 million people a year become victims of: A. robbery. B. burglary. C. identity theft. D. homicide. This is the term for when the accessories from a vehicle are removed after it is stolen. A. Strip and go B. Strip and grab C. Snatch and grab D. Strip and run This is a scheme in which a fake title and registration are used to secure insurance on a car that does not exist. A. Scapegoat theft B. Phantom car C. Export scam D. Pansy scheme Professional shoplifters are called boosters or: A. snitches. B. fixes. C. heels. D. resoles. The first set of federal government laws concerning auto theft were known as: A. Anti-Car Theft Act. B. Motor Vehicle Prevention Act. C. Motor Vehicle Theft Law Enforcement Act. D. Anti-Car Theft Improvement Act. This is when an offender opens a checking account in two or more banks and writes bad checks. A. Paperhanging B. Check kiting C. Paper kiting D. Check hanging The process of changing out the entire body of a vehicle to place on the chassis of another. A. Body cloning B. Body changing C. Body transforming D. Body switching This is deciding which data packets are allowed to be sent and which are not. A. Hashing B. Hacking C. Filtering D. Straining This refers to the intentional intrusion into a computer to view files or programs. A. Techno-trespass B. Computer-trespass C. Virus-trespass D. Instrumentality trespass This technique is used when an entire computer domain location is hijacked and used to gather information from users. A. Skimming B. Phishing C. Pharm D. Surfing This is the use of computer resources to intimidate or coerce others. A. Logic bomb B. Trojan horse C. Cyber terrorism D. Web jacking Someone who uses flaws and oversights in computer security systems to break into others’ systems. A. Cyber terrorist B. Hacker C. Cyber bully D. De wormer This has become a worldwide problem and its financial aspect has become increasingly complex. A. Sex trafficking B. Internet pornography C. Money laundering D. Cyber bullying Cars stolen for the purposes of joyriding are normally recovered within: A. 12–24 hours. B. 1–12 hours. C. 24–48 hours. D. 36–58 hours. this state law prohibits the operation of a chop shop or other facility that engages in the dismantling of stolen vehicles or the alteration of stolen vehicles and their parts. A. Altered property laws B. Salvage certificate fraud laws C. Vehicle owner fraud laws D. Dismantled property laws This hacker writes, test, and designs computer programs. A. Novice B. Coder C. Professional D. Internal

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