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Running head: BEN AND JERY CASE STUDY Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Ben and Jerry’s case 1 BEN AND JERY CASE STUDY 2 Ben and Jerry’s case The Ben and Jerry Homemade Inc. is an independent company that produces ice cream and has gained public approbation in market shares against public competitors. It was developed solely by the two individuals with capital of $ 12000 combined with new fangled ideas and old fashioned values. They were driven by the notion of fun and giving back to the community through charities and free ice creams to the loyal customers. Rapid increases of sales made them adapt the social mission approach that improved the quality of life for employees, locally, internationally and nationally and saw sales double in years. The company expanded its operations recently building a plant in Vermont that would manufacture stick ups and iced cream brownies and further leased a space for franchising, marketing, art departments and promotion (Rushmer, (2013). Marketing strategies involved wacky promotions and paraphernalia that used word-ofmouth that has been associated for the company success. When the company needed capital to expand its capacity, they opted house to house selling of their shares instead of seeking venture capital from financial institutions. The company faced pressure from Haagen-Dazs and these made them take grass root campaigns of replicating bumper stickers with ‘what’s the doughboy afraid of?’’. To ensure equity among workers they introduced a policy called the “ linked prosperity policy ,’’that ensured salary ratio between the least paid and top paid was one to five. The company employed team building activities that made managers think of themselves as members of the management team. It made them focus on their goals, responsibilities, avoid conflicts, cope with the growth, set priorities and coordinate with one another. They were to BEN AND JERY CASE STUDY 3 transform their roles to cooperative ones as to operate like real managers. The managerial teams were to follow on the given responsibilities and goals to make them operational and achievable. Companies with under or over organization face constant struggles and avoid certain managerial issues to escape being responsible. They tend to struggle with efficiency and on how things should be done and the way to do them. Normally it is very hard to get things the right way and in the right manner. In under-organized companies administrators and staff are unsure of which activities to delegate and whom to delegate to. Leaders are also slow to respond and discern to the needs of the members and there is an overlap of programs as well as constant duplication efforts. Ben and Jerry saw the expansion and growth of the company as a threat to their positions and opted to limit the growth by keeping people connected and company small. The managers contrasted as these would stiff their customer’s satisfaction; they needed to expand to cater for the growing demand. The company is obliged to its commitments of good works, high production and fun. It had issues with the management team as they could not keep pace with its growth, had no clear structure for roles and teamwork, employees were stretched to their limits and the founders were the seen as greatest weakness and strength (Page et al, 2012). Under organization was evident because the founders had little or no procedure of handling these challenges in the workforce and market place. Team building was effective in organizing the company but it was not the best approach in the Developmental effort of organizing it. It is clear that the founders and the managers had no consensus in the goals and visions of the company. The resolving of the managerial conflict BEN AND JERY CASE STUDY 4 between Chico and Ben was another factor that could have been affecting the companies’ progress. The burning of the written visions did not fully solve the conflict. It just acted as a symbol of coming together but not physical reconciliation. The conflict was depicted when the managers wore weird buttons after team building program that solve the conflict. The conflict could have been addressed and solved through interpersonal conflict resolution instead of just burning papers. The vision was still different as it affected the effectiveness and productivity of the organization and needed to be solved by intervention by a third party. Given the influence, the two have in the running of the company the OD should have focused on making the favorable atmosphere for the conflicting parties and after that the team building efforts would be much more effective (Murray,2015). I think there were more expectations from the managers and board thereby undermining the existence of the conflict. Effective method would have been to replace one top level manager to prevent incompetence. Many managers are incapable of shifting their mind-set on the visions they once had, it would make fundamental changes to philosophy that is operating in the organization. The move should be then followed by placement of a talented manager or top performer to the vacant position who understands the impacts of the changes to the company goals. In the case study it would involve eliminating Chico and replacing him with a talented person although it may be difficult situation but would change the company performance as no conflicting visions and values would be eliminated. Elimination may not be the best way to deal with the conflict but it would be appropriate in avoiding future misunderstandings in the organization. BEN AND JERY CASE STUDY 5 Conflict between the management kept passive to allow growth and prosperity of the organization but it was not resolved. The belief that the founders saw growth as a threat and were flawed in the strategy prevented managers to carry on with their wishes of expanding the organization. The two conflicting parties were fundamental in the organization and would be considered titans by the employees therefore their reconciliation would motivate and develop other managers. Intervention techniques would improve the employees and organizational well-being as it would eliminate any ill feelings among the employees and the management. Large scale interventions of groups of stakeholders can be used in analyzing, planning and defining of the organizational outcomes. It entails Managers and stakeholders in the company come up with contagious commitment to support and implement long-term visions and goals. The method is associated with quicker, immediate feedbacks, confidence which inspires, promote and sustain commitment within the workers. The strategic intervention strategy can also be used to increase the efficiency in production and distribution of the company products. The method aligns the organization with the environment by keeping up with the pace of changing conditions and linking the functioning. Other methods that would be effective are Leadership and Management Development intervention that improve and increases the organizational effectiveness of the informal and formal leaders. The programs identify and improve the quality of the managerial skills through accountability, satisfaction of company’s needs, customize of development opportunities. BEN AND JERY CASE STUDY 6 The effective intervention technique that would be effective in the Bens and Jerry Inc. is the need to focus on the conflict in the managerial conflicts. The Managerial and Leadership Intervention Approach that includes the monitoring, coaching, leadership principles, action learning, leadership tools, action science, and accountability and leadership conferences should be used (Watson, 2013). Bens and jerry can outline and specify its organizational goals, employee’s transformations and developments needed in the company policy. Programs that address on the obligations and responsibilities of the middle, senior and high potential team leaders should be set. Orientations should be done for all managerial and staff members to ensure they understand the visions and goals of the company. Team buildings should be set in line with the programs to promote good and smooth working environments in the organization. The programs establish strong bonds and relationship among employees who take part in the process (Rousseau et al, 2013). Allocation of resources to the Leadership and intervention programs would ensure the managers are influential to promote best practices in the organization. Tangible directions, secure commitments and building of capacity are linked to the intervention. Conflicts within the organization example the Chico and Ben can be successfully solved in the process of consultation. Although third party may be required the interpersonal conflict can be solved after some time. The success of an intervention process would depend on the leaders and how they are willing to sacrifice their desire for the good of the company as a whole. Wise leaders would leave their selfish visions for the established dreams to serve the customers of the Ben and Berry. BEN AND JERY CASE STUDY 7 In the company the founders should promote equal and fair decision making processes that would make employees and managers attracted. The process would promote the democratic right to express new ideas and innovations that can boost the performance of the business. BEN AND JERY CASE STUDY 8 References Murray, J. (2015). Ben & Jerry's Struggles with Corporate Social Responsibility in an International Context. Journal of Legal Studies Education, 32(2), 287-312. Page, A., & Katz, R. A. (2012). The truth about Ben and Jerry's. Rousseau, V., Aubé, C., & Tremblay, S. (2013). Team coaching and innovation in work teams: An examination of the motivational and behavioral intervening mechanisms. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 34(4), 344-364. Rushmer, R. K. (2013). How do we measure the effectiveness of team building? Is it good enough? Team Management Systems‐a case study. Team Performance Management: An International Journal. Watson, T. (2013). Management, organisation and employment strategy: New directions in theory and practice. Routledge.
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Since the research materials are provided to you by human beings, and may be based on numerous sources, it is strongly recommended that you conduct independent research to verify that all information is complete and accurate before referencing the material. This reminder does not contain all of the terms and conditions that govern your purchase. Organizational development In the process of expanding an organization, there are major changes that will have to be implemented in order to ensure that the entire organization responds positively to the organizational developments and with equal zeal. The same need to be observed when dealing with an organization that is over or under-organized. An under-organized institution experiences less of the collective approach towards their vision and mission and even the assignments in general. This means different departments will treat each other as independent of each other and hence lacking the synergy that needs to run from one department to another. This is because there are no well organized organizational structures and procedures that will ensure there is seamless interaction between the different departments. When the managers and the employees in general apply the provisions and directives of the organization with too much strictness even when it is evidently clear that the decision hurts the organization, then it is clear that there is over-organization within the institution, which is not very healthy for the organization. Another sign that the firm is overorganized is the rigidity to new ideas and latest developments that need to be put in place to be in line with the latest developments (Thomas G & Christopher G., 2009). When employees are grey about their responsibilities within the organization, then it can be said that they are underorganized but if they become too conscious about their roles such that they cannot go out of their line of duty to tackle another issue that has to do with the organization, it can then be said that they are over-organized. Having a planned OD intervention will ensure that there is seamless communication between the managers and the other employees, making the organization feel more cohesive in their approach towards the organizational programs. Team building is the best way of launching an OD since the changes that are planned for an organization are bound to come with changes that are likely to be resisted by some employees. If the changes are approached with a united and harmonious team then there is likelihood of very little resistance to these changes. During the team building sessions, there will also be the opportunity for the explanation to everyone the impending organization development and changes. This will make each person own the change, embrace the OD process and fully participate in the entire process unlike a situation where the OD is implemented and them a team building exercise follows to act as a troubleshooting mechanism. The other approach to planning an OD process is to form work groups within the organization to ensure that each person first understands the impeding changes and also is open to the participation in the change both by contributing alternative ideas and also implementation of the changes (Ronald K. K, 2014). The next steps that I would recommend are the evaluation of the initial corporate social responsibility and charitable giving in order to see the impact that they have had to the organization. There will also be need to look for more options where the organization can participate in with a concentration on the areas that can help build further the name of the organization. There is also need to have subsequent team building activities to ensure even after the planned OD and the changes, there is still cohesion in the organizational structure and between the departments, this is important in the light of the fact that one time training and team building may not be enough to ensure absolute compliance t the team building tenets. References Ronald K. K, (2014). Organizational Change management Principles and Practices. Thomas G & Christopher G., (2009). Organization Development and Change. Cengage Learning: Canada. %26+jerry%27s+a+team+development+intervention&source=bl&ots=4jKeEIaU0M&sig =_trD51mzfMci_MMwIRjScFgfkes&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Um9RVKbULcixygON6IDABQ &ved=0CBwQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=ben%20%26%20jerry%27s%20a%20team%20 development%20intervention&f=false

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