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Running Head: TOSHIBA CORPORATION TOSHIBA CORPORATION Student Name University Affiliate: Date: 1 TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. 2 Introduction An effort to establish small and portable computers in the year 1970 and early 80s led to the introduction of laptops. The similar opinion of laptops was generated by Alan Kay in early 1970s. The first portable computer was manufactured at Xerox PARC in the year 1976 with only ten protocols built. Despite all these, Toshiba Corporation, a public Tokyo-based company had already established US business in the year 1965, by the of Incorporation of Toshiba America commonly known as Inc (Karan, 2015). Toshiba America holds six Toshiba operating organizations that provide a wide variety of products and solutions for both commercial and private sectors. The products include laptops, televisions, computers and other accessories. In the year 1985, the company started by introducing the first mass market portable computers and continued with producing new products and services ever since. The six companies include Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc that is responsible for the distribution of semiconductor and storage solutions. The Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corporation which is responsible for nuclear power solutions, the Toshiba International Corporation deals with both industrial, power electronics & distribution solutions, the Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. deals with digital products only and finally, the Toshiba America Research, Inc. Also, the company has manufacturing facilities that manufacture their goods and services. For instance, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. has a production facility in which they produce toner for the photocopiers. This facility is at Mitchell in South Dakota. Also, the Toshiba International Corporation owns a facility too in Houston Texas where they TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. 3 produce plug-in hybrid electric vehicles along with motors and drives which are mainly for industrial applications in the market. Toshiba Corporation is indeed a leading innovation in technology. It is a global company that has approximately 200,000 employees in more than 30 countries around the world. Its customer markets include businesses, schools and various technology manufacturers and also universities. The company also focuses on Big data technologies in healthcare and also building systems where these data offers an opportunity the undiscovered associations. It is also increasing the limits of mobile computing by publicizing new technological development always. Despite with its staunch dedication to corporate social responsibility it also acts as a local business caring for the people in where they work. The Corporation has put up a roadmap for its primary role is ensure its products and people amalgamate to reduce the impact on the environment. In the year 2001, the company signed a contract with Orion Electric with the aim of producing and supplying complete electronics and some video goods and services to cover the North America. The contract between Toshiba and Orion Electric one of the largest video electronic manufacturers in the world ended in the year 2008. Also, Toshiba terminated a deal of manufacturing analog televisions in December 2004 it also canceled the manufacturing of plasma televisions to ensure that it is still competing with the digital television. In October 2006, Toshiba managed to buy Westinghouse Electric Company one of the largest manufacturers of nuclear reactors in the world for about $5.4 billion. It acquired 77 percent share whereas The Shaw Group took 20 percent. It also acquired HDD business of Fujitsu in 2009. TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. 4 Being the leading in innovative technology, Toshiba agreed to acquire IBP's business for approximately $850 million in April 2012. It also acquired shares of the Landis group for about $2.3 billion. In 2013, the company also completed the purchase of Vijai Electricals and started producing transformers and other distribution goods. It also bought OCZ Storage Solutions in January 2014. Toshiba decided to expand its business outside Japan In October 2014 when they signed a contract with United Technologies. Toshiba Corporation decided to cancel the manufacturing of televisions in their factories in early 2015 and announced that they would be produced by Compal or by Vestel. The company also ventured into schools in January 2016 when they launched new services to schools. These services were under Toshiba America Foundation that is a non-for-profit making organization established in 1990. This foundation is responsible for the quality of school programs for both K-12 and higher education. In March 2016, it also started a constructing a semiconductor set in Japan which will be responsible for manufacturing chips used for the ultra-dense flash variant. The construction is scheduled to end on may 2019 which will spend an approximate value of $3.2 billion. TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. 5 Financial Statement Analysis During the first quarter of the financial year 2016 (Graham & Meredith, 2014). Toshiba Group’s net sales decreased by $11,722.4 million because the China economy slowed which reflected changes in production. Despite the fact that Energy Systems recorded higher sales there was a decline in the electronics business. Below is an overview of the first quarter in 2016 financial year (Yen in billions) 1Q of FY2016 Change from1Q of FY2015 Net sales 1,207.4 -22.9 Operating income (loss) 20.1 +26.6 Income (Loss) from 7.2 +19.6 79.8 +92.1 continuing operations, before income taxes and noncontrolling interests Net income (loss) attributable to shareholders of the Company Table from: TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. 6 In this first quarter, Energy Systems and Solutions of the company had higher sales as compared to the previous one. Also, the Nuclear Power Systems recorded a positive sale increase despite the lower sales in Transmission & Distribution Systems. In general, the section had improved gradually in operating income likewise to other businesses that either had a higher or positive operating income. In the segment of Infrastructure Systems, it recorded lower sales and saw a higher Operating Income thus leading to lower sales in the section. The Buildings and Facilities also saw lower sales The Infrastructure Systems & Solutions segment saw lower sales and on the other hand, Public Infrastructure business had higher sales which led to higher operating income. The Retail and Printing Solutions had lower sales compared to the previous year. In general, the section recorded a higher operating income in both domestic and overseas. The Storage and Electronic Devices Solutions recorded lower sales and lower operating income. In this segment, there were lower sales hence lower operating income as compared to the HDD business which had higher sales. Also, the operating income is arrived by removing the cost of sales from the net sales. The total assets of the company went down to $46,525 from the end of March. The shareholders' equity of the corporation had an increase to $ 3,262.9 million an increase of 7.2 billion yen. The general shareholders' equity ratio had a 0.9 increase which led to the weakening of the debt-to-equity ratio from the end of March. The Free cash flow of the entity decreased by 2.0 billion yen to about $824.7 million. Below is a table of the modified business results forecast for the first six months (AprilSeptember) of FY2016 of the Toshiba Corporation. TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. 7 (B) – (A) (B)/(A) 2,470.0 +120.0 105.1% -20.0 30.0 +50.0 - -30.0 0 +30.0 - (A) (B) Previous Revised Forecast Forecast Net sales 2,350.0 Operating income (loss) Income (Loss)from continuing operations, before income taxes and non-controlling interests Table from: Due to the high results in the first quarter, Toshiba has decided not to change its business results forecast for the financial year 2016 instead it will evaluate the market carefully and also putting into consideration economic difficulties both domestic and overseas (Robinson, 2014). Below is a chart showing an income statement. Chart from: TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. Below is a Toshiba Corporation Consolidated Financial Statements Tables from: 8 TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. 9 The SWOT Analysis of Toshiba Corporation Since Toshiba is the leading in innovative technology, a company that is trustworthy in electronics has various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats ( Ciarmiello & Mansi, 2016). Strengths Since the year 1965, Toshiba has got various product manufacturers in different regions worldwide. The manufacturers include Toshiba America Business Solutions, The Toshiba America Nuclear Energy Corporation, the Toshiba International Corporation and the Toshiba America Information Systems. All these manufacturers enable the organization to compete effectively in the market. Toshiba also provides a broad number of goods and services to the market which ranges from both electronics and all PC and laptop accessories. These products suit the consumers accordingly and are affordable. It also utilizes its profits perfectly hence enhancing a high quality of its goods that they produce. The corporation manages its products through advertisements via the use of online media and also print media which has a good number of audience. Also, they usually update their website showing what is new and what they offer to the customers making them more reliable and convenient. Toshiba has a massive employee of about 200,000 in various countries which enables the company to provide better attendance and service to its customers globally. It also has a large number of exclusive rights mostly in the US. TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. 10 Weaknesses The corporation has a huge debt that portrays a negative view of both the investors, customers and also the financial spot of the company. Also, it is facing a serious struggle in making its revenues and collections more concentrated. Another weakness is that it has a very specific and limited market which is mostly electronics and computer accessories. They also don’t do well in the transportation of their ready goods to the market (Pahl & Richter 2015). Opportunities 1) The Toshiba Corporation uses current and up to date technology in bringing up quality products and services to its consumers. 2) They also take into account the increasing demand for the health care products and building systems 3) Their inventory of NAND flash is used in smartphones and tablets today. 4) Through the use of the internet, they manage their activities online. 5) They can also interact with their customers online hence online retailing. Threats 1) Stiff competition from various groups like Hitachi and Fujitsu which use modern technology in producing their goods. 2) The Economic delay is always affecting them in meeting the demand for their goods and services. 3) Rapid technological modification that has occurred need to some assessment TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. 11 Conclusion As a manager of Toshiba a leading company in the electronic market, I will take into consideration bringing up new products that will meet the needs of the customers. Since there is a rapid change in the technology field, updating products accordingly will be my priority as a manager. Toshiba provides an extensive range of goods and services which include air conditioners, televisions,blue-ray players and also air-traffic control systems to its customers. As a manager, I will ensure that these products are well widespread in all countries in that all people get access to the goods with ease. TOSHIBA CORPORATION INC. 12 References Graham, B., & Meredith, S. B. (2014). The interpretation of financial statements. New York: HarperBusiness. In Ciarmiello, A., & In Mansi, L. (2016). PET-CT and PET-MRI in neurology: SWOT analysis applied to hybrid imaging. Karan, P. P. (2015). Japan in the 21st century: Environment, economy, and society = Nijūisseiki-no- Nihon/ Pradyumna P. Karan. Lexington, Ky: Univ. Press of Kentucky. Robinson, T. R. (2014). International financial statement analysis. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons. Pahl, N., Richter, A., & University of Applied Science Berlin. (2015). SWOT analysis: Idea, methodology and a practical approach. Munchen: GRIN Verlag. Stern, E., & Hutchinson, M. (2013). The value mindset: Returning to the first principles of capitalist enterprise. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.

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