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Each year Fortune magazine publishes a "Most Admired" list of the top companies in the United States. Firms are rated on these eight dimensions: innovativeness, quality of management, long-term investment value, social responsibility to the community and the environment, people management, quality of products and services, financial soundness, wise use of corporate assets, and, if international, a ninth dimension: effectiveness in doing business globally.

For this assignment, select a familiar organization (you are encouraged to select an organization in which you have been employed for at least 6 months). Then, choose one of the eight dimensions used to rate top U.S. companies in which the organization appears to be underperforming. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (12-15 slides) that addresses the following:

  1. Identify a major issue the organization is facing and in which dimension (of the eight identified above) it is underperforming. Explain the ramifications the underperformance is currently having on the organization. Identify the likely consequence of failure to improve in the selected dimension.
  2. Analyze the relevance of the current organizational structure, design, and culture and their influence on organizational effectiveness, especially in relationship to the dimension in which the organization is struggling.
  3. Determine whether the organization embodies the principles and values of conscious culture and management and its relevance to improving organizational function.
  4. Present a plan to bring about necessary improvement using Kotter's 8-step change model.
  5. Address possible challenges to the suggested change and your plans for managing those challenges.
  6. Explain how different subsystems need to be realigned in order to bring about the change.
  7. Detail any lessons learned and evaluate strategies that you as a manager will either avoid or engage in when designing the structure, building culture, and managing change in your organization.
  8. Present evidence from at least three scholarly articles to support your position and proposed change initiative.

While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.Rubric attached

Organisation chosen is MD anderson cancer center

Running Head: Learning Style 1 Unsatisfactory 0.00% 1 2 Less than Satisfactory 74.00% 3 Satisfactory 79.00% 4 Good 87.00% 5 Excellent 100.00% 60.0 %Content Identification of a Identification of Identification Identification of a Identification of a major issue the or-a major issue the of a major is- major issue the major issue the organization is fac- organization is sue the organi- organization is ganization is facing and in which facing and in zation is facing facing and in 5.0 % Identiing and in which dimension it is un-which dimen- and in which which dimension fication of Isdimension it is underperforming is sion it is under- dimension it is it is underpersue derperforming is weak or marginal performing is underperform- forming is thorabsent, inappropriwith gaps in provided, but at ing is clear and ough and well inate, or irrelevant. presentation. a cursory level. integrated. tegrated. Explanation of the ramifications Explanation of Explanation of Explanation of the Explanation of the the underperfor- the ramificathe ramifications ramifications the ramifications the mance is cur- tions the underthe underperforunderperformance underperformance rently having on performance is mance is curis currently having is currently hav- the organization currently havrently having on 10.0 % Rami- on the organiza- ing on the organi- and the likely ing on the orthe organization consequence of ganization and fications and tion and the likely zation and the and the likely consequence of likely consefailure to imthe likely conConseconsequence of failure to improve quence of failure prove in the se- sequence of quences failure to improve in the selected di- to improve in the lected dimen- failure to imin the selected dimension is absent, selected dimen- sion is provided, prove in the semension is thorinappropriate, or sion is vague or but at a cursory lected dimenough and well inirrelevant. incomplete. level and may sion is clear tegrated. contain some in- and integrated. consistencies. Analysis of the Analysis of the Analysis of the Analysis of the current organi- current organi- Analysis of the current organizacurrent organizazational struc- zational struc- current organizational structure, tional structure, ture, design, and ture, design, tional structure, design, and culdesign, and culculture, and and culture, design, and culture, and their inture, and their intheir influence and their influ- ture, and their influence on organi10.0 % Effect fluence on organion organizaence on organi- fluence on organizational effectiveof Organizazational effectivetional effective- zational effec- zational effectiveness in relationtional Strucness in relationness in relation- tiveness in re- ness in relationship to the dimenture, Design, ship to the dimenship to the di- lationship to ship to the dimension in which the and Culture sion in which the mension in the dimension sion in which the organization is organization is which the organ- in which the organization is struggling, is struggling, is abization is strug- organization is struggling, is weak or marginal sent, inapproprigling, is prostruggling, is thorough and well with gaps in ate, or irrelevant. vided, but at a clear and inte- integrated. presentation. cursory level grated. Learning Style 2 and may contain inconsistencies. Identification of Identification whether the orIdentification of Identification of of whether the Identification of ganization emwhether the organ- whether the ororganization whether the orbodies the prinization embodies ganization embodembodies the ganization emciples and valthe principles and ies the principles principles and bodies the princiues of conscious values of conand values of convalues of con- ples and values of culture and man10.0 % Emscious culture and scious culture and scious culture conscious culture agement and its bodiment of management and management and and manage- and management relevance to imConscious its relevance to its relevance to ment and its and its relevance proving organiCapitalism improving organi- improving organirelevance to to improving orzational function zational function zational function improving or- ganizational funcis provided, but is absent, inappro- is weak or marganizational tion is thorough at a cursory priate, or irrele- ginal with gaps in function is and well intelevel and may vant. presentation. clear and inte- grated. contain incongrated. sistencies. A plan to bring A plan to bring A plan to bring about necessary A plan to bring A plan to bring about necessary about necessary improvement about neces- about necessary improvement ususing the 8-step sary improve- improvement us10.0 % Im- improvement using the 8-step change model is ment using the ing the 8-step provement ing the 8-step change model is change model is provided, but at 8-step change change model is Plan weak or marginal absent, inappropria cursory level model is clear thorough and well with gaps in ate, or irrelevant. and may contain and integrated. integrated. presentation. inconsistencies. Identification Identification of of possible Identification of possible chal- challenges to possible chalIdentification of Identification of lenges to the the suggested lenges to the sugpossible chalpossible chalsuggested change, plans gested change, lenges to the sug- lenges to the sugchange, plans for managing plans for managgested change, gested change, for managing challenges, and ing challenges, 10.0 % Chalplans for manag- plans for managchallenges, and explanation of and explanation lenges and ing challenges, ing challenges, explanation of subsystem rea- of subsystem reaPlans for and explanation of and explanation of subsystem rea- lignment lignment needed Managing subsystem realign- subsystem realignment needed needed to bring to bring about the Challenges ment needed to lignment needed to bring about about the change is exbring about the to bring about the the change is in- change is com- tremely thorough change is not in- change is incomcluded but lacks plete and in- and includes excluded. plete or incorrect. relevant supcludes relevant tensive supporting porting details. supporting de- details. tails. Lessons learned Lessons learned Lessons learned Lessons Lessons learned 5.0 % Lesand evaluation of and evaluation of and evaluation learned and and evaluation of sons Learned strategies to avoid strategies to avoid of strategies to evaluation of strategies to avoid and Evaluaor engage in when or engage in when avoid or engage strategies to or engage in when Learning Style tion of Strategies for Leading Teams and Fostering Collaboration 3 designing the designing the in when design- avoid or enstructure, building structure, building ing the structure, gage in when culture, and man- culture, and man- building culture, designing the aging change in an aging change in and managing structure, organization as a an organization as change in an or- building culmanager are ab- a manager are ganization as a ture, and mansent, inappropri- weak or marginal manager are aging change ate, or irrelevant. with gaps in provided, but at in an organizapresentation. a cursory level tion as a manand may contain ager are clear inconsistencies. and integrated. designing the structure, building culture, and managing change in an organization as a manager are thorough and well integrated. 40.0 %Presentation The content is The content is written with a written clearly logical proThe presentation and concisely. The content lacks The content is gression of slides are generIdeas universally a clear point of vague in conveyideas and supally competent, progress and review and logical ing a point of porting inforbut ideas may late to each other. sequence of infor- view and does not mation exhibit15.0 % show some inThe project ining a unity, coPresentation mation. Includes create a strong consistency in cludes motivating herence, and of Content little persuasive sense of purpose. organization or questions and adinformation. Se- Includes some cohesiveness. in their relationvanced organizquencing of ideas persuasive inforIncludes perships to each ers. The project is unclear. mation. suasive inforother. gives the audimation from ence a clear sense reliable of the main idea. sources. The layout is clut- The layout shows tered, confusing, some structure, The layout uses The layout is visand does not use but appears clut- horizontal and The layout ually pleasing and spacing, headings, tered and busy or vertical white background contributes to the and subheadings distracting with space appropriand text com- overall message to enhance the large gaps of ately. Someplement each with appropriate readability. The white space or a times the fonts other and ena- use of headings, text is extremely distracting back- are easy to read, ble the content subheadings, and difficult to read ground. Overall but in a few to be easily white space. Text 10.0 % Laywith long blocks readability is dif- places the use of read. The fonts is appropriate in out of text, small point ficult due to fonts, italics, are easy to read length for the tarsize for fonts, and lengthy parabold, long paraand point size get audience and inappropriate con- graphs, too many graphs, color, or varies appro- to the point. The trasting colors. different fonts, busy backpriately for background and Poor use of head- dark or busy back-ground detracts headings and colors enhance ings, subheadings, ground, overuse and does not entext. the readability of indentations, or of bold, or lack of hance readabilthe text. bold formatting is appropriate inden- ity. evident. tations of text. Learning Style 4 Inappropriate word choice and The writer is The writer uses a lack of variety in Some distracting clearly aware variety of sen5.0 % Lanlanguage use are inconsistencies in of audience, tence construcguage Use evident. Writer ap- language choice uses a variety Language is aptions, figures of and Audience pears to be una- (register) or word of appropriate propriate to the speech, and word Awareness ware of audience. choice are present. vocabulary for targeted audichoice in distinc(includes senUse of primer The writer exhibthe target audience for the tive and creative tence conprose indicates its some lack of ence, and uses most part. ways that are apstruction, writer either does control in using figures of propriate to purword choice, not apply figures figures of speech speech to compose, discipline, etc.) of speech or uses appropriately. municate and scope. them inappropriclearly. ately. 5.0 % Mechanics of Some mechani- Slides are Writing (in- Slide errors are Frequent and re- cal errors or ty- largely free of Writer is clearly pervasive enough cludes petitive mechani- pos are present, mechanical er- in control of that they impede spelling, cal errors distract but they are not rors, although a standard, written punctuation, communication of the reader. overly distract- few may be academic English. meaning. grammar, ing to the reader. present. language use) 5.0 % Documentation of Sources (citations, footnotes, referSources are not ences, biblidocumented. ography, etc., as appropriate to assignment and style) Documentation of Sources are docSources are comSources are sources is incon- umented, as appletely and cordocumented, as sistent or incor- propriate to asrectly docuappropriate to rect, as appropri- signment and mented, as approassignment and ate to assignment style, although priate to assignstyle, and forand style, with nu- some formatting ment and style, mat is mostly merous formatting errors may be and format is free correct. errors. present. of error.

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