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In the below attachment. Here are several points that need to be revised:

1. There should be two quotations from two reading in every paragraph.(eg. the 4th and 7th paragraph)

2. Change the "we", "I" to the third person form like" People", "individuals".

Running head: IMPACT OF BUSYNESS IN LIFE Impact of Busyness in Life Name Course Tutor Date 1 IMPACT OF BUSYNESS IN LIFE 2 “From the frying pan into the fire”. With the increasing pressure, People are living in a fast -tempo society. They always hurry on doing their own business and simultaneously ignore to notice the surrounding. In the first article by Adam Gopnik ‘Bumping into Mr. Ravioli’, Adam has tried to show how Olivia’s parent's busyness had an influence in the life of their daughter to the extent that she ended up creating an imaginary friend called Charlie Ravioli. In the second article by Arlie Russell Hochschild, ‘From the frying pan into the fire,' Arlie Russell has shown how busy we have become, and we end up forgetting what matters most in our lives. She used the example of how advertisement is using the issue of time to make sales since people would love to buy products that help them to save time. In both the articles, the authors have tried to explain how we have become busy doing some things in life to the extent of forgetting some of the important activities that we are supposed to be doing. The culmination of being busy is an excellent topic since it is one thing that we have encountered in one way or another since it has affected us either directly or indirectly and this is a challenge that is facing most people right now in the world. For instance, in my life, there are times that I say I am preoccupied but come to think of it, I am busy doing things that will make me be more occupied that I forget there are other important things that I am supposed to do in life. We can’t avoid being busy but the point being put across by this two articles is that we should prioritize on what we do and create time for doing other things with people. We have been controlled by having the idea of trying to get more wealth to provide the best possible life for our families and this, in turn, end up affecting how we live. Analyzing the normal day of people who work, they spend over 10 hours working, the sleep for about 6 hours, cook, do cleaning and other things for 5 hours, and they are left with 3 hours. IMPACT OF BUSYNESS IN LIFE 3 The 3 hours they spend with their loved ones and since they are mostly tired and due to modernization and advancement in technology, they spend a good portion of the 3 hours either on their phones or computers. The only ample time people dedicate to doing fun things with their loved ones is during the holiday sessions which come ones in a while. This is elaborated better below by analyzing the articles by Arlie Russell and Adam Gopnik. In my opinion, busyness can issue problems in regards of family issues and children’s growing. Arlie Russell Hochschild has provided a more detailed explanation of why we are so busy in life. This is because she has real world example of what happen in our lives to help put the point across. The main thing that makes us busy is work and lack of time for the family according to Arlie. She has raised some very relevant questions that we should ask ourselves every time we say we are preoccupied. This questions include why do we work? If family life is above our other aspects of life? If we would have answers for some of this questions, we would have a schedule for what we do and never be busy for other people in life. At the beginning of her article, she begins by giving examples of how busy we have become in life that even advertisements influence the decisions we make since they have been framed with the aim of making us think we are saving time (191).She insists that it is not wrong to be busy as it is required since we have needs, expectations, and obligations to meet. But apart from being busy, there is a life that we should not miss, and this includes spending time with our loved ones and in doing things that we love. She questions what we do with the time we think we are saving after having made priorities to other things. Getting an answer to this questions will prove to be vital and will help many people living in the 21st century. Adam Gopnik also explains the issue of being busy and the effect it has on the imagination of the child. Some of the effects include making the children to create imaginary friends who to them are like superheroes(156). Though psychologists say it is natural IMPACT OF BUSYNESS IN LIFE 4 for the children especially those under seven years old to create imaginary friends and be talking and sharing stories with them, they attribute this behavior to the busy life that we have exposed our children upon. He explains that Olivia who has an imaginary friend called Charlie Ravioli and who she regularly talk to, one can still wonder the reason for creating such a friend while she has human friends. Olivia has a very busy schedule every day of the week just like that of her parents. The effects of busy life also have an effect on grown-ups in the sense that they experience boredom once they are out from job and they will go to meet other people and try to have a social life while engaging in activities such as taking alcohol which makes them forget some of the issues they are facing. This article is very resourceful as it helps us to understand better the things that make us busy in life and if they are helpful to us. The ultimate reason for us working so hard and spending time toiling in what we do is so that we can be able to provide the best that the world offers for our families. Both the articles have been used to show us that life should not be about giving all of our time to work but also to other things in life. In the case that one gets sick and they are not able to work anymore, one will end up spending their time with their families who will be taking care of them (187).There have been instances where people have been working for institutions for the whole of their lives, and when the time comes for them to retire and leave, they are reluctant because of fear about the life out there since they did not take the time to create a life outside the usually work that they do. In most societies, most of the people who have been significantly affected are the people who have been working in the police service and army among others. Most of the governments in the world have been forced to provide psychology lessons for this kind of people since their lives are significantly affected. What is explained in this two articles also relates to the situations where one is about to retire from working, and they have not invested any or some resources in what IMPACT OF BUSYNESS IN LIFE 5 they will be doing once they are retired. This explains why people should understand that there is a life beyond the work they do and what they think is a priority in their life. Busyness of live would impact the relationships with people close to them.“I have one intimate who lives just across the Park from me, whom I e-mail often, and whom I am fortunate to see two or three times a year. We are always . . . busy. He has become my Charlie Ravioli, my invisible friend.” (155).This is one of the quotes from Adam Gopnik’s article which I find interesting. This is because it explains better what happens in our lives. In our case, we have people who live close to us and some of them we work with them, but we pretend to be so busy that we rarely see and talk to them physically instead we communicate digitally with them. Creating time to be with such people can be so amazing, and it will have a positive impact on our lives. Russell also mentions,“When we separate our fantasy of family life, our ideas of being a “real mother and father” from our daily expressions of parenthood, our ideals live timelessly on while we worship at the biggest altar in town, with ten-hour days and long trips to the mall.” (186) This is one of the quotes that I found interesting from Arlie Russell’s article. This explains that most of the parents live with the fantasy that they are providing the best parenthood to their families. This fantasies can be reversed when we start to live life in other ways rather than the standard time we spend at work, church and taking our children to malls. The effects of being busy are that we will not spend time with our loved ones especially parents with the kids and they will end up having imaginary friends to keep them company since we are not emotionally available for them. These two quotes have similarities. One of the similarities they have is that we are very busy with what we do with the time we have and we forget some important things, and this negatively affects our lives and those close to us. Another similarity is that despite of us being busy, we usually have imaginary friends just like what small children create to make us feel complete. IMPACT OF BUSYNESS IN LIFE 6 This is because of what we believe we do with our time is ideal for our life, and we are never keen on the effects that this may have to us and those around us. Also from the two quotes, we can note that the effect of being busy with work is affecting our families and those that we care for. People perceive misleadingly that in the modern world they have been conditioned to think that the more they are busy, the more productive they will be in their work. In Gopnik words, most of the people living in New York struggle and fight to be less busy only to do more work. However, it is the truth as considering a person who has been given some time off from work, a good percentage of them will not use this time properly. This is the time one is supposed to have some rest, spend the time to be with their loved ones and do tasks that will make us be more relaxed. It is the opposite of what we do as individuals will spend the time doing more work and when the time comes for them to return to work, they will still complain the time was not enough and they have not rested. Sometimes, I think people who live in farmlands away from big cities like New York have better lives than people living in busy towns. Probably, they have well scheduled for work thus have ample time with friends and families and the life there seems slow. Such a neighborhood is conducive because people will have time with each other and children can have time to play and be with their families and enjoy what life offers. Moreover, this is different from what goes on in busy cities whereby one can be living in a neighborhood where they don’t know their neighbors as explained in Adam’s article since we pretend to be so busy not to have time for other people. I believe this to be the cause of illnesses such as obesity, diabetes among others that have become prevalent in people living in busy cities. Still, it affects both young and old people. IMPACT OF BUSYNESS IN LIFE 7 In the modern world, human beings have become so occupied with what they do to the fact that they forget other aspects of their lives that are equally as important. This explains the title that Arlie Russell has used in her article “From the Frying Pan into the Fire.” Both the articles that have employed to base this discussion on reading indeed enhance this phrase. We will always be busy in life but scheduling and prioritize the time we have, and the things we do is crucial. This will help us to be more productive in what we do while at the same time help us to avoid the negative effects that this will bring to our lives and those close to us. Most significantly, people should be made aware of the benefits as well as effects of not having scheduled time for other people and everything in their sphere of contact. The busy life we live has an effect not only to the grown-ups, but they also affect children, and this is demoralizing since it can be dodged. There is a life beyond the time that we give to the work we do, and it should be of priority to us and to those that we care about, and this can add value to our lives if we embrace it. IMPACT OF BUSYNESS IN LIFE 8 References Gopnik, A. (2002). Bumping Into Mr. Ravioli How we got to be so busy. NEW YORKER-NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INCORPORATED-, 80-81. Hochschild, A. R. (2003). The commercialization of intimate life: Notes from home and work. Univ of California Press.

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