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Geometry Midterm Exam Score: ______ / ______ Name: _____________________________ Student Number: ____________________ Answer the questions below. Make sure to show your work and provide complete geometric explanations for full credit. 1 Label the net for the figure below with its dimensions. A. __________ B. __________ C. __________ 1 Geometry Midterm Exam 2 Name four rays shown. 3 You live in Carson City, Nevada, which has approximate (latitude, longitude) coordinates of (39N, 120W). Your friend lives in Ottawa, Ohio, with coordinates of (41N, 84W). You plan to meet halfway between the two cities. Find the coordinates of the halfway point. Show your work. 4 Write the conditional statement that the Venn diagram illustrates. 5 Is the following conditional true or false? If it is true, explain why. If it is false, give a counterexample. If it is snowing in Dallas, Texas, then it is snowing in the United States. 2 Geometry Midterm Exam 6 What is the value of x? Justify each step using proof reasoning. AB + BC = AC a.__________________________ 2x + 6x + 8 = 32 b. __________________________ 8x + 8 = 32 c. __________________________ 8x = 24 d. __________________________ X=3 e. __________________________ 3 Geometry Midterm Exam 7 Give the missing reasons in this proof of the Alternate Interior Angles Theorem. Given: Prove: a. ________________________ b. ________________________ c. ________________________ 8 Based on the given information, can you conclude that ∆𝑄𝑅𝑆 ≅ ∆𝑇𝑈𝑉 ? Explain. ̅̅̅̅, ̅̅̅̅ ̅̅̅̅ and Given: ̅̅̅̅ 𝑸𝑹 ≅ 𝑻𝑼 𝑸𝑺 ≅ 𝑻𝑽 4 , prove ∆𝑄𝑅𝑆 ≅ ∆𝑇𝑈𝑉 Geometry Midterm Exam 9 Write the missing reasons to complete the proof. Given: Prove: , , and Statement Reason 1. 2. 1. Given 3. 3. Given 2. Given 4. Definition of congruent segments 5. ? 6. Segment Addition Postulate 7. Definition of congruent segments 8. ? 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Step 5: _______________ Step 8: _______________ 5 Geometry Midterm Exam 10 Fill in the missing reasons to complete the proof. Given: , UY || TX Prove: Statement 1. Reason 1. Given 2. Converse of the Corresponding Angles Postulate 2. 3. 4. 5. 3. ? 4. Given 5. Transitive Property 6. ? 6. Step 3: ________________ Step 6: ________________ 6 Geometry Midterm Exam 11 Is by HL? If so, name the legs that allow the use of HL. 12 Complete the proof by providing the missing reasons. Given: Prove: , Statement 1. Reason , 2. angles , and are right 3. 1. Given 2. Definition of perpendicular segments 3. ? 4. ? 4. 5. 5. ? Step 3: ____________________ Step 4: ____________________ 7 Geometry Midterm Exam Step 5: ____________________ 13 Write a paragraph proof to show that Given: 14 Given: 8 . and is the perpendicular bisector of IK. Name two lengths that are equal. Geometry Midterm Exam 15 Li went for a mountain-bike ride in a relatively flat wooded area. She rode for 6 km in one direction and then turned and pedaled 16 km in another. Finally she turned in the direction of her starting point and rode 8 km. When she stopped, was it possible that Li was back at her starting point? Explain. 16 Find the measures of PMN and NMR if bisects PMR. The measure of PMR is 136 Explain your answer. 17 Judging by appearance, classify the figure in as many ways as possible using rectangle, square, quadrilateral, parallelogram, rhombus. Please justify your answers 9 Geometry Midterm Exam 18 For a regular n-gon: a. What is the sum of the measures of its angles? b. What is the measure of each angle? c. What is the sum of the measures of its exterior angles, one at each vertex? d. What is the measure of each exterior angle? e. Find the sum of your answers to parts b and d. Explain why this sum makes sense. a. b. c. d. e. 10 Geometry Midterm Exam 19 Find the midpoint of each side of the trapezoid. Connect the midpoints. What is the most precise classification of the quadrilateral formed by connecting the midpoints of the sides of the trapezoid? 20 Use the Distance Formula and the x-axis of the coordinate plane. Show why the distance between two points on a number line (the x-axis) is | a – b |, where a and b are the x-coordinates of the points. 11 Geometry Midterm Exam 12
Name/Student Number: ________________________ Geometry Quarter 4 Exam Answer the questions below. Make sure to show your work and provide complete geometric explanations for full credit. 1. A triangle has side lengths 10, 15, and 7. Is the triangle acute, obtuse, or right? Show your work and explain. 2. A highway makes an angle of 6 with the horizontal. This angle is maintained for a horizontal distance of 5 miles. To the nearest hundredth of a mile, how high does the highway rise in this 5-mile section? Show the steps you use to find the distance. 3. A forest ranger spots a fire from a 28-foot tower. The angle of depression from the tower to the fire is 11 . To the nearest foot, how far is the fire from the base of the tower? Show the steps you use to find the solution. 4. State whether the transformation appears to be a rigid motion. Explain. 5. How can you verify Euler’s formula for this net of a cube? 6. Jason designed an arch made of wrought iron for the top of a mall entrance. The 11 segments between the two concentric circles are each 1.25 m long. Find the total length of wrought iron used to make the structure. Round the answer to the nearest meter. Show your work. 7. Consider the prism shown below. Find the surface area of the prism. Show your work 8. Janine made a cylindrical vase in which the sum of the lateral area and area of one base was about 3000 square centimeters. The vase had a height of 50 centimeters. Find the radius of the vase. Explain the method you would use to find the radius. 9. A design on the surface of a balloon is 5 cm wide when the balloon holds 71 cm of air. How much air does the balloon hold when the design is 10 cm wide? Explain the method you use to find the amount of air. 10. In circle O, a. b. and are tangents. (The figure is not drawn to scale.) Prove that . Find m BOD for m AOP = 64. Explain your reasoning. 11. Determine whether a tangent line to circle O is shown in the diagram, for AB = 7.75, OB = 4, and AO = 8.75. Explain your reasoning. (The figure is not drawn to scale.) 12. In circle O, CD = 44, OM = 20, ON = 19, to scale.) Show your work. a. b. c. , (The figure is not drawn Find the radius. If your answer is not an integer, express it in radical form. Find FN. If your answer is not an integer, express it in radical form. Find EF. Express it as a decimal rounded to the nearest tenth. 13. is tangent to the circle at B. m A = 14 and Show your work. a. Find x. b. Find y. (The figure is not drawn to scale.) 14. At a track meet, 50 people ran the 100-meter dash. 2 people finished in 11 seconds, 5 people finished in 12 seconds, 8 people finished in 13 seconds, 10 people finished in 14 seconds, 21 people finished in 15 seconds, 2 people finished in 16 seconds, and 2 people finished in 17 seconds. What is the probability distribution for the finish times? 15. Is there a similarity transformation that maps to ? If so, identify the similarity transformation and write a similarity statement. Explain your answer. A 4 C D 4 3 B F 8 8 6 E 16. Janine wants to paint just the sides of a cylindrical pottery vase that has a height of 45 cm and a diameter of 14 cm. To the nearest whole number, find the number of square centimeters she will need to paint. Explain the method you would use to find the lateral area. 17. Determine whether a tangent line is shown in the diagram, for AB = 7, OB = 3.75, and AO = 8. Explain your reasoning. (The figure is not drawn to scale.) 18. The equation (x + 5) + (y + 3) = 169 models the position and range of the source of a radio signal. Describe the position of the source and the range of the signals. 19. An hourglass, composed of two identical cones, is 12 cm tall. The radius of each cone is 3 cm. If you want to fill the bottom half of the hourglass full of salt, how much salt will you need? Explain the method you would use to find the amount of salt. 20. Three balls are packaged in a cylindrical container as shown below. The balls just touch the top, bottom, and sides of the cylinder. The diameter of each ball is 13 cm. a. What is the volume of the cylinder? Explain your method for finding the volume. b. What is the total volume of the three balls? Explain your method for finding the total volume. c. What percent of the volume of the container is occupied by the three balls? Explain how you would find the percent.

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