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You are the training supervisor for a mid-size city. The city manager and human resource manager meet with you and ask you to design a wellness program for city employees. The city manager tells you that the city health insurance will be reduced by 20% if the city has a wellness program in place and if they can convince 50% of the employees to actively participate in the program. There are currently 250 city employees ranging in age from 19 years to 67 years old. Forty percent of the employees are female and sixty percent are male. The city manager is concerned about the health of his employees' and he is concerned about the rising cost of insurance. The human resource manager shares with you that the primary health issues for the city employees have been high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and depression.

In the design of your program, clearly identify the problem, include a needs assessment with supporting data, discuss the strategic plan that you want to implement, discuss the goals and objectives of the plan, how you will design the plan, your plan to gather employee support for the program, the estimated cost of program implementation and how you plan to evaluate the program. Include a diagram or flow chart in your program. Your plan should be at least two typed pages of documentation, one page for the diagram and one page for the references for a total of at least four pages. You should follow APA format and include at least two in text citations.

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Program Planning and Evaluation


Program Planning and Evaluation
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Program Planning and Evaluation


Healthy work environment and healthy workers determines the success of an organization.
However, for decades, companies have been reporting losses resulting from absenteeism,
sickness, accidents, and violence from employees. The main problem has been anticipated to be
caused majorly by lifestyle diseases (Virtanen et al., 2018). As a result, business leaders have
widely accepted and adopted various wellness programs for their workers. Apart from good
performance, workplace wellness has farfetched benefits for employees. In that case, as a
Training Supervisor of LeoFlow Industries in Nevada, I will design, discuss, and recommend the
following wellness program for the 250 employees.
According to SAMHSA 2016, wellness includes environmental, financial, emotional,
occupational, physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual parts of a person which are
interconnected dimensions that build one another. Therefore, based on the data tabulated by
Virtanen et al. 2018, it became absolutely clear that work place wellness is essential and many
employees are experiencing various lifestyle disease challenges.
Adopted from (Virtanen et al., 2018)
Finnish Public
Sector study20
(n=46 974)
Age, mean (SD)

45·5 (9·5)

Health and Social
Support study21
(n=12 056)
41·8 (10·7)

GAZEL study23 Whitehall II
(n=10 686)
51·0 (2·9)

48·7 (5·6)

Socioeconomic status

9231 (19·7)
37 743 (80·4)

4655 (38·6)
7401 (61·4)

7645 (71·5)
3041 (28·5)

3294 (71·9)
1286 (28·1)

Chronic disease

7098 (15·1)
12 990 (27·7)
26 886 (57·2)

4483 (37·2)
3877 (32·2)
3696 (30·7)

1147 (10·7)
5559 (52·0)
3980 (37·2)


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